Hello everyone, I am opening up Recruitment for anyone interested in becoming a part of Light Novels Translations! Come and Join the team and help the Community Grow! The more people that joins the community the faster and more efficient these lovely releases will become! Have you ever wondered when a chapter will come out ? Or have you ever wanted something to be released at a faster pace? Maybe you’re the kind of person that wants new exciting projects to be taken up? If so why not step up to the challenge and contribute to the community!

Feel free to let me know of your interest via email at:


  • The ability to translate a whole chapter from a Japanese Novel.
  • Proficient in the English Language.
  • Will need to pass a short Translation Test.

New Conditions:

Note that translators that want to translate can pick any genre that they enjoy translating, meaning I won’t limit it to Harem, I don’t think I have made this clear enough in the past. Also I am going to add that as long as you are a little better than machine translation, I am willing to include you to the team, and to perhaps guide you along the way towards the path of enlightenment ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

Recently, there has been an influx of people requesting me to pick up really interesting novels, that I am just unable to do with my human capabilities right now, which is such a shame. Thus I am trying to get more people potentially by reducing the difficulty of the test, before this I may have set the standard a little too high sorry guys~

Translation Checkers (TLC):

The person who checks for Translation Accuracy, making sure the correct characters are speaking and that the facts of whatever is occurring are correct. This is very similar to a translators job however, you don’t need to be able to translate the whole chapter and will only need to read through the English version of the translated chapter and then find paragraphs which make no sense and fix them.

  • Ability to read Japanese. (Just in small paragraphs)
  • Proficient in English Language.
  • Will need to pass an editing test.


Bread and butter of releasing any novel, an editor is essential to have so that the chapter flows and everything makes sense, Draft Chapters can be full of grammatical errors, incorrect use of punctuation, awkward sentence structure, Spelling mistakes and the usual mishaps. It is an editors job to read through the English translation and make the story flow and fix any of these grammar/awkward sentence structures. What I am looking for here is someone who is basically extremely good in English.

  • Don’t need to know any Japanese, but some knowledge of Japanese culture can be advantageous.
  • Godly English skills.
  • Will need to pass editing test.

I am very excited to mention that since the community is growing, I will finally be able to scout potential TLC and Editors, Both of these roles are extremely valuable in translating a novel and are usually the reason that a chapter is not immediately released. Please note the position you are applying for in the email and if you have Skype please feel free to let me know your ID so I can add you!



  1. Hi Light Novel translation,
    I am starting a new work and was looking for a site to publish my work. I was publishing “Road to the Kingdom” I know a little about Japanese and its culture. So i was wondering if I can publish It on your site. I can send you some of my translation you can go through it if you like.

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