Return of the Fallen Vol1 Ch19


Author: Blue_Rat


Kazuki, Sam, Shin, and Danny all sat around Garn and listened as he explained more about magic tools and Mage ranks.

“In total there are 8 Mage ranks. Before we get started with that though, I believe you should understand some of the basics of how magic is performed.”

Just as Garn was about to begin, Rust escorted Asuna and Kimi into the room.

“Hmm, are these two done already? What about the Karada Cauldron.”

Rust gave a thumbs up and smiled.

“The two have already fully absorbed the Blood Orb, now it’s up to them to process the knowledge they’ve just gained.”

Garn gave a nod and Rust turned and left, he could see he interrupted Garn and he himself still had business to attend to, so, unfortunately, he had no time to mess with Garn and off he went.

Asuna sat down next to Kazuki and Kimi followed suit. Asuna wanted to say something to him but found the timing to be awkward and Garn to be impatient so she swallowed her words down and silently listened.

With the two now seated Garn reached into his robe and withdrew several rings and threw them to Kazuki and the others.

“Put these on first.”

Kazuki and the others did what they were told but Asuna and Kimi who had just arrived seemed confused.

“We are going over some of the basics so hurry up and put those on.”

Asuna and Kimi quickly did as they were told and Garn continued.

“That ring on your finger, if you were to look closely you would see small symbols carved into it.”

Kazuki knew all of this but feigned interest anyway, while everyone else genuinely inspected their rings. Sure enough, there were small weird looking symbols etched into everyone’s ring.

“Those symbols represent the ancient language of magic, they are inscriptions used to allow the user to more easily use magic. Without those inscriptions etched into a magic tool, to use magic becomes incredibly difficult. What could be done in one breath and a fraction of your energy suddenly takes several seconds and a good portion of your power. Not only that, without inscriptions, the effect your spell produces is reduced significantly and the amount of focus it requires becomes quite taxing. To waste focus, time, and energy is a costly mistake in battle, so much so, that if you are ever without a magic tool, it’s far better to run away than to sit idly and try to conjure up a spell.”

“Nearly every magic tool is made from magic gold and the magic gold we use is enhanced and alchemically changed from regular gold. We use magic gold because it is currently the best-known material for regulating magic power and improving efficiency. No other material on all of God’s green Gordonia compares.”

“Now look at the crystals embedded in each of your rings. Some of them are different from the others while some are the exact same color. These are called Elemental Crystals. In total there are 8 and each elemental crystal, you guessed it, represents an element. There’s water, earth, air, fire…”

Garn was going to continue but Danny’s hand had flown up and he was shaking it about wildly.


“Yes, my boy, what is it?”

Danny was clearly excited and curious about his question so Garn wasn’t as annoyed. If someone genuinely had a question then Garn was glad that they were really taking an interest.

“Sir Garn I’ve heard you and a few others mention Earth element this and Earth element that but when this world is called Gordonia and not Earth, how come you don’t call it Gordonia Element?”

Garn was surprised that someone actually picked up on such a minute detail and smiled.

“Oh, so you’ve noticed that. Well, the reason is much simpler than you think. It all boils down to you and the other heroes, I simply didn’t wish to confuse you all. When it comes to this world and the world called Earth, all of the elements are exactly the same. Air is air and water is water. They all mean the same thing and there’s no disconnect between that word and the element that it represents correct. But this world and your world names differ greatly; if I state that earth element and water element combined together can make mud you all will naturally nod your heads in agreement. However, if I say water element and Gordonia element make mud, you will tilt your heads up at me in confusion. In the end, to keep you all on track and moving forward I omitted Gordonia element and replaced it with earth element. It keeps things simple and allows me to not have to repeatedly say that Gordonia element is the same as Earth element.”


Danny’s eyes seemed to shine for some reason with that explanation but everyone else simply released a small.


And the lesson continued.

“Anyway enough of that, back to the topic. These Elemental Crystals help to amplify your spells to some degree. Once more, a magic tool made from magic gold regulates the power and makes it more efficient but with the added Elemental Crystal, well you get more power from each one of your spells. So in finale, inscriptions are put into magic tools to allow a user to cast magic more easily, Magic gold is the best material for regulating said power and increasing efficiency and an Elemental Crystal amplifies magic energy for that element, allowing a significant increase in power.”

It was silent for a moment before Danny stood up and began clapping whilst looking at the others, trying to get them to join him. Sadly they didn’t, leaving the nerdy Danny, standing there awkwardly. with a bit of red climbing up his ears, Danny readjusted his glasses and sat back down in embarrassment.

Shin began to laugh through his teeth while doing his best not to smile and Asuna was just about to smack him upside his head when Garn cleared his throat.


The group quieted down and Garn went on.

“It’s time for a demonstration. Everyone stand and line up side by side. After Alice activated your power, she told me what element you all have an affinity with. Well, she told me everyone’s affinity except you three. Tell me, do you three know what element your Mage Core is most connected to or do you need some help identifying it? Remember by concentrating on your Mage Core you should be able to clearly feel your natural element.”

Shin and Kazuki spoke almost at the same time.


The two eyed each other for a split second Shin smiled feeling as though he had somehow tied with Kazuki again but Kazuki’s thoughts were different.

(Hmm, so he has air. Like an aloof cloud, it matches well with his personality at least.)

Garn then took back the rings they had and gave them two new ones, confusing the rest.

Asuna seemed embarrassed not knowing her element and shyly asked.

“Um, Sir Garn I can’t tell what my affinity is, could you…”

Garn walked right over and placed a hand upon her shoulder. Sending a bit of energy into Asuna, it didn’t even take a second before Garn identified her element.

Garn actually smiled as he took his hand back. He was pleasantly surprised.

“Now that is quite rare. You actually have a high affinity with the element of Space. Very rare indeed.”

Garn took the ring off of her finger and fished around in his robe before taking out a small gold ring with a purple crystal atop it.

“Here you are, young Asuna.”

Asuna placed the ring on her finger and thanked Garn before she too stood side by side with the rest of her group.

“Right, the ring you wear, all have an elemental crystal in which you share the highest affinity with. These rings should allow even you youngsters to cast an elemental spell. Now normally you wouldn’t be able to cast an elemental spell until you have reached the 3rd Mage Rank, but with magic tools, the elements can be bent to your will. That is the power of magic tools.”

“Everyone, close your eyes as I count down from 5. Inhale deeply through your nose and release it slowly through your mouth…5. Now concentrate on your Mage Core and will your energy from your center into your chest, down your arm, into your hand, past your fingers and into your ring…4.”

Everyone did as they were told and they each felt a mass of energy travel through them and into their rings.

“Now imagine your element taking physical shape directly in front of you as you continue to breathe in deeply and exhale slowly…3. No matter what your element is, I want you to imagine what it feels like. If its fire, then I want you to imagine the temperature in front of you increasing. If its earth then imagine the weight of a large rock on top of your hand…2. Now imagine your element moving. If its water then maybe it moves like a wave or it falls like little drops of rain…1. Now finally, inside of your minds, I want you all to scream the name of your element as though your life depends on it, as though if you were to fail right here and right now you, your family, your world none of it would no longer exist…0.”

Kazuki knew what Garn wanted but this was taxing for him. Using his other hand, Kazuki made a quick unnoticeable hand sign in the air and with the help of the magic ring, Kazuki formed a small golf-sized fireball in the palm of his hand.

“Now open your eyes and look at what’s in front of you.”

Everyone opened their eyes all at once and were stunned.

A few, however, seemed disappointed. Shin, for example, couldn’t understand what he had done wrong and stared at the other’s hands in envy. Especially at the small fireball resting in Kazuki’s palm, Shin was a little pissed but Garn quickly walked over.

“Let’s see what we have here.”

“Sir Garn, I did exactly as you said but…I failed.”

Shin smiled self deprecatingly but Garn was having none of it. Picking up a few leaves from the ground he said.

“Really, your element is air correct.”

Shin gave a small nod and Garn dropped the leaves onto Shin’s hand. Before they landed though right before Shin’s eyes they started to twirl and float softly in the air. The leaves refused to touch his palm as a small force of wind continuously kept them afloat and rotating. A small tornado, no bigger than a hand flew about in Shin’s palm causing him to laugh almost hysterically.

“Wind, It’s actually right here I just couldn’t see it.”

“Hmph had you not been so emotional you wouldn’t have needed to see it, you would have clearly felt it.”

Garn moved on and passed everyone one by one. Some held a sphere of water in their palm while others an orb of light. Finally, Garn came to the last person with seemingly nothing in her hand, Asuna. Asuna’s head was hung down in sorrow. Master Garn though immediately smiled when he saw her.

“What’s the matter young one, why are you upset?”

Asuna wanted to tear up seeing that everyone else had accomplished something and she hadn’t. Her words trembled as she spoke in sadness.

“Why, why am I the one who’s useless. Even that damn Shin with his no care attitude managed to do something. Me though, what good is space. I couldn’t think of a shape for space and I have no idea what it feels like. This element there’s no way I can do anything with it.”

Garn’s grin though got wider and wider.

“Girl have you not noticed it yet. You’ve already used space magic and I’ve got to say your much more talented than I thought.”

Asuna looked up at Garn curiously.


Garn used his staff to turn Asuna’s head left and right.

“Look around you young lady do you notice anything at all?”

Asuna’s eyes darted at her surroundings but nothing seemed out of place. Garn seeing that she wasn’t getting it turned her head to Kazuki and the others.

“Look. Do you see where they are, does the distance between you and them not seem off?”

Asuna thought for a moment before her eyes went wide with astonishment. She looked down at her feet and then back at Kazuki and the others. She did this again and again and again until she gasped out.

“Ah, I moved.”

Garn nodded his head.

“Yep but that wasn’t just any type of movement. You may have only traveled three feet in distance but young lass that was definitely teleportation. Talented indeed.”

Kimi ran up to Asuna and hugged her. The two shared a smile with one another before they began to giggle back and forth and brag about their abilities. Everyone was extremely excited and ready to try more magic out but like a cold bucket of water Garn collected his rings and ordered everyone to sit down and shut up because they were driving him crazy.

“Now that we know a bit more about magic and you all have hands-on experience on how to cast it, let’s get back to Mage Ranks. I’ll start by explaining the first one since it’s the easiest.”

The joyous mood became sour as a few people grumbled about more exposition coming.


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