Return of the Fallen Volume 2 Chapter 6


Author: Blue_Rat


Hearing Kazuki’s words, everyone crawled off of one another and breathed sighs of relief.

Though for a few more minutes the group remained silent just in case.

The sound of the wind returned and the rustling of the trees filled their ears. The night had seemingly returned to normalcy.

The sound of heavy breathing filled the room as exhaustion finally took root and no one any longer had to suppress their loud breaths.

The small light floating above Kimi’s palm began to flicker and fade. She wanted to add a bit more power into it so that it would last longer but found that after she finally started to calm down that it became difficult to use her abilities with her physical exhaustion rearing its ugly head.

Only a few seconds later and the group was in total darkness. Although the others couldn’t see in the dark, Kazuki could, Picking up what seemed to be the leg of a chair or table, Kazuki flicked a few ancient hand signs and ignited the tip of wood.

Seeing light return to them was like a godsend as everyone gathered closely around Kazuki.

“This place is?”

Waving the leg of the chair around, Kazuki looked around the room. Hanging on one of the walls, there was a portrait of King David sitting atop his throne. On the opposite wall was a large flag with the image of a griffin hovering over a snake, representing the kingdom of Treia.

Kazuki walked to a platform that was a level or so higher than the floor. Atop this platform sat a long wooden table and atop that were several half-finished candles. Grabbing a few, Kazuki lit them up and handed them out.

Everyone felt more comfortable with their own source of light and spread out a bit more.

There were similarly long tables in this large room indicating it was a dining hall of some sort. The tables, though, were mostly destroyed. Nunully and Kazuki looked around and found this place to be either a village hall, where villagers would come and discuss issues or it was possibly the village chief’s home.

Shin discovered a large fireplace on the opposite side of the main wall and began grabbing several pieces of wood from broken tables and chairs, basically anything that could burn, and stuffed it all into the fireplace.

Danny saw this and argued.

“What the hell are you doing? You can’t put so much in at once or you’ll suffocate the fire. Here let me do it.”

Shin smiled and laughed.

“Hehe, if you want to do all the work then that’s fine with me.”

Danny eyed him sourly before turning back and set the fireplace up properly whilst grumbling his complaints.

Kimi walked over to Kazuki and asked worriedly.

“Um, Ryuta, should we be making all of this fire, what if those things see us?”

Danny spoke before Kazuki could and snorted.

“Hmph, haven’t you been paying attention? How can those things see a fire if they have no eyes?”

Kimi argued back.

“You idiot, I already know that. I was talking about the fact that although they have no eyes they’ve been following us all this while so they must have some way to sense us even without sight. Maybe they can feel the temperature change with their skin or maybe they have an acute sense of smell and will realize that we’re burning something due to the smoke.”

“Who are you calling an idiot, Tinkerbell?”

Kimi stuck her tongue out at Danny in return.

“Stop it.”

Kazuki had to get in between the two before things got heated.

“The both of you are actually messing around in this type of situation, really?…”

*Cough cough hack cough*

Kazuki acted as though his previous injury was still affecting him and with a bit of ki, he forced up a bit of blood from his mouth, giving everyone a distressful sight.

Asuna and Nunully ran over in worry and helped support him. Asuna turned on Danny and Kimi and yelled viciously at the two.

“Do you see what you’ve done? Ryuta, are you OK, what can I do?”

“I’m fine, I just need to sit down for a while, that’s all. As for the birds, I believe we’ll be fine with a fire. For some reason, those things have backed off. They probably need to rest as well and one is even injured. So go ahead and light it.”

Asuna and Nunully helped Kazuki over to the fireplace and sat him down. Asuna’s eyes flickered venomously as she watched Nunully’s hand’s support Kazuki.

(Little vixen.)

Danny and Kimi watched this sight and felt their hearts sink. The two lowered their heads and apologized to Kazuki as well as one another.

There was no real reason for the two to get upset at one another and they felt their emotions and the situation had pushed them slightly overboard. Afterward, the two felt a little better.

This was an easy way for Kazuki to silence them and it made him wonder if he should use this same trick later on when the two acted like idiots. A moment later though and he threw those thoughts away.

(How many times could I realistically use such a method before the two realize that I’ve been crying wolf. It’s best to not rely on this to stop an argument.)

The only reason he used it was because he was honestly tired and didn’t feel like dealing with the two. If he was feeling this way when he had an enhanced body and ki then the others must be at their limit. To run around in the middle of nowhere and at night to boot for several hours, looking around the room, Kazuki could tell everyone was drained. What they all needed now was to recover and to do that they shouldn’t be wasting energy on squabbling but instead, they ought to sit their asses down and have a breather.

Cooler heads prevailed and Danny lit the fireplace. Everyone started to gather around but Kimi noticed Sam was standing near the table on the platform. He wasn’t facing her but she could tell that he was holding onto something.


Kimi called out to him and yet he didn’t respond. walking closer she called out once more.

“Sam, what is that?”

Still, Sam did not reply.

Kimi felt worried and grabbed his arm but as soon as she did something completely out of her expectations happened.

Kimi felt a terrible pressure on her entire body. Her muscles felt incredibly heavy and her bones felt like they would crack. It became hard to breathe and the supply of air to her lungs ceased. The pressure was so much that even her skin started to sag and her hair matted down. A second passed and then two. Kimi tried to scream for help but there was no air in her lungs and even if there were, her lips had no strength to part.

Kimi felt a prickling tingling sensation at the bottom of her feet and her consciousness was beginning to fade.


As her eyes started to roll into the back of her head, Kazuki’s roar suddenly filled the room.


Kazuki’s scream was just too sudden and had caused everyone to jump in fright. Sam seemed to come to his senses and noticed Kimi’s terrible state behind him and he instinctively dropped the object in his hand. As soon as it touched his skin no more, the pressure atop Kimi instantly vanished and her body collapsed. Sam quickly caught her and was panicked.

“Kimi, Kimi what’s wrong? What happened to you?”

Everyone now realizing that something was wrong, rushed over and surrounded the two.

Kazuki pushed everyone out of the way and placed his hand over her chest and sensed her body’s state with his ki. Everyone stared worriedly, especially Sam.

A moment later and Kazuki breathed a sigh of relief.


“She just fainted, she’ll be fine in a while.”

Everyone relaxed a bit and Asuna asked.

“What happened? One moment she’s fine and the next you screamed like the world was about to end.”

Kazuki pointed at the object that had fallen on the ground and everyone’s eyes followed.

It was nearest to Danny’s feet and he retreated several steps away in fright.

“Wh…What is it?”

Nunully picked it up, scaring those around her. Asuna wanted to slap it away but Kazuki held her back.

“What are you doing, isn’t that thing dangerous?”

Nunully carried the object over and casually handed it to Kazuki. Kazuki held it near a candle and all eyes got a good look at it. Sitting in his hand was a black, fist-sized rock.

Asuna curiously asked.

“What is it?”

“Magnitium. This small black rock is made up of quite a few special properties and is pretty rare. Because of that, with the power of earth magic, you can control small amounts of gravity with this thing.”


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