Return of the Fallen Vol1 Ch10


Author: Blue_Rat



Kazuki left the cafeteria and told the guards outside his room that he was not to be bothered. At first, they were slightly annoyed receiving orders from some young brat but after remembering all the earlier disturbances, they would much rather have a peaceful guard duty then one full of commotion.

Shutting his door Kazuki sat down on his bed and patted his stomach with satisfaction.

(Earth food is great but having something familiar is quite nostalgic.)


(Now comes the annoying part.)

Kazuki started to strip until he was fully nude. Standing in the middle of his room in his birthday suit, he then walked to the bathroom and sat down in his bathtub and proceeded to turn on the cold water, filling the tub to the brim. Surrounded in cold water, Kazuki began to shiver and ache but he knew this chill would not last long. Submerging even his head underwater, Kazuki shut his eyes and his hands began to draw patterns in the water.

(I’ve never done this before but I completely remember the feeling when Master extracted the last of my magical energy.)

Kazuki’s hands moved faster and faster until he felt a string of energy being pulled from his very center. Just like when his Master extracted his energy long ago, a strong sense of pain spread throughout his body as his remnant magical power was being torn from him.

Every muscle within his body began to twist and scream as they were stretched and pulled near their limits. Warm energy gathered at the surface of Kazuki’s skin and began to permeate outward into the chilling water.

When Kazuki was on earth his Master had pulled the last of his energy all at once and chucked it far away. The aftereffect of which caused a huge explosion deep within the mountain. Although Kazuki could do the same, the consequences would be disastrous. To cause a huge explosion within the middle of the palace, that, of course, would be bad.

Instead, Kazuki could only slowly release that power out into the world. With his main element being fire, this is what his remnant energy contained. Were he to simply release it within the room, the rising temperature would set everything ablaze, so that option was out as well. The only other thing Kazuki could think of at the moment was the tub.

As Kazuki continued to extract the energy from himself, his muscles continued to twist and stretch, causing more and more pain hit him in waves. As this was happening, the cold water Kazuki laid in began to warm rapidly. At first, there seemed to be little change whatsoever but as the seconds passed a small ripple danced on the surface of the water. Two minutes later and Kazuki’s head emerged from the water but only briefly. With a heavy release of breath and an even heavier inhale, Kazuki once more submerged himself entirely.

The water now could no longer settle as a few bubbles here and there began to float to the top. The bubbles came not from Kazuki’s escaped breaths but instead from his release of fire energy. Another few seconds went by and the water was now very hot but still, the temperature continued to climb.

Time continued to pass and the water was now boiling. Kazuki’s skin went from an almost pale white to a slight pink and only seconds after that he was entirely red. Once more he came up for a breath.

*Huff puff huff huff*

Kazuki turned on the shower and unplugged the drain in the tub sending the scalding water down the pipe allowing more room for the fresh cool water. Kazuki paused his extraction and caught his breath. Doing his best to recover, Kazuki could feel his entire body aching in pain. It had only been a few minutes but right now both his mind, body, and soul were feeling an extreme amount of fatigue.

Sitting up in the tub Kazuki began to examine himself. Making a gesture with his hand, he could still clearly feel his magic.

(Damn, that was only about 6 or 7 % of everything but I can’t stop yet. Without my ki energy, I won’t be able to reforge my Mage Core and without my Mage Core, there’s no way I can win. Remove my magic to get my ki just so I can get my magic, it all sounds so stupid but these are the necessary steps that I must take if I’m to kill that bitch.)

Kazuki ground his teeth thinking about his past but soon his thoughts were interrupted as a cold chill snaked its way up his spine. This caused his teeth to involuntarily start to chatter and his eyes filled with anger returned to a natural calm.

With the water now replaced, Kazuki once more plugged up the tub and resubmerged himself.

(No time for self-pity.)

An hour or so later, Kazuki dragged his exhausted ass out of the bathroom. Collapsing onto the bed and still covered in water, his sheets became soaked but Kazuki had no energy left to care.

Starting his breathing technique as best he could in this situation, it wasn’t long before his surroundings became filled with ki energy. Without needing to guide the energy, as though it had a mind of its own, it headed to his Dantian like a fast-flowing river. A small smile crept onto his face as ki energy filled his Dantian. Before he could celebrate though, his exhausted mind, and body robbed him of his consciousness.

Like a feather floating on the wind, Kazuki drifted away into a dream.

*Bang bang bang bang*

*Bang bang bang bang*

“Ryuta wake up! Ryuta can you hear me?”

*Bang bang bang bang*

“Ryuta answer me already.”

Kazuki’s head popped up and he looked all around in confusion before he remembered where he was.

(That’s right I fell asleep like this.)

Kazuki closed his eyes for a moment in search of something and a moment later his eyes opened and gleamed with excitement.

(I can feel my ki, hehe.)

Kazuki rolled over and flipped off the bed, landing next to one of the bookshelves in his room. Grabbing an especially thick book he gripped it with both hands before exerting a small amount of strength.


The nearly 6-inch book was torn in half as though it were only a single sheet of paper.

(Hehehe, this is what I was missing.)

*Bang bang bang bang*

As the banging continued Kazuki grew annoyed and stormed over to the door. swinging the door open he shouted at the person in front of him.

“What the hell do you want?”

Standing in front of him was a stunned Asuna and behind her was the trio of annoying girls from last night. They were so talkative last night but right now, as Kazuki was staring at the trio they were strangely quiet this morning. Finally, he looked back at Asuna. Right now though she too was as silent as a lamb and her face was a bright red. Not only hers, but Kazuki also noticed the trio was turning red at an alarming rate as well.

“What’s wrong with you all, why are you so red? Did you eat something bad?”

Finally, the girl called Kimi, while peeking through one of her hands she timidly pointed at a spot below Kazuki. Following her finger as well as all of the girl’s line of sight, Kazuki almost laughed when he realized what they were looking at. Apparently, he had fallen asleep completely nude and so he answered the door nude, so now the four girls were all staring at his soldier.

(Haha, that’s why they’re so red.)

Kazuki smiled fiendishly. Seeing their shy and embarrassed expressions, he couldn’t help but want to tease these annoying girls. So with a shake of his hips, Kazuki began to swing his trunk from side to side. All four girls suddenly screamed seeing his member jumped about and quickly ran away.

Kazuki couldn’t help but lean over and laugh like a chittering monkey. That was until he noticed a few others staring at him. The guards that were in charge of his room were still stationed there and had seen the brief encounter from start to finish. One of the soldiers, trying to be as polite as possible, said.

“Young hero could you please get dressed, Sir Garn requires all 24 of the summoned ones head to the training field.”

Kazuki yawned slightly before asking.

“Haaaa, what does he want with us there?”

The soldier then added.

“He wishes to teach you all, I believe.”

Kazuki said nothing else and returned to his room, all the while, the screams of 4 young maidens could be heard echoing through the castle walls far into the distance.

After he was led to the training grounds, Kazuki saw Sam and Shin casually chatting and joined them.

Sam spotted Asuna a moment later and waved her and the other three girls over but when the four girls made eye contact with Kazuki, they immediately turned red and headed for the opposite side of the field.

Sam and Shin found it odd but Sam interpreted this as Kazuki’s fault.

“Ryuta, what did you do to Asuna now, huh?”

Kazuki shrugged his shoulders.

“Meh, I simply answered the door and then they freaked out.”

Sam and Shin looked at one another in confusion before they redirected their confusion at Kazuki.

“Really, that’s all? That doesn’t make any sense. What else did you do?”

Kazuki rubbed the back of his head and chuckled lightly.

“Well, I might have been naked when I did it.”

Shin started laughing while Sam seemed irritated.

“Dude, you can’t do that, you like sexually harassed them or something.”

“What! No, I didn’t. They knocked on my door and I answered. How can I be responsible for what they see? Huh. What if this was earth and I answered my door dressed but inside you could see that my TV was on and it was playing porn. Would I be sexually harassing them then? Or what if I answer the door and I am naked but it’s the police and they drag me out to the street and handcuff me. All the neighbors would then come out and see me naked. Is that sexual harassment? There’s no way I harassed them. Right?”

Hearing Kazuki’s scenarios only made Shin laugh even harder. To Sam though it didn’t sit well with him. Even with a solid argument like that he still felt it wasn’t right.

“Nah, Ryuta, I think you’re wrong on this one. If you answer the door then you know you’re about to encounter someone, so if you ain’t dressed then you’re knowingly about to show someone something that they probably don’t want to see and that’s on you. As for the cop thing, I don’t have an answer for that, sure, but still, it takes like two seconds to put on pants. Who doesn’t have two seconds?”

Kazuki wasn’t expecting a debate so early in the day and felt a headache coming on. He simply fired back.

“Man, I sure missed the days when you would casually pop your head up from a game, have no clue what’s going on and dive back into your game. It seems without your video game you’ve become too aware and talkative.”

Before things went too far though Shin slapped the two on the shoulders and laughed.

“Hahaha, why are you two talking about boring things. Instead, Ryuta, hehe, what kind of faces did they make? Did they laugh when they saw it? Is that the real reason their avoiding you, they simply don’t wish to embarrass you and bruise your ego.”

Shin made a gesture with his pinky, curling it slightly and making it wiggle like a worm. This instantly cut the tension in the atmosphere between Kazuki and Sam and the three began to laugh like jackals. The three were in their own world when a sudden explosion broke their fun.



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