Return of the Fallen Volume 3 Chapter 18

Author: Blue_Rat


Tilly looked at the road which ran through town. Bodies lined the streets. Most would get a chill seeing so much death but Tilly was unaffected. Not because she was cruel rather because she had been alive for a very long time and had seen far worse. This amount of death no longer affected her. The only thing that gave her a second thought was her foolish son.

(Idiot, had you stayed out of this I could have simply led these fools away. Afterward, there would be nothing more they could gain from you and they would have had to look elsewhere for the information they needed. Stupid son, thinking I need your protection.)

Tilly looked at her unconscious son from the corner of her eye.

(Whatever, no time to focus on the unnecessary. This young man before me, although he’s seen what I’m capable of, he has yet to run or back down and for a few minutes now he’s been giving off a dangerous feeling. Looks like I’ll be busy for a bit.)

Muteki calmly walked forward.

“You may be old and your body frail but that’s never mattered when it comes to magic. In the end, your power is the real deal and I shall treat this fight with the respect it deserves.”

Tilly ignored his words and gathered several wind spheres in her hand and launched them in quick succession.

*Whoosh whoosh shchoop*

One after another they raced forward at a high speed. Although Muteki had only fought with Tilly for a few minutes, he had already grasped her personality and knew she wouldn’t hesitate to attack him. So when she launched her attack, Muteki had stumped on the ground and brought a wall up in front of him. The resembled iron and had a metallic sheen.

*Bam Boom Bam*

When Tilly’s attacks landed upon this wall, the impact sounded completely different. Instead of a loud bird-like cry, it sounded more like rocks hitting a metal shield with no echo. Tilly’s attack still made its way through and left several holes upon this metal like wall.

“Don’t think that a wall will stop my attack.”

Just as she said that a second metal like wall rose up beside the first. Muteki angled the two together, making the wall form a wedge. With great strength, he pushed the two walls forward and started gathering speed.

“Hmpf is this all you’re capable of, a frontal attack?”

Tilly gathered a dozen more wind spheres and fired them repeatedly.

*Bang clank bang*

As soon as these wind spheres hit, a problem occurred.

(This is.)

Instead of several holes piercing through the walls, her wind spheres now only dented the walls before flying off in another direction.

Tilly fired several more but the result was the same. Every single wind sphere she fired seemingly would simply bounce away.

(The walls, could it be.)

Tilly had little time to think as the walls approached her quicker and quicker. Still, she had to be sure about something.

Firing a few more wind spheres, she aimed at specific spots and the results were.

(This boy is smart. By angling his walls, the power of my spheres is getting reduced greatly when they impact before being deflected away. Too bad it’s not enough.)

Till finally put her bottle of alcohol away for good before a smile crept on her face.

(Time to get a little more serious.)

Now with a second hand free, she placed one slightly above the other and pulled them back to her waist as though she were going to punch from her core.

Tilly’s ring lit up and she willed her power into her hands.

(I haven’t needed to use this since the great Eden Fall war. To think I used this to fight for Treia and now I’m using to fight against Treia. I truly must be bored, hehehe.)

A powerful suction gathered towards her hands and a small ball of wind formed. The wind screamed as it flew into her palms before rapidly expanding severalfold. The air rotated and spiraled following a specific pattern that caused the power between her hands to multiply another fold. When the energy reached its apex and she could contain it no more, Tilly roared two words within her mind.

(Cannon Force!!)

Tilly pushed her hands forward and released her power.

A ball of wind as big as a melon rushed forward like a meteor and struck the two metal-like walls head-on.


The two walls which normally under great power should be bent or crushed, were instead, completely obliterated. Tilly’s wind had landed upon the walls and torn them to shreds in an instant before tearing those shreds into even smaller shreds and so on and so forth until the wall wasn’t even dust. That wasn’t the end though. Her power had yet to cease and continued forward, striking two stone buildings and destroying them too before it continued upward. It flew somewhere far off into the distance out of sight. Whether it dissipated or not, no one was clear.

The world seemed to go quiet. Those that had already been fearful, were paralyzed from Tilly’s destructive power. So many were left wondering if she was a god of destruction or something similar. They all knew of magic and plenty had seen and experienced it but as most of them have lived in this town at the edge of Treia kingdom all of their life, they never experienced magic like this.

The sight of two now empty lots, staring at the place that for more than 30 years held two strong and sturdy buildings, left people questioning their own reality.

Even Varia who originally wanted to step out and help Muteki was frozen in place by terror.

Tilly was the only person unaffected. However, she looked around her as though something was off. Her walls clearly destroyed the metal like walls but the person behind him, now that was a different story. Tilly was the type to believe if you didn’t see someone die then they weren’t dead.

Sure enough, there was a large hole in the ground that hadn’t been there earlier.

(Has he gone undergr…)

Before she could finish that thought a fist came bursting forth from underneath her.


Tilly’s barrier of wind had activated automatically but the strength at which her barrier was struck with was on a whole nother level from previously, sending her and her barrier nearly 50 feet up into the air.

Tilly spun several times over but with a glow from her ring, air wrapped around her body, allowing her to both recover her balance as well as allow her to float in the air.

Her eyes went wide as she looked down below her. Without seeing Muteki’s corpse, she didn’t believe he was dead but when he climbed out of the hole she was shocked that he was in one piece.

Muteki stood up. Almost his entire body was covered in black armor. The only spot missing armor was his left arm. A large wound had torn layers of flesh from his arm and parts of exposed bone were clearly visible. Muteki had sensed death from Tilly’s attack and threw activated his magic forming this metallic black rock armor over his entire body but even that wasn’t enough. With his quick thinking, he burrowed underground in the instant his walls were smashed but even then he didn’t escape unharmed.

Blood gushed from his busted arm but still, Muteki glanced upward, a smile still stretched across his face.

(That was quite the spell but the speed in which she can make that attack, I won’t let her form that a second time.)

Black armor quickly grew over Muteki’s left arm in less than a second. Gripping his fist he made sure he could still feel his hand before he leaped high into the sky. Tilly didn’t expect this at all but with her barrier up she felt confident.

Muteki appeared directly in front of her and threw out a punch. Tilly in opposition threw out a few wind spheres.

The wind spheres moved quicker and struck Muteki releasing numerous loud bangs as they collided with him

*Bang bang clank bang*

However, the armor he grew over his body was tough and the shots from Tilly bounced away similarly to when they struck his angled wall.

Muteki’s armored covered fist landed heavily on Tilly’s barrier.


Tilly’s barrier although made entirely from wind, receiving this blow caused it to warp inwards as though it were about to be popped.


Tilly was sent flying almost a hundred feet away. Tilly’s eyes widened as she began to gather power for another Cannon Force.

(That blow was completely different from before. I can’t let him close the gap between us. Were he to punch out with that much power in rapid succession, I’d be done for.)

Tilly took the opportunity to fly higher.

(Since he uses Gordonia, he is bound to the ground. As long as I go high enough, I can fire long-range while he can do nothing. this battle is mine.)

Tilly’s thoughts normally would have been correct in this scenario, however.

After Muteki punched, his body’s upward momentum began to dip and the ground and he was going to meet once more.

Muteki gathered his power to his feet and his ring began to glow, this time a dim orangish-red.


Two concentrated flames burst forth from the bottom of his boots and his body downward momentum slowed until he came to a stop. As the fire burned brighter, his body began to rise and he started to gain speed. Aiming for Tilly, a chase began.

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