Return of the Fallen Volume 3 Chapter 13

Author: Blue_Rat


The sun rose but a few moments ago. A few soldiers stood near the entrance of a town and yawned at the early hours as they guarded the gate.

“Man its too early for this shit. I think I’m gonna have to start switching shifts with someone. At this rate, my body won’t last.”


A large built man covered head to toe in armor slapped the complaining guard in the back of his head. The tired guard turned around in fury, ready to explode on whoever just hit him but as soon as he saw the culprit, his flame of anger was snuffed out. Swallowing hard the man trembled before asking timidly.

“Bbbosss, why did you hit me?”

The large man grunted before hitting the complainer once more.

“Every fucking morning I hear you complain complain complain about how hard it is to fucking stand in front of a gate. Every day you whine about how tired and exhausted you are and how it’s too early. I know you stay up drinking at all thee odd hours of the night. You booze til morning and play all night and then wonder why you can’t do such a simple job, idiot. Now I don’t give a shit what you do after hours but if your gonna be under me then you will respect this job and not slack, otherwise, I’ll kick your fucking ass until you vomit last night’s meal, you got it?”

The slacking soldier stood up straight and did his best to salute.

“Yes, sir!”

The leader nodded and was about to head back to his position when he noticed several people approaching from the corner of his eye. There were 12 of them in total. Now normally, 12 people coming to the town early in the morning wasn’t too rare. After all, because of the beast horde and the fleeing of a few million people from Sekou city, the town had received an influx of people. The leader at the gate, however, felt something was off. The 12 people all wore leather armor and were well equipped, weapon wise.

Still, this wasn’t all that strange considering all the new adventurers popping up here and there. No, the thing that set alarm bells off in the leader’s head was an instinct, something he felt in the depths of his stomach from all the experience he’s gained throughout the decades. It was the same feeling that’s kept him alive all these years. Every time he’s felt this way, deep down the man knew that danger was near. Looking at the 12 men and women approaching, he felt that same kick in his gut.

(These people.)

The leader didn’t hesitate and gave a command.

“Heed my orders, surround these people at once. Weapons at the ready!”

Those that were still wiping the morning crust from their tired eyes, once they heard their leader shout, they shook the sleep from their mind and jumped into action. Twenty soldiers from the gate rushed out and met the approaching 12, surrounding them within seconds. Ten more stood atop the gate and knocked their arrows, aiming at the center of the circle. Ready to take the lives of those within at a moment’s notice.

Those encircled, normally you would expect a panic but they instead were calm and collected on the outside at least. Inside, excitement-filled them to the brim. One word from their commander and they were ready to unleash themselves upon these foolish soldiers.

The gate leader shouted from afar, trying to ascertain who these 12 new arrivals were.

“You there, identify yourselves immediately or my men will be forced to execute you on the spot.”

A few of the surrounding soldiers couldn’t help but gulp hearing their leader’s harsh words. They did not know what was going on and were simply following their leader’s orders but for them to just kill these travelers for no reason, this didn’t sit well with some of them. With their swords pointed at these 12 unknown figures, they couldn’t help but second guess their gate leader.

The man leading the 12 slowly reached into his chest pocket. This caused all of the surrounding soldiers to grow nervous. The man pulled out something shiny and showed it off for all to see. With a simple toss, the shiny object landed in the gate leader’s hands.

It took all of two seconds to recognize the item he held, which caused him to gasp in shock. A gold medallion with the image of a griffin hovering over a snake. The gate leader couldn’t help but shout.

“K…King’s Medallion!”

Hearing this the other soldier’s eyes went wide and their weapons began to lower a bit in relief. A few of them began to laugh it off nervously and try to converse with these new arrivals.

“Hahaha, you guys have the King’s Medallion, that’s incredible. I really thought you guys were our enemies at first.

“Yeah me to, scared me half to death for a second.”

The gate leader inspected the medallion and it looked legit, clear as day but his instincts were still screaming at him.

“Sir, although you have the King’s Medallion, I’m afraid I’ve been out in the sticks too long and since there was a recent change in Kings I honestly can’t verify if this is the real deal or not. I’ll also need a name from you then I’ll have to take this to the lord of this town to make sure everything is in order. So if you’ll just give me a name and wait here for a little while, I’ll return soon with news.”


A woman’s shout echoed out from the middle of the encirclement, scaring the nearby soldiers.

“You actually dare question whether or not the King’s Medallion is real or fake. Do you have a death wish!?”

“Varia! Enough!”

The woman squirmed a little hearing the man she loves call her name.

“But but, he insulted you and the King as well by denying the Medallion. He deserves death.”

“I said enough!”

Varia spoke no more but glared daggers at a nearby lanky man with sunken eyes who began to chuckle under his breath.

The one who just spoke was tall and muscular and exuded strength. His eyes narrowed almost into slits before he gradually stepped forward.

“You want to know my name, fine. I am called Muteki. I am something like a soldier myself or not. The Medallion you hold, you question its legitimacy, therefore you question my legitimacy, therefore you question King Garn’s legitimacy, correct.”

Muteki stood in front of the soldiers who still had their swords out. Grabbing the tips of their blades, Muteki exerted some strength and to the astonishment of those around, the swords began to end backward and warp in front of their very eyes. Muteki released the swords and continued passed the guards unimpeded.

The gate leader felt he had really stepped in it but felt he could not back down as he represented the town’s law. Still, he did his best t be cordial seeing as how the people in front of him had incredible strength as well as something else, something dangerous.

“Please there’s no need for that. I am not questioning anyone’s legitamacy, I’m simply trying to ascertain the truth and nothing more. If this really is the King’s Medallion then the one who holds it should at least understand the proper etiquette and allow a simple soldier such as I to properly do my job.”

Muteki ignored the man’s words and stood only a foot in front of him. The gate leader himself was a large man but Muteki still towered over him. The gate leader was not one easily intimidated and knew that it was best to do his job right and to the T, otherwise he was no better than someone corrupt with power.

“Sir, I get it your bigger then me and you have authority but you cannot intimidate me or prevent me from doing my job the way it’s supposed to be done, so if you could ju…”


The gate leader’s face froze and he became pale instantly. Looking down there was a fist in his stomach.

Muteki pulled his hand out and a fist-sized hole was left in the gate leader’s stomach. Grabbing the King’s Medallion back, he stuffed it back into his chest pocket.

“You are both incompetent and blind of the ways of the world. To stand in the way of someone who dwarfs you in strength and then spouts bullshit about jobs or your duty or whatever. It will be much easier and take much less time if I simply speak with the one in charge, right?”

The gate leader collapsed to the ground and held his stomach in anguish. He did his best to try and stop the blood flow while gasping heavily for breaths but he could no longer speak. As the light faded from his eyes, he saw his men try and fight back only to fall within seconds.


The last of the soldiers crashed heavily into the wall, causing a sign to fall down. Muteki stepped over it and walked into the town, followed by the others. Varia saw the sign and spit on it.

“Hmpf, welcome to Edngaul my ass.”

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