Return of the Fallen Volume 1 Chapter 76


Author: Blue_Rat


Lamia asked her doorman.

“Read their lips, tell me what they are saying.”

The doorman’s eyes flashed and staring down through three floors, he looked at someone who seemed in charge and focused on their lips. Word for word, he repeated what the soldier said.

“We know this is her hideout. The hero saved her so he’s probably around here somewhere. If you see the hero then arrest him for murder and if you see the halfbreed, put her down on the spot. Now go!”

Hearing her doorman repeating that soldier’s words was like a bomb had gone off in her head. Her eyes were filled with fright. She was no longer playing around. Falling to the floor she pressed her head to the ground and she begged Asuna and the others.

“If Ryuta has the rest of you with him then my daughter will surely be fine. Even if he refuses, you must help him escort my daughter to within the Rin mountain range. If you can take her there, she will be safe from any threat from Treia. Please, heroes of earth, will you help protect my daughter?”

Asuna knelt down next to Lamia and helped her up.

“There’s no need for this, I will definitely follow Ryuta, whether he likes it or not and I’ll personally see to it that Nunully makes it there safe and sound.”

Sam also stepped forward.

“Where Ryuta and Asuna go, I go.”

Kimi wrapped her arm around Sam’s and gave a small nod.

Shin laughed.

“Hehe, deliver a beauty to a land I’ve never been to, hehehe, isn’t this an adventure.”

Danny was about to say something but his presence seemed to go ignored, causing him to lower his head dispiritedly.

Kazuki though only felt a burden coming on.

(Fuck, goddamit fucking shit. So close. To shake them off now will be such a headache and we’re running out of time.)

Everyone seemed ready to agree, everyone except Nunully.

“Mom, I don’t want to leave you. I don’t want to be separated. Why can’t you come with me?”

Lamia gently wrapped her arms Nunully and gave her a hug. She softly brushed a few hairs out of her daughter’s face. Tucking them behind one of her ears, Lamia stared into her treasures eyes and whispered words that she thought only the two of them could hear.

“Nene, my precious, I can’t leave just yet. Do you remember that story Mommy told you long ago? Do you remember what I said happened to your father…what happened to me?”

A deadly glint flashed in Lamia’s eyes as her voice grew cold.

“Nene, I have to finish what I started. Only then will your father’s soul finally be at peace and maybe my rage will sooth but not before.”

A sense of warmth returned to Lamia and she kissed Nunully on her forehead.

“Remember, no matter what happens I will always love you.”

Lamia separated from Nunully and pulled her hand and placed it in Ryuta’s.

“Ryuta, inside that ring is enough gold to last several lifetimes as well as a map to a spot in the Rin mountain range. The man who controls those mountains is so very powerful that even Garn would hesitate to interfere with his matters. Once you meet that man, tell him that I sent you and tell him that Nunully is my daughter and that if he doesn’t want his secret to be known then he is to fulfill his favor and protect my daughter until I come for her. Got it.”

Kazuki nodded.

“I understand.”

Lamia shook her head.

“No no no, the “Got it” part is also for that man. If I don’t get serious then he might ignore my request, no, he’ll listen, he has to.”

Lamia’s expression was rendering a bit of doubt but she shook those negative thoughts away.

“What are you all still doing here, leave!”

Screams could be heard coming from down below now, as several doors were kicked open and men and women were dragged out from their rooms naked. The soldiers probably would have made it to the higher floors sooner if the half-naked men being pulled out of their rooms in the middle of the night weren’t so pissed.

Fighting broke out and the angry men who were either half asleep or in the middle of a session resisted violently.

Asuna grabbed Nunully by the hand and pulled her with her. Looking back she barked at everyone.

“What are you all waiting for? You heard the lady, let’s go!”

Everyone followed after while feeling a little surprised with her initiative but Asuna’s thoughts were a bit different then what was seen on the surface.

(If I don’t grab her by the hand then Ryuta would be the one holding hands with her. That cannot be allowed.)

Asuna squeezed Nunully’s hand a bit hard with those thoughts which caused Nunully to wince in pain. Asuna saw this and quickly loosened her grip and smiled with a devilish grin.

“Sorry about that, let’s go.”

The first floor was chaotic as fights had broken out everywhere. Unless they wanted to get involved they had to find another way out. Nunully pointed upwards.

“There’s an attic that leads to the roof. We’ve already been on one tonight so another wouldn’t hurt.”

There was no discussion as Nunully told Asuna the way, Asuna quickly led everyone upward.

Lamia sent her doorman down to cause a distraction but from where they were standing, a few soldiers still noticed the mass of bodies heading upward and called out to his commander.

“Sir! There’s more people heading up.”

The leader had better eyes then his subordinate and spotted that bronze mask, as well as Kazuki, escaping.

“Men, they’re escaping to the roof. Arrest the hero and kill the monster.”

The doorman and Lamia blocked the steps but how could they face several soldiers at once. Several soldiers threw dozens of punches and kicks at the two and knocked them down. They began pummeling Lamia and her doorman, beating them bloody. The doorman could do nothing but cover Lamia with his own body, shielding her from most of the blows.

Asuna and the others saw this and found it absolutely despicable and Nunully as well found her heart breaking at the sight.

Kazuki as well couldn’t stand this. Were they to just be arrested that could be understood, but to injure them to such a degree. Kazuki could not watch this. Before he could move, however, someone beat him to the punch.

With the power of wind, his body moved incredibly fast.

A soldier was about to land another blow on top of the doorman when something came towards him out of the corner of his eye. Before he could turn his face to see what it was.


Two feet crashed into his head and the soldier was sent flying backwards.


With Shin’s body being enhanced from the magic blood orb, his body was a few times stronger than a normal person’s so when he drop-kicked that normal soldier, that soldier didn’t just crash into the wall but at least half the bones in his body had been broken.

The soldier had blood leaking from both his ears and eyes. Whether he was alive or dead, who knew.

“Hehe, serves you right, you piece of shit. To pummel defenseless people, hmph.”

While Shin was talking trash a soldier had drawn his sword and slashed it toward him.

“Beam of Light!”

A focused blast of light shot directly into the swinging soldier’s eyes, causing him to drop his sword and scream in agony.


Shin delivered a heavy punch dropping the guy on the spot. Turning around he smiled and gave a small salute to Kimi.

The commander of the soldiers seeing the situation change gave out new orders.

“Everyone I don’t know who those people are but since they interfered, don’t hold back. Kill them!”

Dozens of soldiers began to draw their swords one by one and turned toward the stairs.

Kimi gently patted Sam on the back and he gave her a knowing nod.

With a foot on the rail, he gave a slight push and the wooden railing exploded forth. Taking a single step forward, Sam fell 3 floors down.


The ground cracked beneath his feet but Sam was completely unfazed by this. The ring on his finger began to glow a dim green as he activated his magic.

The soldiers that faced the stairs whipped around seeing the entrance of this big guy. Their attention was now on him. A soldier that was nearby, with his commander’s orders in his head, had no hesitation whatsoever and swung his sword at Sam with everything he had.

*Schick* *Clunk*

The soldier froze in place. He had clearly swung his blade with everything he had but the sound of flesh being sliced apart nor the sound of a person’s agonizing screams was heard. Not only that, but his sword…It was stuck. Not in the body of his foe but instead in his grip.

Sam had activated his powers and a thin layer of rocks covered his fingertips. Sam had thought about his fight with the Scron Cub and found its earth armor to be absolutely incredible. Sam knew with his little bit of magic, that there was no way he could create an entire suit of armor out of earth magic but facing these soldiers, he didn’t need an entire suit.

With Sam’s terrifying strength, he gripped the tip of the sword tighter and bent it out of shape. While the soldier stood there in a daze, Sam pulled his other arm back and swung.


Sam landed a clean punch on the man’s chest and everyone clearly heard the sound of bones breaking. The man was sent flying into two other soldiers who with the momentum from the first soldier were lifted off of their feet and sent crashing onto the floor several feet away.

The whole building became silent. Even the customers and the women were flabbergasted by this. Kazuki though sighed inwardly and thought.

(Fuck it.)

“Danny, you guard Nunully, Asuna, you’re with me, and Kimi, you provide back up.”

Asuna stared for a moment at Kazuki questioningly and thought.

(Why does he seem so different right now?)

Kazuki had no clue what was going through Asuna’s mind and jumped down from the third floor as well. Only Kimi’s shout brought Asuna back to reality.

“Asuna, hurry up and go.”

“Ah, yea.”

Asuna jumped after Kazuki and followed him down. Danny was a little upset that he had to do guard duty but as he watched everyone else fight he understood the reason why.

(I’m the weakest.)

Kazuki walked near one of the fallen soldiers and kicked up one of their swords into the air and caught it. Standing next to Sam he said.

“Let’s do this.”


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