Return of the Fallen Volume 2 Chapter 38


Author: Blue_Rat


As Kazuki spoke these shocking words everyone looked at him with confusion. Tsura trembled from head to toe as a stream of tears flowed from her eyes.

“Do you…do you really mean…”

Kazuki nodded.

“Mei is not evil but at the same time, she is not ready for the outside world. If she can mature properly, I see no reason to keep her here.”

Asuna couldn’t believe her ears.

“Ryuta, are you serious? You’ve said it yourself how dangerous it would be, were she to be caught. How dangerous it would be if anyone found out who or what she is. It feels as though you’re flip-flopping. Even Tsura I’m sure now recognizes the dangers, right?”

Tsura shook her head and then nodded, she herself was confused. The outside was dangerous but free, the inside was safe but a prison. Tsura no longer knew what was best for her daughter.

“The outside is risky, which is why I suggest she stay here for a while. Once she grows, she will naturally obtain Sky Beast strength. At that time she will not need to fight. With her flight capabilities and her natural speed, she should be able to retreat and run away at that time. Those that would be able to catch her would be few indeed.”

Kazuki looked at Mei.

“Mei, how does my idea sound?”

Before Kazuki even finished Mei was already smiling from ear to ear.

“Amazing, super super amazing. Can I really leave, can I really fly as high as I want to out there?”

Kazuki’s expression turned serious.

“Mei, now listen to what I say and understand how serious this is, Tsura you as well.”

Mei nodded up and down repeatedly but Tsura was having a hard time believing that this was all real. Still, with a nod, she listened.

“Good, hold up your right hand little Mei, you too Tsura.”

The two did not know what was going on but did so anyway.

“Now, repeat after me. I swear by the gods above, I will never harm anyone unless it is to protect my life or those I care about who are under immediate threat or may the gods deliver punishment onto me a thousandfold.”

Tsura and Mei exchanged a look before they repeated Kazuki’s words back to him.

“Also, swear to me that you will do your best to learn everything you can as well as grow your strength not to harm those around you but to instead help others.”

Again the two swore.

“I take everything you two said seriously and absolute. If in 10 years you two leave and I find out that either of you has committed any undesirable deed, at that time I will personally out you to the world and come to hunt you down myself. Do you two agree with my words?”

Simultaneously the two spoke.


Kazuki nodded and gave one more promise.

“If I am still alive after you two have left the forest and you are ever in need of help, as long as you two have not committed any evil acts, you can always count on me to help you if you are in need, and in return, you two will help me, were I to call on you.”

Tsura and Mei were taken aback. They did not know why Kazuki seemingly extended a hand of kindness but if he was offering to help them even if they were to get caught up in a bad situation, there was no reason for either of them to turn him down.

Once more the two said yes simultaneously.

Everyone else had no clue why Kazuki had offered them extra help outside of the forest but Kazuki was thinking long term. Kazuki wasn’t sure what would happen later on but as it was he still lacked his Mage core. If something occured and his Mage core isn’t reforged or maybe is even reforged incorrectly then he would suffer a major set back.

He had already waited 10 years for his revenge to come to fruition, another 10 years wouldn’t be so bad. Planting a seed now that would owe him in a decade was not a poor investment. Kazuki could not see the future but as long as Mei stayed in this supposed safe forest, a decade later her strength would equal a Sky Beast. It’s not easy to become the benefactor of that kind of power.

Not long after Danny asked privately.

“Ryuta, what’s the deal, why make that kind of promise?”

“What I just told them, if they need help I’d help them, what’s wrong with that?”

Danny rubbed his chin in thought.

“Hmm, so you’re telling me you believe we’ll still be stuck on this planet 10 years later. Why are you so confident you’ll still be in this world or do you simply not wish to return home?”

Kazuki smiled.

“In 10 years, I’m confident I’ll be home. As for the promise, in ten years, those that will actually be able to do her harm will be very little. You’ve seen her speed. While she’s in her Mangshi state, her body is 3 times as big as the other Mangshi yet she’s faster than all of them. At the rate of her growth, the number of people on the Feya continent that can catch her, you can count on one hand.”

Danny couldn’t help but snort.

“Hmph, that’s a lot of confidence you have in her. Do you really think things will go so well? There are always obstacles down the road, always. As it stands, I don’t think Mei can learn what she needs to here.”

“So are you saying she’ll fail?”

Danny shook his head.

“No, but her chances of failure are significantly higher. Seeing how the Chief handled things around here I’d say he’s not up for the job. Not only that, I doubt he’ll even agree. He wants her to be the next leader of his people, how do you think he’s gonna react when you tell him the deal has been changed and Mei will be leaving later?”

“That’s why I said be prepared to fight.”

Danny’s eyes went wide as things clicked into place for him.

A few minutes later and several people could be seen leaving the entrance of the cave.

The old Chief Atoh walked towards Kazuki and the rest cautiously. Followed behind him was his sister Abah and behind her were 7 men of varying ages. Abah had the village’ treasured Black Stone Tablet with her, aka the Jiaqin Codex. The codex was a magic tool used to help suppress and even revert the transformation one would undergo when changing from a human to a Mangshi.

Kazuki saw the Black Stone Tablet but didn’t really care. He understood why they would be so cautious as this matter dealt with the future of their village. What annoyed him though was the men following behind.

(Is this supposed to be a show of force from them or just a feeling of comfort. Atoh and the people he brought are more than us by one person, was this done on purpose to show he had more numbers. Hmm, I’m overthinking things again.)

That’s what Kazuki thought until Nunully whispered something into his ear.

“Ryuta, the inscriptions on their wrist have changed.”

Kazuki’s eyes focused in on a member’s wrist and saw the Limiter tattoo was slightly altered. His eyes darted over the rest of the member’s wrist and they too had slight alterations to their Limiter tattoo’s.

(What’s going on, I thought the old man said they needed Mei’s blood to fix the Limiter tattoo’s.)

Kazuki quickly got over that notion as the tattoos were technically altered instead of fixed so to speak.

(I can’t exactly tell what their tattoo’s do but if they didn’t fix the suppression then the alter…could it be.)

Stopping about 20 feet away, Atoh pointed with a shaky finger at Tsura and Mei.

“Ryuta, I took you for a man of your word, tell me is your promise still valid?”

Kazuki gave a nod.

The villagers’ expressions behind Atoh relaxed slightly but not Atoh or Abah. Atoh’s brow rose.

“If what you say is true, can you please explain to me why Mei is not tied with our magic rope? Not only that, you know how much effort it takes for us to return to the cave and how dangerous it can be, yet you still called me out here to speak with you. I hope that whatever reason it is, It’s important, otherwise I may have misjudged your character.”

Asuna felt a tinge of anger rise into her chest. The way Chief Atoh spoke toward Kazuki was not only rude but also acuusitory, though she understood where the Chief was coming from, she still didn’t like his tone.

“Old Chief Atoh, the reason I don’t have Mei tied with the magic rope relates to the reason why I asked you to come out here to speak with me. I have already said that Mei and Tsura will stay in this forest so there is no longer a need to tie Mei up.”

Atoh’s expression changed slightly and he relaxed seeing no resistance or denial from Tsura.

“Tsura, is this true? Are you and Mei really willing to return to us, are you really going to stay?”

Tsura noded.

“It’s true we will stay, however…Ryuta, will you explain it to him, I’m afraid I cannot do it properly.”

Atoh and Abah were excited and felt joy within her hearts but as soon as they heard Tsura say however, the two got an extremely bad feeling.

“Explain what, what is it you need to say, Tsura? Why does Ryuta need to say it in your place?”

Tsura grit her teeth in silence and refused to speak.

Kazuki put a reassuring hand on her shoulder, letting her know there was nothing to worry about.

“Atoh, none of that matters, instead what I have to say is very important and I want you to keep in mind my decision cannot and will not be changed. What I have decided will go and no one will stop it.”

Atoh and all the villagers behind him grew extremely nervous.

“What is it, Ryuta, what are you saying?”

Without hesitation, Kazuki revealed what he decided.

“Tsura and Mei will remain in this forest and Mei will train here and learn as much as she can. Ten years later, at that time, she and her mother will leave this forest and the two will be free.”


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