Hello everyone, I am opening up recruitment for those of you interested in becoming a part of Light Novels Translations. Come and Join the team and help the Community Grow! The more people that joins the community the faster and more efficient these lovely releases will become! Have you ever wondered when a chapter will come out ? Or have you ever wanted something to be released at a faster pace? Maybe you’re the kind of person that wants new exciting projects to be taken up? If so why not step up to the challenge and contribute to the community!


I am now Hiring Translators! For those who are confident in their translations and can do at least three chapters each week I am happy to announce that I can start providing payment for aspiring translators!

You are the interpreters of the stories, translators are the ones who convert unidentifiable information into gold gems. Without them, the amazing Japanese novels will remain hidden away in the depths of a dark dungeon or perhaps in another world.

  • The ability to translate an entire chapter from a Japanese novel.
  • Proficient in the English Language.
  • Committed and Dedicated. (Will need to be able to do at least 1 chapter a week)
  • Knows about Japanese culture/nuances (i.e. the use of Honorifics like -san,-sama,-neesan etc)
  • Will need to pass a translation test.

On a final note, what I look for the most when recruiting a translator is their commitment and consistency to their schedules. Even if you may only be able to translate one chapter a week, as long as you are dedicated and release on time I am more than willing to accommodate for less experienced translators and discuss methods to improve their translations so that they will be able to translate faster and more efficiently.

Translators of other Novels:

This is for those that are already translating a particular novel or have just recently started and would like to post their work on light novels translations.


For Translators: Please state whether you want to start translating a new novel or whether you want to help translate an already existing novel on the site! (Right now the novels that I need help translating are: I Became a Living Cheat, Maou no Hajimekata, Man eating Dungeon)

For Editors: Please state which novel you would like to edit for out of the existing novels on the site!

For those who are keen to join a growing Japanese Translation Community~ Fill out the information as specified below and message me at:

Don’t forget, to fill out the following details:

  • Your name or on-screen name.
  • Your Age.
  • Where you are from and your current timezone.
  • Any experience you have with translating
  • What type of experience you are looking for e.g. translate in free time as hobby, looking for more scheduled work along with payment.

The fill out contact form had plenty of bugs, people not filling in an email address and it also did not give me notifications when someone applied so I just removed it. The best way to apply is via email so please fill the required information above and contact me at and I (Nefarian) will get back to you.


  1. Hi Light Novel translation,
    I am starting a new work and was looking for a site to publish my work. I was publishing “Road to the Kingdom” I know a little about Japanese and its culture. So i was wondering if I can publish It on your site. I can send you some of my translation you can go through it if you like.

  2. Is the translation came out in PDF or Work Office?

  3. Can your translations be used to make Epubs?
    If answer is yes I/m going to give them to Armaell’s Library.

  4. Hello there, I would like to do translations but I have a feeling I wouldn’t be all that helpful with it so I guess I can do some editing. I’ve always mentally edit all the novels I’ve read and even commented to translators a few times if I really like their work. Um, so I was wondering how I should contact you to take this Editor Test and see if I hit the mark.

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