Return of the Fallen Volume 2 Chapter 53


Author: Blue_Rat


Kazuki didn’t need to travel very far to get the needed information. Looking at the sign that hung on it, it read, [ “Guild Hall” ]. Mei and Tsura were overawed as they entered that same 3 stories tall, sky blue building.

As soon as they entered they saw many stone columns supporting the building. Each column had the image of a monster upon it. Some with huge bodies that stretched to the ceiling, while others with vicious claws and teeth. Each one had a different creature carved onto it and each one had a unique feel to it.

Mei, of course, ran ahead and began touching the odd-looking carved monsters as though it were a free-range petting zoo. This quickly drew the ire of a few adventurers in their surroundings.

“Oy brat, who said you could mess with that, huh?”

A large man dressed in full plate armor walked over to Mei. Tsura stepped in between them and apologized, bowing her head.

“Forgive my daughter, she doesn’t know the rules of this place. Please look past it.”

The large man stopped before Tsura and eyed her up and down. With her slender figure and fairly large bust, the man’s eyes grew lustful.

“Hmm, I suppose I could look the other way this one time, however, I would require something in return.”

Tsura felt his gaze focus on her breast and she shrunk backward in disgust.

“You, you animal.”

A few men in the background chuckled along and a few more were sickened by the behavior.

“Hahaha, there goes Griff again, he can never keep his hands off.”

“Hmph, no doubt he’ll lose those hands someday by messing with the wrong person’s mistress.”

“Hehe maybe but by the looks of that old grandpa next to them, I’d say it’s not happening today.”

The large man named Griff grew irritated being called an animal and stepped closer until his breath was on Tsura’s neck.

“An animal, no but once I take you to a bedroom, I’ll show you what kind of beast I am. Hell if you really wanna push it, I’ll take you to a nearby alley and fuck you raw right there.”


Tsura had never felt so disgusted and humiliated in her whole life. Her hand struck out reflexively.


Tsura landed a solid slap on the big man’s face but that only seemed to excite him more.

Griff reached out for Tsura and tried to grab her but instead, he grabbed Kazuki’s arm instead.

Not because he was aiming for Kazuki but because Kazuki had literally stepped in and put his arm in the adventurer’s hand. As soon as he made contact with Kazuki’s arm, Kazuki wailed in agony.

“Ahhh! my arm how could you assault an old man such as myself.”

Everyone was confused by this sudden scene but the most confused was Griff.

“You old man, what the hell are you going on abo…”

Griff had only said a few words when he felt a sudden pain within his hand, causing him to let go immediately.

Looking at his hand, he saw that a bruise was already beginning to form on his skin.

“What the hell? Old man, what did you do?”

Kazuki took a step back as though he were panicked. Waving his hands about, he hurriedly tried to explain.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about but if you try and assault me or my family again, a curse will take hold of you. Look at your hand for proof, that is only the beginning. Once it spreads to the rest of your body, you’ll die within 7 days.”

Griff looked down at his hand and back up at the old man in front of him and a bit of cold sweat started to build on his forehead. At first, no one really cared all that much for the situation at hand and only chimed in a bit to have some fun but with the mention of a curse and seeing Griff stepping back, a few couldn’t help but grow cautious.

Of course, many of them didn’t actually believe in curses and found them to be nonsense and laughed it off but in the end, plenty of them were superstitious. Living out in the countryside as they did, many strange things would often occur and without a proper explanation, they could only come up with demonic forces or other such things. Even if they didn’t believe in curses, the truth is, in their line of work, most of them have experienced things at one point or another which defied logic.

So although many laughed, there were quite a few that looked a little closer and paid attention to what was happening.

Griff was a little taken aback at first but seeing that it truly looked like nothing more than a bruise he grew infuriated believing the old man in front of him was just trying to scare him away. Hearing the roaring laughter from his surroundings only fueled his rage further.

Griff grabbed Kazuki by the collar and barked in his face.

“You old senile fool. What nonsense are you speaking? A curse, hmph, that may work on the young cubs back in bumpkinville but we all know that shit is just old wives tales.”

Kazuki actually let Griff finish his sentence before once more the curse appeared.

Griff felt a sudden twitch in his arm and when he looked down he was shocked to see more bruising. This time it stretched all the way up to his forearm and an immense amount of pain followed.


Griff stepped back and gripped his arm in pain. Looking up at Kazuki a cold chill ran up his spine as the two made eye contact. Kazuki’s eyes had completely changed. If at first, they appeared weak and terrified, now they looked like a predator. Like Kazuki would pounce at any moment and rip him to shreds.

Everyone in the surroundings grew quiet as they witnessed this scene and a few people immediately got up and left.

Kazuki wanted to keep a low profile but that only went for the outside. Inside guild buildings, there was a silent rule of sorts. What happens in a guild building stays in a guild building. Of course, rumors always slip out but a rumor is just that until proven to be true. Besides, it’s not like anyone could prove that it was Kazuki who was doing anything. He simply stated there was a curse. It was more of a deterrent for those with undue thoughts to keep their distance. This little act was in sense a warning to others. Don’t mess with the weird old man.

Griff had no clue what to do and looked around for help but with his reputation, there was none to be had.

Kazuki slowly walked over.

“Young man, do you have any more business with me and mine.”

Griff swallowed hard. His arm was starting to go numb and he felt he needed to get it treated quickly or things would only grow worse.

Without saying anything Griff turned and left. This, in turn, surprised many and the look they gave Kazuki became unsure. Kazuki with his cane in hand walked sluggishly to a large board filled with notices and missions.

Kazuki stood in the middle and looked at the main missions and only checked out the information he was actually interested in with his peripheral vision, in case others were paying attention to them. To actually see something from your sideline view was difficult. Most would just see a blur or shapes but with Kazuki’s improved senses, he could make out even the smallest of details as though it were right in front of him.

His eyes locked onto the far side of the bulletin board where a few hundred wanted posters hung. Eyeing every single one, Kazuki felt relieved. There were no wanted posters of him nor Asuna and the rest.

(Hmm, This makes no sense. They were clearly after us in Tresta and definitely wanted me and Nunully. They want her dead and I can probably be counted on that list as well. I doubt they would want to lose the other heroes though. They should be looking for us but there’s not a whiff of information that shows that. Could they be keeping it hush hush as to not inform the other kingdoms of our disappearance? Maybe they believe if another country finds out, that country will seek us out and give us shelter. Hmm, not showing our pictures is also smart. The other countries have no clue what we look like at the moment. The only way for them to find out would be to ask Treia or ask the other heroes but we were only around the other heroes for a few days. It’s been months since then. Can anyone remember a stranger they met months ago and had no conversations with or really interacted with at all? I doubt it.)

Kazuki was contemplating things and found that this was actually a pretty good scenario.

(If things go like this our travels may be quite easy. If our identities don’t need to be hidden, this works out much better.)

Kazuki looked over the board once more and saw something odd. Isn’t that from… the sky prison?

“Grandpa, I’m hungry.”

“Eh, oh, yes yes yes. Let’s go little one.”

Kazuki was interrupted but with the information gathered there was no longer a reason to stay and found that it was time to leave anyway.

The three had come and gone in only 2 minutes but the surrounding people were left with an impression to stay away from the old man just in case.

Kazuki, Tsura, and Mei left the small town of Edngaul and returned to the edge of the forest.

Asuna was the first to greet Kazuki with a smile.

“So, how did it go?”

Dropping the cane Kazuki stretched his back as he stood up straight.

“Hmm, we’re all good. There doesn’t seem to be any posters of us or anything like that but I doubt Treia is through with us. So even when we go into town, you should all be on your guard just in case.”

Kimi and Asuna hugged each other and jumped up and down while giggling.

Kazuki raised a brow.

“What’s with those two?”

Shin walked over laughing.

“Haha, the two are just excited that they finally get to have a bath. You know how girls are. Especially when they’ve been trekking through the woods for months without proper cleaning. I feel like I’ve been smelling clam for a while now.”

Asuna and Kimi’s faces went pale white as they shrieked.

The two grabbed rock after rock and began throwing them Shin’s way. Shin, of course, dodged them while running ahead with laughter.

“Hahaha, if I get there first then I get the first bath. See ya later ladies.”

Asuna and Kimi shared a look before the two raced ahead to catch up. Asuna yelled all the way.

“Shin, you stupid bastard, you play too much. Wait ’til I catch you.”


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