Return of the Fallen Vol1 Ch29


Author: Blue_Rat



The young woman leaped from her seat, causing Kazuki’s barrier of ki to become unstable but with a bit of concentration, he managed to restabilize it, once more cutting the two off from the world.

Kazuki just stared at her and the space between them became silent and awkward. The young woman realized her actions came off as unprofessional and sat back down. Calmly she tried to take a sip of her wine but her hand was clearly shaking. Finally, she gave up and set the glass back down.

“Can you get the items I listed, or have I wasted my time coming here?”

The young woman thought for a moment and made a decision.

“I…I can’t make this decision myself. I’ll need to consult the owner of this establishment, if that’s ok with you?”

“What, I thought you were the one in charge. Why didn’t you take me to see the shot caller in the first place?”

The young woman shook her head.

“Hm moth…Boss is retiring soon and wishes for me to take over so I can normally make the decision but what you’re asking for may be above me. I’ll need to consult her if you still wish to do business.”

Kazuki didn’t really care.


The young woman raised a hand and snapped her fingers trying to call for a servant but Kazuki’s ki barrier blocked any noise from escaping. The young woman waited for a moment but nobody came. Kazuki inhaled deeply and released a long breath, dissolving his ki barrier.

“It should work now, try calling for your servant again.”

The young woman looked at Kazuki oddly before taking his advice.


A moment later and a young boy no older than 10 or 11 entered the room.

“Madam, you called.”

“I was calling for you earlier, why didn’t you come sooner?”

The young boy had no idea what she was talking about but nevertheless he bowed and apologized.

“Forgive me, Madam, I did not hear you until just now.”

The woman looked back and forth between Kazuki and the young boy. Frustrated she just pushed it to the back of her mind.

“Whatever. Boy, go and call the boss, tell her I need her for something.”

The boy bowed and quickly left the room before he was blamed for something else that wasn’t his fault.

For a moment there was silence between the two but the woman couldn’t get it out of her head at what had just happened and just asked.

“What did you do earlier? Not only did you know about my hidden blade but somehow when I called for my servant he didn’t come.”

“I don’t have the slightest idea of what you mean.”

“Don’t play coy with me. You know what I’m talking about.”

Kazuki couldn’t help but smile under his mask.

“Hehe, I really did nothing I swear.”

“Then how did you know?”

Kazuki could see that the woman wouldn’t let it go anytime soon so he just made something up on the spot.

“Your robe is thin and a dagger’s shape is easily recognizable. I could see the hint of an outline to it and figured a young woman might need to defend herself so I simply put two and two together.”

Kazuki paused for a moment and then added.

“Either that or you were actually a boy and you were hiding a crooked cock under your clothes. Hahaha.”

Her face was unseen but Kazuki knew she had to have a bewildered expression by the long silence that followed.

Finally, the faint sound of teeth grinding together could be heard coming from her.


Just as she seemed like she would explode, the door was quickly pushed open. A large busty woman with blonde hair walked in. Her shapely curves accentuated her thin waist. Long sexy legs that seemed to go on forever but had the perfect amount of meat on them. To be wrapped up by those thighs, Kazuki couldn’t help but gulp. He had seen plenty of beauties in his life but this woman before him was a true seductress. The only thing that bothered him was her green eyes. They seemed to look at Kazuki as though he were prey, just waiting to be eaten by a snake.

The woman didn’t even bother with formalities and sat down right next to Kazuki, squeezing herself between the masked woman and Kazuki. She gently held out her hand like a noblewoman wanting her hand to be kissed.

Kazuki gulped before clearing his throat.


“Sorry, but in order for me to kiss your hand, I would have to remove my mask. I’d like to keep my identity to myself if you don’t mind.”

The woman retracted her hand and chuckled lightly.

“Why hide your identity when I already know who you are?”


The woman gave a slight nod.

“Yes, I know all about you, Ry…u..ta.”

Kazuki’s heart began to pound in his chest but then he thought for a second and remembered the man at the door.

(The masked woman said that the doorman had seen my face. How much would it actually take to find out who I am? If these people can come upon special or even illegal items their information network must be incredible. Is it any wonder.)

Calming down, Kazuki gently removed his mask and set it down on the nearby table.

“So you know who I am, but who are you?”

Instead of an answer though the woman’s green eyes seemed to gleam with lust and surprisingly a string of drool leaked from her mouth. With a slight parting of her lips, she sensually licked it.

“You are quite the handsome one. I guess they make them differently in your world, summoned one.”

(So I was right. To already know my name and that I’ve been summoned, their information gathering is incredible.)

The masked woman jumped up and shouted.

“What! He’s a summoned one, he’s supposed to be a hero. Why the hell does a hero want Magical Beast Cores!?”

The lustful woman became intrigued.

“Magical Beast Cores, huh, and why would a hero want something so dangerously unstable and illegal?”

“I think that’s my business, is it not?”

“Hehehe, indeed it is. I just thought heroes didn’t commit crimes.”

“Hmm, do you believe in fairytales as well? Good, bad, legal, illegal. All of that is bullshit. Made up rules from long ago by someone wearing a fancy golden hat. Illegal to stop a noble from taking something from you, but legal to own a slave in some places…Bullshit.”

The lustful woman began to gently clap in agreement but the masked woman was different.

“This and that are different. Do you know what could happen if you’re not careful with a Magic Beast Core?”

For the first time since arriving here, Kazuki picked up his drink from the table and took a swig.

(Taste exactly how I remember, bitter.)

Putting his drink back down, Kazuki became serious.

“A devastating explosion that could level a few of these buildings with ease, what about it?”

“What about it, what about it? What kind of hero are you? Exploding, that’s just one part of it. Do you even care about those around you, what about the tens of thousands of innocent lives that will be affected by the aftermath?”

The masked woman was getting more and more upset and was starting to rage when the lustful woman cleared her throat.


This simple and small gesture instantly quieted the masked woman, the two stared at each other for a moment before the lustful woman spoke.

“I think it’s time you step out, dear. Your lack of decorum has embarrassed us both.”

The masked woman tried to rebut but the lustful woman spoke over her.

“NUNULLY! just leave.”

The masked woman named Nunully shuddered briefly. Her shoulders trembled before they slumped down in defeat.

“Ye…Yes, mother.”

Nunully left the room in frustration.

“So she’s called Nunully.”

“Yes, she’s my daughter. She’s young, so she’s a bit immature, hopefully she’ll grow up in a few years. Ah, not to say that you’re immature because of your young age. 17, right?”

Kazuki nodded.

“If you’re 17, then how did you get past my door, and you even fooled my doorman’s special eyes as well.”

Kazuki merely gazed at his mask on the table and the lustful woman’s eyes followed. Seeing the mask she put two and two together.

“So that mask has a unique inscription. I’ve never heard of one that can change a user’s age or at least trick magical devices into thinking that. May I see it?”

The lustful woman reached for it but Kazuki gently slid it towards himself and changed the conversation.

“So I know her name and you both know mine, but you still haven’t told me yours. Should I just call you lady of the house or boss.”

Seeing that Kazuki pulled back and changed the topic, the woman took no offense seeing how it was none of her business and simply let it go.

The lustful woman placed a hand over her plump chest and gave a slight bow. A valley of flesh was revealed as the lustful woman introduced herself. Kazuki wondered how this woman wasn’t attacked on a daily basis.

“You can call me Lamia, I am the sole owner of this establishment, The Dancing Gazelle, and I welcome you, young handsome hero.”

Once more the lustful woman licked her lips.

“Now that we’re introduced, tell me, can you acquire these items for me?”

“Is it just Magical Beast Cores?”

Kazuki explained the other two items he needed and Lamia smiled brightly.

“Just these things, hehe, yes, I can get all of it, but should I?”

“What do you mean?”

“My daughter may have gotten a bit emotional, but she wasn’t wrong. Do you fully grasp the consequences if a beast core goes out of control?”

Kazuki sat silently and Lamia took that as him not quite understanding and explained.

“A Magic Beast Core, like a human Mage Core, it stores all of the magic energy within it. If you kill a human with a Mage Core, their Mage Cores are not a physical object and the power will simply dissipate along with their soul. A Magic Beast, however, is different. Their Mage Cores are physical objects that look like rocks or gems.”

“When a Magic Beast dies, that power within their core has no place to go and without a mind or will controlling it, it begins to become unstable. Why this happens, I don’t know, but once it goes, it goes. If it were only that it would not be that big of a deal. Place it someplace like in a reinforced magic vault and that would be fine but the explosion isn’t the worst part.”

“With all that magic power reentering the world it simply becomes too much and oversaturates the environment. A flower that receives a tiny bit of power may fully bloom but too much and that flower wilts and dies. With the magic from a Magic Beast Core, that flower simply turns to ash. The ground becomes oversaturated and nothing can grow for years. The air becomes toxic to the living and the water becomes almost acidic killing the fish. It devastates the environment for years and years and years. This is why they are so dangerous and this is why they’re considered illegal in most countries on the Feya continent. Now, do you get it? Now, do you understand why my daughter became so upset?”

Kazuki gave a nod but he didn’t stand up and walk away to leave.

“But let me guess, you still want it, don’t you?”

Kazuki leaned in and stared Lamia in the eyes.

“Of course, I still want it.”

Lamia felt something cold within her chest and inhaled deeply.



“That easily, why?”

Lamia thought for a moment.

“Since your a hero, surely you’ll use these items for good, right? Hehehe.”

Kazuki could tell that her laugh just now was fake. It seemed that she didn’t really care whether Kazuki really did end up causing a disaster or not. For some reason, Kazuki detected a hint of coldness in her tone when she said it.

(Does she not care what happens?)

“When can I expect to receive the goods?”

“Hehehe, before that, we need to discuss the payment, right? If my calculations are correct, the ingredients you want, the time and manpower to gather everything…That should be right around 500 gold Zeni and I’ll need a down payment, 10% should suffice.”

Kazuki paused for a moment.

(500 Zeni, holy shit. I expected it to be expensive, but to be equal to 20 years of salary for a soldier, damn. 10% of that, shit maybe I should get a partime job.)

Lamia could see that money was an issue, this caused her to smile devilishly.

“Well, since you are a hero, I suppose I could give you the hero’s discount on the down payment. How about 1% down and maybe a little compensation on the side, how does that sound?”

When Lamia said this she crossed her legs open and close, causing Kazuki’s eyes to shift. Kazuki swallowed hard before he nodded.

Lamia was delighted, but a sudden thought came to her mind and she curiously asked.

“Just how do you know whatever it is you’re trying to do with the cores will work, haven’t you only been in this world for a little bit?”

Kazuki smiled.

“All I can say is that this world and my world are quite similar.”


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