Return of the Fallen Volume 2 Chapter 61


Author: Blue_Rat


Kazuki found Tsura and Mei.

“You two come with me, we have errands to run.”

Seeing the mood he was in, the two didn’t dare argue and followed after him. Coming downstairs, he ran into Seta, the Inn owner’s daughter.

“Eh, Mr. Ryuta I was just on my way up. There was a terribly loud noise and I was worried someone may have gotten hurt.”

What she was referring to was obviously the wall Kazuki had destroyed in a fit of anger. Kazuki took out 10 gold Zeni and placed it in her hand before explaining.

“Sorry about that. I got a bit excited and accidentally destroyed one of your walls. This should more than cover the cost and once again you can keep the change.”

Kazuki passed a stunned Seta and headed out with Tsura and Mei in tow. Seta looked at all the gold Zeni in her hand and couldn’t believe it. If it really was just a single wall then 1 gold coin should take care of it. That would mean that Seta was set to receive 9 gold Zeni as a tip. This was almost as much as what her mother and father made in a month running this place.

Seta could no longer stand properly and fell on her butt, flabbergasted.

As Kazuki made his way down the road he felt a bitterness within. Yesterday had gone smoothly and they had all celebrated together. Only one day later and now they can no longer trust him.

(Why did I have that stupid dream? Why did I see that bitches face again? I must hurry and re-forge my core. Once I get strong enough I’ll make my way back to those fiendish lands and finish what was started. How long…how much longer until I can see your face twisted in pain and despair?)

Kazuki was in a bad mood and it was clear to any who saw his face. Many people consciously avoided him and stepped out of his way. Tsura and Mei didn’t understand why Kazuki was in such a foul mood but the two were soon distracted by the many happenings within Edngaul. The street was lined with dozens and dozens of vendors hawking their wares. People selling fresh fruit and vegetables, little trinkets and other interesting items. The different sights and sounds attracted the two’s attention to no end.

Mei wanted to go exploring and touch and taste everything she saw but Tsura was in her ear with a mouthful. Tsura had found words much more useful then force, for the simple reason that her strength compared to her daughters was like night and day. Tsura simply couldn’t compete.

Mei was looking around full of delight and wonder at all the different things when she bumped into something.

Tsura pulled her back and started to apologize.

“Ryuta, I’m sorry about that, she should have looked at where she was going.” Mei quickly apologized.

Tsura pushed Mei’s head down to make her bow but Kazuki waved it away.

“Forget it, accidents happen. More importantly, we’re here.”

It was only now that the two, mother and daughter noticed a large mansion in front of them. Their heads tilted upward simultaneously, as they tried to find the top of the house. 10 feet 20, 50, the building actually stretched so high.

Kazuki approached and several guards stepped in front of him barring his entrance.

“Who is it?… Oh, weren’t you with the Madam last night? Could the Madam be expecting you again so soon?”

Kazuki shook his head.

“No, but I would like to see her again if possible. Can you please give her a message for me?”

“That won’t be necessary.”

The old woman, Madam Tilly, had just walked outside and headed over.

Seeing Kazuki she greeted him with a large grin.

“Hey kid, it seems you can’t stay away and missed me already, hahaha.”

Kazuki returned the smile.

“Maybe, maybe not, hehe.”

Tilly walked ahead and stood in front of Tsura and Mei, eyeing them up and down.

“Hmm, these two are?”

Kazuki introduced the two.

“This is Tsura, my daughter and this little one is Mei, my granddaughter.”

Tilly and the guards tilted their heads in confusion but Tsura and Mei both laughed.

“Sorry about that, it’s just a dumb joke.”

Tilly didn’t find any harm in it and introduced herself to the two.

“Hello, young ones, the names Tilly. This boy here, what’s your relationship with him?”

Tsura was thrown off by the sudden question but she didn’t hesitate with her answer.

“Ryuta is our benefactor and has saved us both.”

Tilly looked between the two.

“Eh I was kidding but boy maybe you’re the one with more interesting stories than me. You’ll have to tell me about it sometime. Right, you didn’t come to find me just because you want to drink some more. You have business, do ya?”

“No drinking for me today, last night was enough for a month. I actually wanted your help with an inscription. Can we talk?”

Tilly shrugged her shoulders.

“It’s fine with me but I’m heading out to grab some lunch. So if you want to discuss business let’s walk and talk.”

Tilly didn’t wait for an answer and went on ahead, whether Kazuki would follow or not was up to him.

Kazuki looked at the pair beside him.

“Are you two hungry?”


The four sat at a booth and were enjoying a scrumptious meal courtesy of Kazuki, of course.

“I appreciate the food, kid, but just to be clear I don’t put Enhancing inscription tattoo’s on people anymore. After what I’ve been through, it just ain’t worth it.”

Tilly thought she had guessed what Kazuki had wanted and continued.

“You’re probably curious as to how I knew you wanted some type of Enhancing inscription tattoo. After you found out last night that I was the one who put them on my son’s guards and then you come to me today asking about inscriptions when you can easily go to Sid’s craft shop up the road for any normal inscription. The dots connecting were obvious.”

Tilly tilted her cup and drained it all in one go. Kazuki stared in disbelief. not about inscriptions but rather the fact that the two had drunk all night and the old bat had consumed far more than him and yet half a day later she’s hitting the sauce just as hard.

(This woman can really hold her drink.)

Kazuki refilled her cup.

Tilly drank that one as well.

“Hmm, I see what you’re doing kid but it’s not gonna work. A few drinks won’t make me change my mind. I ain’t putting any inscriptions on anybody, you get me.”

Kazuki took a bite of a juicy steak and savored it before he nodded along with her.

“Right, well here’s the thing. I don’t actually want you to put an inscription on anyone at all. In fact, it’s the opposite. Instead, I want you to remove one.”

Tilly’s brows furrowed and she slammed her cup down.

“What, you lie. How could my guess be wrong and who in their right mind would want an Enhancing tattoo removed in the first place. To lose that kind of power, that doesn’t make any sense.”

Kazuki wasn’t upset at being called a liar. Instead, he understood that anyone would be confused by his words.

“It’s not like that either. Take a look at this.”

Kazuki gave Tsura a look and she slightly lifted her sleeve, revealing her wrist. Tilly’s eyes went wide when she spotted Tsura’s Limiter Tattoo and she almost climbed over the table to get a better look.

Tsura was shocked by this old woman’s behavior but Kazuki reassured her that it was fine. Secretly though even Kazuki had a what the fuck moment at first.

(Who climbs over a table to look at a tattoo. Tilly, you’re a bit off, aren’t you?)

Tilly grabbed Tsura’s arm and got a really good look at it. She had knocked off several plates of food and a few drinks. Even spilling these things all over her clothes but she didn’t care. Her face was so close at one point that others in the restaurant began to stare and gossip in the surroundings. It was a long time since Kazuki felt embarrassed but seeing Tilly’s behavior, he wanted to bury his head in his hands for a moment.

Tilly began to whisper something to herself and rubbed the tattoo all over before she finally let go.

“Ryuta my boy, you really do have some stories, don’t ya.”

Kazuki couldn’t help but stumble on his words at first because the sight before him was simply too embarrassing and comical. Tilly had food and drink all over her clothes, yet she was staring at him with the most serious of all expressions. Kazuki didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“So, do you think you can help me out?”

“Hahahaha, help you, hahaha. Of course of course, this feeling, I can’t describe it. It’s similar to my younger days when there was actually something so interesting right before me. There’s no way I would turn this down.”

Kazuki could tell that Tilly was getting hyped and just chalked it up to a tiger that had been stuck in a zoo for many years finally becoming free and hunting once more.

(Just how bored are you in this town?)

It was only now that a waitress cautiously walked over.

“Dear customers, could you please settle down? Otherwise, I’m afraid I’ll have to ask you all to leave.”

Tilly looked annoyed at the young woman’s presence. pulling a gold Zeni out she flicked it over to the young waitress and said.

“We get it, now go bring us some more food and drinks.”

The waitress eyed the gold stunned but then Tilly barked at her.

“Didn’t ya hear me, GO!”

The waitress bowed before running away, disappearing into the kitchen.

“Tilly you know, you don’t….”

Kazuki was just about to say something when he noticed Tilly’s outfit. It was covered completely in food and drink.

(Hmm, I thought she had a barrier for that.)

“Tilly about your clothes, how is there stuff on it?”

Only now did Tilly notice her outfit but she wasn’t bothered by it in the least.

“Oh, this, My barrier isn’t self-aware. It has to be activated by me personally, otherwise, it’s just clothes. Though it does have a pretty neat function. Take a look.”

Tilly clapped her hands together twice and an inscription on her outfit lit up. Water suddenly materialized around her outfit and lifted all of the spilled food and drink from her clothes. With a thought, a small barrier of wind formed and it pushed the removed mess forward.

“It’s pretty neat but it does have a downside to it. As long as it’s activated any other claps would cause it all to fall. It’s best to use this when you’re near a bucket or some…”

Before she could finish. Mei who wasn’t paying much attention up to this point suddenly saw Tilly doing magic and cheered. With her cheer though came a few claps.

*Clap clap clap*

“Again again again.”

Tilly, Tsura and Kazuki’s eyes all went wide as the mess Tilly had just extracted from herself reacted to Mei’s claps and suddenly tumbled to the ground in a large splash.

The mess spilled out onto the floor in a wide area in every direction and the entire restaurant went silent.

Mei stopped clapping and looked around, curious as to what just happened she wondered out loud.

“Eh, why did it fall?”


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