Return of the Fallen Volume 2 Chapter 71

Author: Blue_Rat


Little Seta of the Half Hog Inn, led everyone to a courtyard just behind the Inn. It wasn’t anything incredible but it was plenty big enough to host everyone there and then some. The woman from the Armored Bear stood out in front. With a wave of her hand, several items appeared.

The items were separated in a few groups so one would not have to weed through a large pile to find something specific. One set of items was armor, while another was weapons etc.

Everyone looked on at all of these items in both curiosity and excitement. Seeing the equipment, they could already guess who it was for.

Kazuki inspected everything one at a time until he was sure the order was right. With a nod, he said to the representative.

“Yep, this is everything.”

A piece of paper and a pen floated next to the woman. With a snap of her finger, the two items floated in front of Kazuki.

“Sir if you would please sign this confirming you received all goods undamaged and at the correct quantity.”

Kazuki gave a perfect signature that imitated Ryuta’s in every detail. Sure it might seem pointless to learn something like this, after all, when would it ever come up but for Kazuki if there was even a 1% chance that Sam or Asuna could somehow tell that his signature was off, well it was better to be prepared even to this level or so he thought.

As soon as he signed it, he eyed Asuna and Sam but the two simply didn’t care. Kazuki sighed inwardly and moved on.

“Sir thank you for your purchases, with this our transaction is complete. Please return at any time if you have questions or require any more assistance with this purchase or any other you choose to have with the Armored Bear, goodbye.”

Everyone as though they were drawn to certain items picked up a weapon or tool of some kind. Sam gripped a large war hammer and a rare smile crossed his face. Kazuki spotted a nearby boulder and called out to Sam.

“Sam, over there.”

Kazuki pointed at the boulder with his chin and Sam’s eyes followed. Once they landed on the boulder, Sam understood what Kazuki meant and walked over. Everyone wondered what he was about to do but that only lasted a second as in the next, Sam was already swinging this large hammer down with power.


The boulder which was nearly Sam’s height shattered on impact. The sound was heavy and one could almost feel a reverberation in the chest.

Betra came running out of the Inn as though she had a heart attack. The noise from Sam’s Warhammer was just too great and sounded similar to a building falling down. As soon as Betra saw the culprits her face twisted up for a moment before she remembered something and released a long sigh. Crossing her arms over her chest she pointed all of her complaints at Ryuta.

“Since your not destroying my Inn I don’t care too much but my customers don’t like all that noise. It sounded like an explosion. You want to stay at my Inn then you’ll keep the noise down, Got It!?”

With that, she turned and headed back in but before she left completely she yelled.

“Oh, and whatever mess you make you’d better clean up or you’ll be paying me a hefty fee.”


The door slammed after behind her and she was gone.

Sam felt a little bad about causing such a commotion and wanted to apologize but Kimi pulled on his arm and showed off a long white staff. Two lines of magic gold ran all the way up and down it and intertwined with one another, filling the staff with a single preloaded spell.

Kazuki went ahead and explained to her in detail.

“Kimi, that staff will amplify your magic a little bit more and cut down on the amount of magic energy required to use the spells you already know. Not only that it comes with a single spell inscribed in it called Barrier. I don’t think I have to explain what a barrier does right?”

Kimi shook her head and closed her eyes for a moment. Her energy began to intertwine with the staff and the spell became clear to her.

“That crystal at the top isn’t an elemental crystal but instead a Mana Crystal.”

As Kazuki explained, Kimi opened her eyes and a barrier of golden light began to form in front of her. It wrapped itself around her like a large bubble big enough for two.

Danny became curious and swung a sword with most of his strength at the barrier.


he sword was deflected away but at the same time the strength behind it wasn’t small and Kimi and her barrier were knocked back several feet. Although the barrier was left undamaged, Danny’s sudden attack scared the shit out of Kimi and she screamed at him.


Sam gripped his hammer tightly and stepped in front of Danny causing his spine to grow cold and tingle. Danny now realized his mistake and apologized.

“Sorry sorry sorry I swear I just wanted to test it, I didn’t mean to frighten you.”

Kimi turned her head away in a huff.

“Hmph, Sam, will you do me a favor and beat his ass.”

Sam gripped his hammer tighter and stepped forward. Danny looked around for help but everyone looked away. Even Shin closed his eyes with a laugh.

Danny’s legs started to shake beneath him and he couldn’t wor up the courage to run.

Sam lifted his hammer high above his head and swung down.


Sam’s hammer came down like a meteor but didn’t connect. The space between his new hammer and Danny’s face was millimeters. Sam stopped his hammer before it hit the ground and turned and walked away. Walking over to Kimi’s side he asked if she was ok. Though seeing Danny not get hurt made her feel a little upset.

Danny’s nerves couldn’t take that kind of tension and he collapsed onto his ass. He had been on the verge of dying a few times already since coming to this world but right there he felt like he could almost taste it.

As soon as he thought that, he really did get an odd taste in his mouth.

(Copper, metal, this taste.)

Wiping his face, Danny was shocked to find that blood had run into his mouth from his nose. Kimi saw this and smiled at Sam. Wrapping herself around him tighter, she could feel the love.

Shin walked over and helped Danny up.

“Hahaha, his hammer didn’t even touch you but the pressure from the wind alone caused your nose to bleed, scary.”

Danny wiped the blood away and only now realized what had happened. Seeing no change in Sam’s disposition or expression whatsoever, two words crossed his mind.

(Scary indeed.)

Kimi remembered Kazuki was saying something about the crystal atop her staff and asked if he could explain some more but Kazuki decided to be petty.

“Hmm, maybe later when the two of you decide to grow up.”

Kimi got agitated and pointed her staff at Danny.

“What but that was his fault. I was trying out my new spell and he just goes and attacks me out of nowhere. I almost had a freaking heart attack from that. Come on can’t you just help a girl out, just a little bit, please?”

Asuna, as well as Sam, both asked for Kimi. Sighting that it wasn’t her fault and Danny could have at least warned her if he was going to do that. Kazuki finally gave in. So as to not have to explain it again later on, he told everyone to pay attention.

“The crystal you have atop your staff is called a Mana crystal. It contains magical energy that can have substitute some of your power and help to amplify your abilities. A Mana crystal is pretty common and can be used in conjunction with any element. An elemental crystal, however, can basically be used with only it’s affiliated element. Only by wasting extra time and an absorbent amount of energy can one use an elemental crystal that requires a certain element with a different one instead.”

Mei as though she were a schoolchild raised her hand and asked a question.

“I don’t get it if both can be used for any element then why doesn’t everyone just use any crystal they want?”

“To use an elemental crystal lets say a fire elemental crystal to summon a ball of water. Since the elements are vastly different, the time and energy to change into the element you need cost far too much time and energy. What would normally take a few seconds or less, suddenly could take half a minute or more and half your energy along with it. A Mana crystal is different though. Its energy is one of the purest and therefore can be swapped with any element. The only real downside is the effect is much lesser.”

This time Danny jumped in with a question.

“Then why not just buy the elemental crystals you need and call it a day? Why ever waste time getting a Mana crystal?”

Kazuki rubbed his fingers together.

“Money. You see, Mana crystals are fairly common and can be found almost everywhere. Caves, forests, rivers, valleys, deserts, you name it, and most likely there are Mana crystals somewhere in the area. Elemental crystals are different though. Only Places with a high concentration of a certain element will condense pure magical energy within that area and produce elemental crystals that can be mined later on. In places, with high enough concentration these crystals will form between days and months and sometimes years. Mana crystals that can be found practically everywhere or elemental crystals that only form in certain areas and can take up to years to fully form. The difference in price should be obvious at this point right?”

Asuna didn’t want to ask this question because she thought Kazuki would think she was dumb but she couldn’t help but wonder.

“Um, Ryuta so are you saying that space elemental crystals.”

Kazuki said nothing but merely pointed up at the sky.

Asuna sighed.

(It’s like I thought.)

For this reason, it was a depressing notion for Asuna since her element was of course space.

Danny rubbed his chin in thought.

“Then does that mean anything space related, it literally means it comes from space, this includes that Stazar Void rock thingy in your possession?”

Kazuki nodded.

“That is fascinating. It makes you wonder if Those objects in space have magic and we are theoretically in the same universe in which earth resides in then couldn’t it be possible that magic could be on earth. If magic is in space as well and it can literally rain down with a meteor of some kind, it should be possible.”

As those words left his mouth, everyone in the courtyard broke out with wild laughter and waved his theory away like a fart in the wind. Shin was the loudest and laughed harder and harder.

“Hahahahahahaha, space magic. Let me guess, you think there are a few space wizards up there too. This isn’t star wars bruh, get your head out of your ass.”

Danny felt irritated by Shin’s idiotic behavior but Shin did have a point. If there really was such a thing, then people on earth would have discovered it long ago.

Kazuki pretended to laugh along with the others but in actuality, he was thinking about Danny’s deductive skills.

(Sometimes this kid is right on the money, interesting.)

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