Return of the Fallen Volume 2 Chapter 41


Author: Blue_Rat


“Solar Flare!!!”

A bright light flew from Kimi’s hand and was launched high into the air. Usually, her Solar Flare would explode dishing out powerful beams of blinding light in all directions but Kimi controlled her power and left it hovering in the air like a miniature sun.

She lit up the surrounding darkness pushing it back and revealing everyone’s location.

She tried to tell everyone she would maintain the light as long as she could but she realized no sound left her mouth. Chief Atoh’s screech ability canceled out the noise in all directions cutting them off from communicating with one another.

Right now was very dangerous.


The Mangshi all began conversing with one another with loud screeches. This was the only sound available and it didn’t take a genius to figure out that they were coming up with a plan.

The Mangshi one by one took to the skies and started circling Kazuki and the others like a group of vultures ready to descend for a meal.

2 held onto Abah while the other 5 circled patiently.


Like a hail of arrows, the 5 Mangshi all dove down at once in an attempt to end things on the spot. Two of them specifically aimed for Sam and the rest went for everyone else.

Sam prepared himself and formed a small amount of earth armor over his chest as well as a bit over his right fist making a gauntlet. One rammed directly into his body and forced him off of his feet, causing him to go flying backward like a rag doll. The last time Sam took a Mangshi head on several of his ribs were broken, this time, however, something did break but it wasn’t his bones.

Sam landed on his feet and continued to skid backward for several more feet before he lowered his center of gravity and slowed down to a complete halt.


A few cracks ran down his earth chest plate. Standing up straight with a confident smile, Sam willed his power and the cracks on his armor began repairing themselves.

(My power has grown. I wouldn’t have been able to make a chest plate earlier but now that I’m half a step into the Elemental stage, earth magic is becoming easier and easier for me to use. Not only that, I can even increase the toughness of this armor by a degree.)

Sam wanted to laugh right now. The power he felt, he was curious if he could take all of these Mangshi by himself.


A large clawed foot struck Sam directly in the back. He was solely focused on the one Mangshi that he had completely forgotten the other one. Once more Sam’s body was launched into the air. This time though before he could land and regain his balance, A few sharp talons went between the gaps of his armor and sunk deeply into his shoulder.

With a forceful pull, Sam was dragged up into the sky.

(Hmph, this boy’s tough, but will that armor of yours last when I drop you from several hundred feet up.)

The Mangshi flew up and up and up. Higher and higher until it had just passed the top of the trees. There it hovered for a moment and prepared to drop Sam to the ground but how could Sam not know what it was going to do.

Sam reached up above him and grabbed the Mangshi’s leg. As he did, he could feel the sharpened talon within his shoulder shred apart some of his muscle. His face twitched a bit in pain but besides that he was calm.

With his gauntlet covered arm, Sam emitted a terrifying force and gripped the bird’s leg.

If a single sound could be heard right now, it would be the snapping of the bird’s leg bone.

All of the feathers on the Mangshi’s body spread apart and stood on end all at once. The pain it felt was excruciating.

(My leg, he, he broke it.)

(You dumb birds may have incredibly tough feathers but those don’t cover your legs. To me, these are just slightly bigger than normal bones, to break it is only a little more difficult.)


The Mangshi cried out in pain distracting the other Mangshi for a moment. Kazuki saw this as a perfect opportunity and closed the gap between him and Chief Atoh.

Chief Atoh had tried to ram Kazuki a second ago but Kazuki’s footwork had been too swift and he repeatedly dodged at the last second. Chief Atoh as well though was on another level when it came to using his body’s movements. As Kazuki thrust his sword forth toward Atoh’s wide-open chest, Atoh threw his head forward and headbutted the blade down with the top of his skull.

Kazuki’s blade broke in two and Atoh took a step forward. With the momentum of his forward movement, Atoh swung his large bird head back up, trying to bash Kazuki’s head open like a melon.

Kazuki lifted a foot and intercepted the sledgehammer like blow but instead of taking the full force he kicked off of Atoh’s skull negating most of it and flipping backwards out of Atoh’s range.

The distraction from the other Mangshi’s cry was a large opportunity but Atoh’s capabilities were much greater than Kazuki initially thought.

The Mangshi holding Sam thrashed in pain and desperately tried to shake him off but Sam’s strength was too great.

Its free talon came slashing down at Sam, trying to claw his face off.

Sam didn’t have enough power to maintain another gauntlet so he released the power from his right hand and transferred it to his left, covering it completely. As sharp talons came raining down trying to take his eyes out or remove his nose, Sam battered its foot away.

This had all taken place in only a few seconds and the other Mangshi that double-teamed Sam in the first place, came swooping over.


(Take your hand off of my friend!)

With talons extended, this Mangshi intended to pierce Sam’s stomach and rip his body in half.

With another Mangshi attacking him, there was no way to defend himself properly.

(This is gonna hurt.)

The Mangshi flew over and clawed at Sam and Sam struck out with a kick, however before the two connected Sam felt a large gush of wind from beneath him.

(Viper Whip!)

Shin was paying close attention to his surroundings and when he saw Sam in danger he unleashed his power.

This was the kick he had inherited from the magic blood orb. A powerful force, that formed a sharp blade of wind came slicing up toward the attacking Mangshi’s neck.


The blade sliced cleanly through and sent the head and body falling in two different directions.

The Mangshi that was still holding Sam in place was so shocked that it didn’t sense the incoming attack.


A large orb of ice around the size of a bucket slammed heavily into its chest, causing it to fall toward the ground dragging Sam with it.

(No! my attack was too strong. Sam, you’ve got to get out of there.)

Sam felt a strange tingling sensation in his stomach as his body fell rapidly to the ground. Similar to when you go down a rollercoaster mixed with a bit of fear, Sam fell from the sky.

The Mangshi holding him wasn’t dead but was completely stunned by Nunully’s ice attack. Sam pulled at the talon in his shoulder ripping flesh from his bone. He was free. Looking for an escape of some kind, Sam prepared to kick off of the Mangshi’s body and…


It was too late. The two collided heavily into the ground and a small cloud of dust rose into the air. Though the others could not hear the impact, those on the ground clearly felt it through their feet.

Everyone couldn’t help but look over in dismay. Even the Mangshi couldn’t believe it. Two of their brethren had died only seconds apart, no way could one survive that fall. The battle suddenly froze as both groups waited for the dust to settle. A nearby Mangshi flapped its wings and a gush of air swept the dust away.

There the two lay completely unmoving and still. A large dark red puddle beneath them quickly spread out.

No one could believe what just happened. Big tears formed on Mei’s face and she began to cry terribly. Tsura as well held Mei tightly and forced her to look away.


Kimi’s mind shook and her light hovering in the sky flickered.

(Not good, Kimi’s losing it. I have to finish this fast.)

Kazuki’s fingers began to rapidly flash sign after sign.

(My blue flame, if I can just use one, I can end this here and now.)

A feeling of absolute despair took Kimi’s mind and her world shattered. Such sorrow, such anguish, and grief. Kimi felt a pain so deep that her breath vanished and her face turned blue. She did everything she could to inhale but no matter what she just couldn’t. With such overwhelming emotion, her eyes rolled up into her head and she passed out. Her body went limp and she almost fell from the tree but Mei, even in her tear-filled state caught her and prevented her from falling out of the tree.

The bright sun-like orb vanished from the sky and the power from the Black Stone Tablet and its ever encompassing darkness once more spread itself outward and the world went black.


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