Return of the Fallen Volume 2 Chapter 26


Author: Blue_Rat


Kimi and Danny were both paralyzed with fear. As the titanic sized bird landed a single foot gracefully upon the cliff, a large gust of wind followed with a flap of its wings.


A powerful force of wind knocked into Kimi and Danny and the two were lifted off of their feet and thrown into the wall of the cliff behind them.


The two crashed into the wall almost at the exact same time and fell violently to the ground.


The two were cornered like mice in front of a cat, except in this case the cat was a lion.

A second later and another Mangshi landed from above, directly in front of the two. This one was about three times smaller than the first but its smaller size was still several heads taller than Danny.

“Danny, what do we do? They’re gonna eat us.”

“This can’t be this can’t be, I can’t die, not like this.”

The two sat there frozen but the Mangshi never attacked. Instead, it seemed they were more curious than anything. Stretching their long necks outward, the Mangshi smelled their surroundings as though they were looking for something.

Only now did Danny look down and notice a small puddle beneath him. He had wet himself in despair. Danny couldn’t bear to look Kimi in the eyes right now cause he was sure that she would laugh at him but what he heard next surprised him.

*Sniff sniff*

“Sorry, I couldn’t help it, I couldn’t help it.”

Danny looked over and sure enough, a small puddle had formed beneath Kimi as well.

(So that’s why the birds are sniffing about, Haaa, this sucks. We’re both trapped up here and we both piss ourselves too, how pathetic are we.)

“It’s ok, I pissed my self too.”

Kimi looked at Danny and spotted the wet spot on his pants.

“How can you pee yourself, aren’t you supposed to be a man?”

Danny snapped at her.

“Even now you have to make fun of me. I was scared, what can I say I’m only human dammit!”

Kimi realized she may have gone too far and went quiet.


“Whatever anyway let’s stop sitting in this mess.

Danny slowly stood up and helped Kimi up as well.

“Ah don’t what if they attack us?”

“They won’t. I was thinking about it beforehand, but if they wanted us dead why waste the time and effort taking us and then trapping us in a place like this. They need us for something.”

“What could they possibly need us for?”

Danny thought for a moment.

“Maybe Tsura wasn’t entirely lying when she said she needed a map. Otherwise, with those wings, she and Mei should have flown out of this place long ago right?”

“Maybe or maybe they know it’s gonna be a long journey and prepared us as snacks for on the go.”


The biggest Mangshi suddenly let out an ear-piercing screech, causing Danny and Kimi to cover their ears in pain.

Looking over at the enormous beast, a disgusting sight was displayed before them. The feathers upon the Mangshi began to fall away and the bones began to crack and pop.

*Crunch snap snap*

The ribcage started morphing and folding in on itself. Two naked bodies were revealed both instead of calling them human or bird, it was a mutated mix of the two.

Legs folded oddly and repeatedly broke through the skin revealing blood and bone. A moment later and the bones receded back under the surface of the skin like snakes in the grass. The heads of the two shrank down until they were the size of a normal person. The skin fused over the eyes, peeled away revealing empty sockets. A second later and two small orbs rapidly grew granting them vision.

As their bodies morphed, Danny wondered what was preventing a predator from attacking them at that moment.

(Could I…Could I attack them? Would it actually work? Can it really be that easy?)

While Danny contemplated over this, his moment of opportunity disappeared before his eyes. The Mangshi had transformed into two naked people. The transformations had been way too fast and had only lasted not even 10 seconds.

(Shit, I hesitated way too long. It seems I’ve learned something new though. Although they can transform into a Mangshi in only a second, in order for them to change back into their human form, it seems 10 seconds is required. This might be useful.)

Danny saw the two mother and daughter naked and again the gears turned in his head.

(When we first came upon them, the two were under attack by the chief and his men. Tsura was already knocked unconscious but the only weapon about at the time was a rock. Does this mean, that while they are in their human form they are susceptible to regular damage? When they are in their bird form they have those metal-like black feathers that are hard enough to protect them from the thrust of a sword but as a human, where is their defense.)

Danny’s eyes darted around until they came upon a fist-sized rock. With a quick grab, he put it behind his back without notice.

(I’m sure this will work but the question is who do I aim for? If I take out the child and her mother transforms, she may go all out and kill me immediately. I could try and take the child as a hostage at that point as well. Plus, by knocking the child out I won’t have to deal with her larger form. Right, let’s do this.)

Danny thought no more and took aim at Mei. With the magic blood orb, his body was 4-5 times stronger than that of a normal man’s and every day his strength grew. To do this he needed precise aim as well as control over his strength. Too much and he could send this rock threw one side of her skull and out the other. Too little strength and the injury may not be enough to knock her out.

Danny quickly made a decision.

(Even if my throw doesn’t knock her out I’ll follow up with seizing her neck, with a bit of pressure I can have her out almost instantly.)

Danny’s eyes followed Mei’s body and right when he saw an opportunity.



A fist-sized rock came flying out like an arrow leaving a bow.


The rock landed squarely on Mei’s temple.

Danny filled his legs with power and launched himself forward and appeared behind Mei in almost an instant, gripping her neck, Danny wasted no time and gave it a firm squeeze.

(That should do it.)

Only now did Kimi and Tsura notice that anything had even taken place. Kimi’s eyes widen while Tsura released a horrific scream.

“Mei Noooo!”

“Kimi, come over to my side quickly. Tsura, If you make a single move I’ll squeeze the life out of your daughter before you even have time to blink. This is what we’re gonna do, you are gonna obediently take me and Kimi off of this cliff and to where our friends are. Only after I have confirmed that they are all safe and sound, only then will I give Mei back to you but if you try anything funny, don’t think for a moment I won’t squeeze.”


Kimi still stood in place unmoving.

“Kimi, what’s the matter with you? Come over here away from Tsura if she transforms right now then she can… Why are you staring at me like that?”

Danny noticed a bewildered look Kimi had. A look as if something wasn’t quite right. At first, he thought she was looking at him but a moment later he felt a slight twitch within his palm. Looking at Tsura, he could see a confident smile spread across her face. That wasn’t the look of a desperate mother on the verge of losing one’s child. No, that was a look that said you’ve just made the biggest mistake of your life.

Danny was at a complete loss until a tiny voice came from below him.

“You tried to take me as a hostage. You scared mommy.”

A small hand gripped Danny’s and squeezed with brute force.

Danny felt several bones in his hand all break at once, causing him to release an agonizing scream.


Mei, with a simple flick of her wrist, pulled at Danny. His feet effortlessly left the ground and suddenly the entire world before him appeared to be upside down. Because of the amount of pain he was currently in though, he couldn’t comprehend that he was now falling back first towards the ground.

Mei applied very little strength and Danny’s body accelerated threefold.


His back came crashing down onto the hard ground. The amount of force that Mei used, caused Danny’s body to actually bounce one time.


All the air left his lungs and he couldn’t take a breath in for almost thirty seconds. The sudden loss of breath, the tormenting pain and the lack of oxygen flowing, caused panic and fear to spread across Danny. He could feel himself becoming light-headed and he was on the verge of passing out. Just as his mind was on the precipice of going black.


Air rushed into his lungs all at once.

*Cough cough cough cough*

Danny was lying completely still just trying to breathe. His eyes unfocused, little Mei stood over him.

“A little squeeze you said.”

Danny could barely understand what was going on but he could have sworn Mei had said something to him just now.

Little Mei barely raised a foot before stomping it down onto Danny’s arm.

*Bang Crunch*


Once more pain rushed into him. looking over at his arm it was broken.

Kimi saw this and rushed forward.


Jumping over top of his body, Kimi shielded him with hers and cried out

“Mei, please stop!”


Tsura walked over as well.

“Mei, Kimi is right, we’ll need them later so don’t break them any more than that, ok.”

Tsura stood beside the three and pulled a loose tooth from her mouth. A small purple glow encompassed it and two plain dresses flew out. Taking the loose tooth, she then placed it back into its original spot in her mouth.

Mei picked up one of the plain dresses and put it on, followed by her mother. With a bright smile, she hugged her mother’s leg.

“Ok, mommy.”

Tsura hugged her daughter back.

“My sweet, sweet child, very soon you will no longer be in this birdcage and will be able to fly anywhere you wish.”

Mei began jumping up and down in excitement.

“Will I really? Will I be able to fly super super high and will I be able to go as fast as the wind, will I will I?”

Tsura chuckled lightly.

“Hehehe, once we escape this cursed place, you’ll be able to fly higher than any mountain and in time you’ll be able to fly even faster than the wind itself. This I promise.”


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