Return of the Fallen Vol1 Ch30


Author: Blue_Rat


With the terms of the deal set, Lamia said.

“500 gold Zeni. 1% now for the down payment comes to 5 gold Zeni; after I have collected this from you, I’ll have your items gathered up and you can either come and pick them up from here or I can have them delivered to any location within the city, except the palace of course. Also, I don’t think I need to say this but the rest of the payment should be ready and paid in full immediately after you have verified the goods first hand. I’m sure this is all agreeable, correct?”

“Of course, so when can I expect delivery.”

Lamia smiled.

“Usually, for this type of order it would be at least a month but seeing as this is for a summoned hero, hehehe, I’m sure I can have everything ready in a week.”


Lamia held out her hand for the down payment.

Kazuki reached into his pocket and grabbed the counterfeit coins. In total, he had received 7 from the guard. Pulling out 5, Kazuki invaded each one with a bit of his ki energy. Flipping the 5 counterfeit coins in his hand he released a long breath before retracting his ki.

Lamia eyed him weirdly before she accepted the payment.

From Lamia’s perspective, When Kazuki flipped the coins in his hand and then seemingly sighed when he handed the money over, Lamia thought that he was merely reluctant to part with his money. Little did she know that he had just pulled a fast one.

Lamia reached in between her cleavage and pulled out a gold amulet that hung from her neck. The amulet released a small purple glow and a single gold Zeni appeared from thin air.

(So her amulet is a storage item.)

Holding her gold Zeni to one of Kazuki’s, she waited for a second or so until she felt both coins warm. Confirming that Kazuki’s money was real she apologized.

“Forgive me, I know it might seem strange but I was testing your money to make sure it was real. You just arrived so maybe you don’t know about counterfeiters, they’ve been getting bolder and bolder lately.”

“Actually I just recently learned of them so it’s understandable why you would test it, no one wants to be cheated. So is my money real?”

Lamia laughed.

“Hehe, of course, who would dare give a hero fake money to use. You must have gotten this from the king’s vault itself.”

Lamia’s amulet flashed and the money in her hand disappeared. The moment Kazuki had invaded the fake coins with his ki he went to work. With his ki, he was able to see and feel inside the fake coins. The inscription they used was close to the real thing but not quite up to par. Using his ki he made slight adjustments to the inscriptions carved within the fake coins.

Because he was able to observe real Zeni earlier, he knew exactly how the inscriptions were carved and copied them inside the fake coins. He had done this all within a few seconds of time and right in front of someone but since he had used ki, it had gone completely unnoticed.

(So it actually worked. Since the inscriptions, I left inside were as close to identical as the ones inside a real Zeni, the chance was high but there was always a small percentage of failure. With what I’ve had to do, carving out a few tiny inscriptions is child’s play.)

Kazuki was bragging to himself but he wasn’t wrong. The face he had now was proof of that. He had to copy Ryuta’s face using a holographic image as a reference. He had to determine bone density, depth, muscle structure the amount of fat and much much more. Reshaping his face was done under intense pain and high amounts of stress.

The amount of concentration and focus to do either task were not equivalent. If to reconstruct his face into Ryuta’s was like climbing a mountain of blades then carving an inscription inside a coin was like picking a flower, the difference was almost astronomical.

Of course, this doesn’t mean to say Kazuki could do anything with his ki. It’s just that carving inscriptions on a few coins was nothing much. Had he needed to carve something more complex, something like the summoning circles, there’s no way he could complete such a task alone.

Now that Kazuki’s business was complete he decided it was just about time to go. Standing up he headed for the door when he felt Lamia grab his hand.

“Hmm, Aren’t we done?”

Lamia shook her head.

“Remember the deep discount wasn’t the only payment I asked for. I also mentioned some side compensation.”

“Compensation, and what would that be exactly.”

Lamia placed Kazuki’s hand onto her breast and licked her lips.

“Fufufu, this compensation.”


A while later, Kazuki laid comfortably on the round bed, his neck covered in hickeys and love bites. A long leg wrapped around his lower body. Kazuki gently moved Lamia’s leg out of the way and began to get dressed.

Lamia rolled over with a smile wider than the sky. As she watched Kazuki dress she couldn’t help but comment.

“Are you sure you’re a hero because what you just did to me was quite the crime, fufu.”

Kazuki ignored Lamia’s comments as she rolled under the sheets playfully. Lamia then grabbed Kazuki from behind and lazily hung her body from his shoulders.

“Hey, once more.”

Kazuki gently removed Lamia from around his neck and gave her a deep kiss. Their tongues entwined for a moment before Kazuki separated and a small line of silver clung to their mouths.

Lamia was left in a daze until Kazuki said.

“It’s time for me to go.”

Lamia stood up on the bed.

“Wait, don’t go, why rush off when you clearly want more.”

Kazuki finished putting on the last of his clothes.

“Sorry, but I have more business to attend to.”

Lamia slid back under the covers and smiled devilishly.

“Hopefully not more business like this, if so I might just be jealous, hehe.”

Kazuki headed for the door when Lamia added.

“I hope you know this won’t be enough compensation. I’ll need you to return a few more times before I’d say I’ve been fully compensated, fufu.”

Kazuki gulped hard.

(This woman is quite insatiable. Wish there was time for more but I need to earn a shit ton of Zeni and fast.)

“Actually, our business isn’t quite finished yet.”

Kazuki had formed a plan while he was making his way through the city. One part was to find the ingredients he needed to hide his compass’ aura and to reforge his Mage Core but the other part of his plan involved making enough money to pay for everything.

Lamia lifted the covers and patted the empty space next to her inviting Kazuki in but Kazuki shook his head.

“That’s not what I meant.”

A few moments later, with the plain white mask covering his face, and now a hooded robe, he headed downstairs.

The soldier in charge of protecting him spotted him and quickly ran over. In a whispering voice, he said.

“Kazuki, where did you get that outfit?


The soldier didn’t know why he was being ignored but he wasn’t too bothered with it and asked.

“Hey, are you finished? Can I please take you out of here now? What would the citizens of Treia think if they knew one of the summoned heroes was in such a place as this.”

The soldier didn’t know why but for some reason Kazuki seemed shorter than normal.

(Impossible, what am I even thinking about, how could Ryuta suddenly be shorter.)

Without a word, the two simply left.

Outside Asuna and the rest had already given up and left in bitterness long ago. Why Asuna was mad everyone already knew but Shin as well had howled to the sky in anger when he couldn’t get in and he screamed.

[“Dammit, why does Ryuta get to lose his V card first. This world is too cruel.”]

After that, Kimi and Asuna had to practically drag Shin away in shame.

As Kazuki’s protector followed about closely, his suspicions continued to increase.

(Why is Ryuta so quite now, usually he and Shin won’t shut up but right now he’s been silent since before we left the brothel. Could it be… Did he do it so much he has no more energy to even speak?)

Observing some more, the soldier couldn’t help but notice that Kazuki seemed a little thinner as well.

(Don’t tell me they did the deed so much that the young man was squeezed dry entirely of his juices.)

The more the two walked, the more and more odd and strange thoughts popped into the soldier’s head.

(Hmm, even his stride seems off. His steps aren’t as far apart or are they? Am I missing something here? Why does everything about hero Ryuta not fit hero Ryuta?)

An alarm continuously went off inside the soldier’s head with each added detail, suddenly he couldn’t take it anymore and snatched the mask away.

“Forgive me if I’m wrong young hero but…”

The soldier’s eyes went wide and he pulled his sword from his sheath. Pointing the tip at the figure in front of him he roared.


The shout was so loud and abrupt that the busy street went silent and looked over to see what the commotion was about.

To these normal citizens, they just saw a young man suddenly pull a sword on a woman. Even a few nearby guards were stunned by this and rushed over to solve the situation but before they could seven hooded and camouflaged figures leaped down from a few nearby roofs and surrounded the soldier and the woman.

One of the hooded figures stopped the approaching guards and pulled out a golden medallion with the image of a griffin hovering over a snake etched into it. The guards that had rushed over were about to bow but the hooded figure quickly stopped them.

“No need to bow, this is royal business so do not interfere.”

The hooded figures all drew their blades and pointed them at the women while the one who flashed the medallion quickly sent Master Garn a signal.

Master Garn who was observing his crystal ball had actually been going back and forth watching both Asuna’s group and Sam’s. He had watched Kazuki earlier and observed him going into the brothel. Garn decided there was no need for him to observe someone in there but was still curious about the mask Kazuki had worn to get in.

Garn had seen many magics but didn’t realize there was one to change or hide your age. He had been relaxing in the sky, just watching boringly when suddenly a message came through.

[“Master Garn, Hero Ryuta is gone and an imposter has been caught attempting to impersonate him. Please help immediately.”

Hearing this message a booming shout stretched across the sky as Garn was stunned.


Garn quickly located his people and rushed over.

Meanwhile, a few miles away a hooded figure was making his way down a few dark alleys.

(I should be able to make a small fortune down here and more. I just need to hurry before the city gets turned upside down when they find out about my little double.)


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