Reborn In A World of Chastity Reversal

Author: Ryouma (遼魔)

Original Web Novel: 生まれ変わったら貞操逆転世界

Alternate Titles:

  1. 生まれ変わったら貞操逆転世界


March in a certain year, the morning after a heavy snowfall, Hirose Yuu (a 40-year-old divorced single office worker), who was on his way home after pulling an all-nighter, wound up getting hit by a car as he tumbled down on an icy downhill slope.

When he woke up, he found, to his surprise, that he had been reborn as a different person with the same name, on top of that, an extremely good-looking boy.

What he discovered afterwards was the fact that the world he was in was one with an unbalanced male-female ratio, where women were the leading figures in society and being protected was the natural standing of the men.

When it came to marriage, a combination of one man and several women was the norm, but even so, the number of women who were left out was overwhelmingly large, and there was no end to the cases of young men getting assaulted.

For a long time, the composition of women overflowing with sexual desire seeking out men and men on the defensive because they were afraid of women were established.

In the midst of it, Yuu, who had the values of his original world and expressed pleasure, as opposed to displeasure, for being in contact with women, was like an angel to women who were struggling to find a man, and at the same time, he was an ideal prey for them.

Arc 1


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