Return of the Fallen Volume 2 Chapter 24


Author: Blue_Rat


Kazuki’s words reverberated within the chief’s mind, echoing again and again.

[ (I want all of it, all of it all of it all of it.) ]

Even Asuna and Shin were visibly stunned. Shin couldn’t hold it in and began to laugh.

“Hahaha, Ryuta, you’ve truly given me a laugh. All of it, hahaha, what’s next, the entire forest itself?”

Kazuki turned to Shin and chuckled back.

“Hehehe, true, there’s no way I could ask for all of it, that’s just being greedy.”

Chief Atoh started to laugh as well, understanding that it was all simply a joke. For a moment though, cold sweat ran down his back because Kazuki had said it so seriously.

“Right, to take it all, people would call me greedy, so instead half should suffice. Right, Chief Atoh, for this job me and my companions will take half of all the Magnitium in this cave system, what do you think?”

*Cough cough erk cough*

Chief Atoh nearly choked on his spit when he heard that.

Shin was still laughing but seeing how quiet Kazuki had become, his laughter died down as he realized that Kazuki was being absolutely serious.

(Is…Is Ryuta for real? )

Asuna came over and patted the chief repeatedly on his back to help him with his cough, a look of confusion on her face.

“Chief, are you ok? I’m sorry about my friend, he’s clearly pulling a dumb prank. Can you please forgive him. You too, Ryuta, stop messing around and tell the chief you were just joking with him. Even if we wanted to, there’s no possible way we could take half.”

Kazuki’s serious expression didn’t change.

“I’m not playing this for laughs, I’m 100% serious. As I see it, you and your people are quite desperate and are backed entirely in a corner. Your homes, lives, minds, everything is at stake here. If you want to say no to my offer, I won’t be mad or even disappointed. If I just sit back and do nothing, eventually Mei will force you and all of your people out of here, you will be under her full control and this cave will no longer have an owner. If I play my cards right, It’s possible to take every single piece of Magnatium and keep it for myself and all I would need to do is wait. The other option is you agree to give me and my friends half and we take care of your problem. It seems to me that one option puts us all at risk, while the other simply puts you and your people at risk. Maybe this is considered greedy, but when it comes to life I’d say mine is more than worth it. How about your life, how about your people. are they worth it, yes or no?”

Chief Atoh went silent for a while but Asuna snapped. She grabbed Kazuki by the collar, lifting him off the ground, she angrily barked in his face.

“Ryuta! What the hell do you think you’re playing at? These are innocent people. You already said since we’re involved then we should settle things outright but now you’re demanding something so insane. What the hell are you trying to pull? This is not like you at all. Where’s the kind goofball I know? Right now you’re acting like a slimy businessman and I don’t like this side of you one bit.”

Shin wasn’t one to usually agree with Asuna but he felt she was right in this regard and found the whole situation awkward and decided to not intervene.

Chief Atoh though knelt on the ground and three loud bangs rang out one after another.

*Thud Thud Thud*

The noise had caught Asuna off guard, causing her to drop Kazuki on his ass. Kazuki didn’t really mind though and stood up, dusting himself casually.

Asuna saw Chief Atoh kneeling and tried to help him up but he refused to move. Kazuki slowly walked in front of him and asked.

“So I take it we have a deal?”

Chief Atoh slowly lifted his head. A stream of blood flowed from the center of his forehead, running down the rest of his face and a bit even getting into his eye but even with the burning sensation in his eyes, Chief Atoh never blinked and stared with hard determination. He spoke calmly yet his voice was full of conviction.

“If I give you my word, will you promise to put your life on the line and not stop until either the mission is completed or you’re dead?”

Kazuki gave a small nod.

“I will.”

Chief Atoh sighed heavily.


“Then I, Atoh Verindaoe, Mangshi of the 7th generation, chief of the Mangshi, do now swear, by my name, my father’s and all of the great ancestors that have come before me. I promise to hand over no less than half of every Magnitium rock within this entire forest, to Ryuta, and his companions should they complete their mission. I so swear or may the gods scatter my soul to the 4 corners of the world.”

Kazuki reached a hand out and helped and helped chief Atoh from his feet. With a firm grasp of his hand, Kazuki shook it and proclaimed.

“Until the mission is either completed or I have been killed, I will risk it all to fulfill my promise to you, Chief Atoh, this I so swear.”

Chief Atoh’s heart filled with warmth as he squeezed Kazuki’s hand tighter.

Chief Atoh bowed once more.

“Thank you.”

Asuna felt concerned and asked.

“Chief Atoh, are you sure about this? In the end, to give up so much still doesn’t seem right. I’m sure I can convince Ryuta, so don’t agree so easily.”

Chief Atoh’s face filled with displeasure.

“Young miss, do you really believe anything about this situation is easy? If I don’t show at least this much determination, if I’m not willing to sacrifice at least this much to save my people, then I have no right being the Chief. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t call my decision an easy one… Actually no… I take that back. Giving up rocks to make sure my people survive, this is the easiest decision of my life and I would make the same exact call again and again and again if I had to.”

Something changed within Chief Atoh within a split second. At first, he was feeling unsure but when Asuna called his decision easy, he realized something halfway through his rebuke. Asuna was right, this was an easy decision for him. The fortune this cave represented meant nothing if his people had to die and it wasn’t like his people needed millions of tons worth. Realistically, they maybe needed a few tens of thousands. Giving up half, in chief Atoh’s mind he was losing nothing so that his people could live.

Kazuki nodded in agreement with Atoh. Walking over to a small Magnitium bolder, Kazuki punched out with a terrifying force.


The large Magnitium boulder shattered into hundreds of pieces. Kazuki picked up a piece that was slightly bigger than a fist and showed it to the chief.

“This will be the down payment, hahaha.”

Atoh repeatedly nodded.

“Of course, of course, take whatever.”

With those words, the sound of another small explosion rang out.


Another boulder shattered and Shin this time picked up a piece of Magnitium. His piece was just slightly bigger than Kazuki’s. Smiling at the crowd he showed his piece off.

“Hehehe, as Ryuta said this is a down payment. Oh yea, Ryuta, it seems your piece is slightly smaller than mine, what a shame, hehehe.”

Asuna ran over and threw a fist at Shin’s face but with a small sidestep, he easily dodged her punch.

“Dammit, Shin! Was there a need to shatter another boulder? Why didn’t you just grab a piece from the boulder that Ryuta broke? You almost gave me a heart attack.”

Shin just continued to laugh.

“Hahaha, all of the pieces over there are too small, this one that I got though is clearly the better piece. What reason should I pick from Ryuta’s sloppy seconds?”

Asuna couldn’t believe his reasoning.

“God, you’re so immature.”

Shin wagged his finger.

“Maybe but in the end, I am the one with the bigger rock.”

Asuna and Kazuki both shook their heads.

(What a moron.)

After making their way out of the inner part of the cave, the four returned to the chamber, where the rest of the villagers were.

Atoh went to check in on his sister Aboh, while Kazuki, Asuna, and Shin informed Sam and Nunully on everything they had learned of, and about the mission. Sam nodded in understanding and didn’t hesitate to agree. Even though he still wasn’t 100% healed, to get Kimi back, he would let nothing stand in his way. Nunully as well, although she was scared of dying, if she could help prevent the death of possibly thousands or more by helping to capture Mei, she would do it. Especially if Kazuki was by her side. Everyone discussed a plan and Kazuki and the rest asked Chief Atoh where they might be able to find Tsura and Mei so they could scout the area beforehand and put the finishing details to their plan.

“If it’s a certain spot, I don’t really know for sure but us Mangshi in our bird form would prefer a high place. One that’s difficult for others to invade. When it comes to that, maybe the Sencha cliffs.”


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