Chapter 83: Lydia Captured, The First Part


「The Dark Wraith is still roaming about Wanaruta City Ruins. We had better not go near that place anytime soon」

Milly nods her head side to side.

The three of them understood how dangerous the Dark Wraith was, their expressions were serious.

Several days after that, while healing from the battle with Grain, they searched for a new hunting ground.

Though, because there weren’t any good hunting grounds in the area surrounding Wanaruta City Ruins, they were forced to undertake a great migration.

「Since we are in need of some good equipment, I think we should leave here and go back to the capital. What do you think?」

In the capital there are tons of different stores lined up, and what we have here cannot compare to the variety of items that are there.

What’s more, the Wizard’s Society Headquarters is there.

I have mastered roughly all of the magic currently available to the public, but the amount of magic that Milly has acquired is fairly minimal.

It’s also a good environment for Milly to learn magic.

Also, Claude’s shield was broken and I’d promised to buy her a new one.

「The Capital? I’ve never been there, you know.」

「I lived there a long time ago!」

Me too, Milly affirmed, raising her hand.

Come to think of it, Milly’s father was the awesome mage who developed Scout Scope.

If he’s the great mage, it’s also no wonder that she once lived in the capital.

The two of them were relatively eager, but Lydia seemed a little torn.

「The Capital…huh? That’s pretty far, isn’t it… I guess, since my shop and dad are over here so…」

「Won’t you come with us?」

「I really want to go, but…」

With a troubled expression, Lydia smiled back as Milly made a sad face.

「Yeah…I’m concerned about my father after all, ….I mean, if a pretty shop girl such as myself left, and since that old man is doing business alone, won’t he go out of business before long?」

「It seems that your dad was managing before you were born, Lydia, and it’s not like you can never ever go back, right?」

「That’s true…but still…」

I can understand her reservations, but it’s surprising that she would be worried now.

The always-indifferent Lydia seemed panicked.

Lydia leaving at this point would totally disrupt the balance of the team, and everyone would be sad about that.

Even I would be bothered by Lydia leaving.

Of course, there’s nothing we can do if she stays behind, but it also seems as if Lydia wants to go with us too.

There’s no getting around it, I have to help figure this out.

「…understood. Why don’t we persuade your dad?」

When he said that Lydia stood up flustered.

「You…you can’t do that! My dad is extremely scary!」

「Oh? He’s not an easy-going guy?」

「Umm…well actually he’s usually a nice dad, but….」

In our confusion, Lydia begins to explain the situation.

According to her story, a while ago Lydia apparently became an adventurer and planned to leave home, and then her father, who was opposed, said to her【If you have become strong enough to beat me you can go】.

Lydia, who accepted that demand, battled her father but, as usual her strength was no match for him, and it seemed as if her arms and legs wouldn’t perform.

That isn’t all of it, but she feels like she would be no match in battle.

「Wouldn’t it be good if you, could fight using my enhanced magic? If you strengthen your speed and offensive abilities, I think you would be able to win 」

「 There’s no way! I won’t win even if I do that! Nope~ he’s like a god of war…」

Lydia and I are training together practically every day and even if I enhanced myself using the magic I don’t feel like I could beat her even with the added help. I should probably consider her father to be in this kind of level when compared to her.

「Do you think that I will ever be able to beat my father? Zeph-chi?」

「Hmm…. you’re not alone anymore, Lydia. Don’t you have our guild? It depends on whether we can convince your dad but」

「Yeah~ but I really think it’s not possible」

「He won’t even try to talk to me ? Maybe I could manage somehow in a way you don’t expect! 」

「Mnn~…If you go as far as saying that then…」

Lydia reluctantly gave in. She’s absolutely terrified of her father.  I’ve heard that a parent who protects a child shows tremendous strength, but should she really be that scared?

Claude, who was driven out of her home around the age of 10, and Milly who lost her parents at a young age, were perplexed. I was the only one who left home willingly. At any rate, I will try to talk to him.

We go to Lydia’s house, and upon entering we saw the figure of her father cheerfully serving customers. Inside the store was bustling, and compared to the time when Lydia was there, the number of patrons hadn’t changed.

By the look of things, even if Lydia wasn’t here, I don’t think the shop would go bankrupt any time soon… When her father’s eyes met hers, a broad smile with white teeth appeared. He’s the typical happy father.

「Welcome! Hello, well isn’t it Zeph-kun, Milly-chan, and Claude-chan! What’s going on? Need to restore some weapons or something? 」

Like a typical merchant that was good at selling goods, his voice could be heard from far away. Sometimes he’d fought with Lydia, but even with this physique he could easily keep up with Lydia’s speed.

「Actually…..Dad, I want to talk to you about something…」

「Oh, that’s quite unexpected. Ah! Did you want a discount for everyone goods and negotiate a price?! 」

「No, that’s not it…」

「Well then, is it about armor? As you know, this is a weapons shop. You know we don’t have great armor, don’t you? 」

「Aha ha (awkward laughter)…..Like I said that’s not…」

Lydia stammered. She was truly afraid of her dad.

Sheesh, she’s really hopeless. Without hesitation, her dad came over and looked right at me. Our eyes met, and I had to look straight up, he was that tall.

「The truth is, I was thinking about moving our base to the capital.  Would you mind if we wanted to bring Lydia along?」

And with my brief comment, the atmosphere changed in an instant. Lydia had a shocked expression, she was astonished, but anyhow it was something that couldn’t go unsaid. However, I understood why Lydia had been afraid of her father up to that point. Claude and Milly, completely taking in the aura that Lydia’s father was putting off, felt totally insignificant.

「Zeph-kun, to be honest I have a really good impression of you but you know……. Those words you just spoke, I will pretend that I have not heard them, alright? 」

Lydia’s dad smiled at the last moment, but his expression was a bit stiff.

Nevertheless, I had no plans to back down.

「Being over protective and overly doting as a parent can be unbeneficial you know? Wouldn’t it be better to let her go on an adventure?」

「The end result of letting her travel, if Lydia were to die, are you, Zeph-kun, willing to take responsibility?」

「If that happens, then I will likely be dead as well. Until then, I will protect her with all my might.」

「Even if you die, Lydia can’t come back home.」

It’s useless. The conversation isn’t going as planned.

I mean it was true that Lydia has been in danger multiple times and been exposed to many perils, but up until now she hasn’t died.

「If you want to force the matter, then you can do is if you are able to defeat me」

For some reason or another, it ended up going in the direction where I had to defeat her father.  Why has it come to this I wonder? No the reason that he is doing this is because as a father he truly worries for Lydia. I should be considerate of her father’s feelings I suppose?

「…Understood. That’s fine.」


「Well…In that case I will keep Lydia with me. Defeat me, and you can take Lydia away.」


When he said that, he picked Lydia up and put her over his shoulder.


Lydia miserably raised her voice. It sounded as if she’d lost hope. I have no choice but to act.

「It’s going to be okay. Without fail, I’ll show you that I will win.」

When I said that, Lydia’s father glared at me with sharp eyes.

「Once the shop closes, let’s fight anytime.」

「In that case, I will come back after. Just you wait.」

Once I said that I left Lydia’s house.


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