Return of the Fallen Volume 3 Chapter 38

Author: Blue_Rat


Asuna’s newfound power amazed everyone. To go from teleporting only yourself a few feet to now being able to teleport herself and someone else nearly 200 feet, not only that, she could even teleport objects to her and even suspend things and lock them in place. Asuna’s abilities suddenly exploded and evolved to a terrifying degree. If applied properly, Asuna’s abilities could be considered very deadly.

Asuna though with her now cheerful and rosy complexion, you’d never guess that she was so dangerous.

After asking what she remembered, Asuna began to tell the others her whole ordeal.

She told them about the black void, she told them how utterly dark and unfeeling things were. She told them of her terror and fear. She told them about the loneliness.

Mei’s eyes began to water hearing Asuna’s recount of everything. She grabbed Asuna’s hand and with a face that looked as though it would burst with tears at any moment, Mei asked with a quivering voice.

“Big sis, were you sad?”

Asuna’s expression froze for a brief second before her stiff body relaxed.

“I was…for a long long time all I felt was sadness.”

Tears started to pour down from Mei’s face but Asuna quickly rubbed her tears away.

“Mei Mei, it’s ok. Now that I’m back I no longer feel sad. In fact, I actually feel great. Besides after a while, I no longer felt anything, so it’s fine.”

Mei heard that and she began to cry even more. Even Kimi came over and held Asuna’s other hand.

“Asuna…Asuna, I.”

Kimi couldn’t come up with any comforting words at all. She just felt a deep sadness as well as fear.

(To experience all that and here I thought it was something similar to a dream but in reality, it’s like an unending nightmare. To be alone for so long.)

Kimi turned and looked at Sam.

(I can’t even imagine being away from Sam for so long.)

Asuna was a bit troubled by all of this attention and pity being reflected onto her. She wasn’t used to such a thing and it left her feeling slightly frustrated. Now that she had calmed down and regained her composure, Asuna squirmed out of Kazuki’s lap embarrassingly.

“Everyone, really I’m fine. This sad sappy stuffs gotta stop, it’s suffocating me.”

The atmosphere was still weird even after she said all this. Asuna changed up her tune and smiled brightly before talking about all the good that came out of her experience. She told them about the discovery of the tiny purple and grey dots. She told them how bright the purple dots shined like little stars and how she had remembered what Garn had told her and how that had helped her gain some insight into the element of Space.

Once she began to talk about her insights into the element of space, the topic became more and more complex as she went on and everyone was starting to become lost. Though, as she continued to explain, the false smile she had put on to drive away everyone’s pity became real the more she talked about space. Kazuki and the others could see this and didn’t want to interrupt her for anything in the world, as she seemed to be genuinely happy talking about it.

She then briefly brought up the grey dots that floated around as well but after only a few brief sentences she had to stop as she gained very little from them. Speaking up to that point, Kazuki became very curious.

“Those grey dots, you’re saying they were the element of time and that it felt extremely similar to that greyish purple fog we encountered in that centipede, Zetsu’s cave.”

Asuna’s long red hair shook all over with a nod from her head.

“Right, it was like a mixture of both elements of Time and Space. At the same time, this would make sense and align more with your guess that we actually have traveled through space and time. This might also help explain why time seemed so odd to me and you after we were hit with Zetsu you said? With his attack the pieces of the puzzle or coming together.”

Shin scratched the back of his head.

“Ok, I don’t want to be that guy but what does any of this mean? Are you saying Zetsu can manipulate time, he uses time magic?”

Asuna was about to throw her hands up but she quickly realized she still wasn’t wearing any clothes and almost dropped the blanket covering her body. Asuna dropped squatted down and wrapped the blanket tighter around her, making her look like she was smuggling something. Mei couldn’t help but point and laugh at her.

“Hahaha, big sis looks like a turtle.”

Everyone chuckled and the serious conversation deflated. Asuna’s eyes glowed purple and some clothes appeared from her storage ring. Kazuki was stunned by Asuna’s abilities and he also felt rather stupid at this moment.

(I didn’t notice it before but she’s been using her powers without using her magic ring. The whole reason people use a magic ring in the first place is that it’s so much more efficient. If you don’t use a magic tool then the amount of power and focus one needs to use magic is absolutely enormous and uses up a terrifying amount of magical energy within, and takes an exhausting toll on the mind. Asuna doesn’t seem to be burdened at all though, in fact, it looks like her powers are activated slightly faster than when she uses a ring.)



“I just noticed but you’re not using your magic ring, are you not tired from using your powers without it?”

Asuna looked at her ring and pondered for a moment.

“I didn’t even notice, how odd. Now that you mention it though, I’m not tired either, it’s more refreshing even. I mean, the ring is great and all but I don’t know, it just feels more comfortable and easier without it.”

Asuna looked at her ring and used it to take a few things out of it and put a few things back in as a test. Her brows scrunched up.

“Yeah, I can now feel the element of Space much more clearly now, using my ring, it feels kind of stuffy, I don’t know.”

Asuna shrugged her shoulders and gave up thinking about it. Kazuki, on the other hand, was trying his best to grasp it.

(How is this possible? It’s almost as if her affinity with the element of space has improved and evolved. Can such a thing happen?)

Kazuki began to wonder if Asuna’s affinity really had improved.

(To use an element as though it were an extension of your body instead of a tool, it’s hard to imagine. If I cut my self off from the world entirely, could I too accomplish such a feat.)

As soon as the thought came to his mind, Kazuki shook it away.

(To go so long trapped in darkness, without feeling or sound, all alone with no concept of how much time has passed, I would no doubt go insane. Just how did she pull through that?)

Thinking up to this point, Kazuki couldn’t help but admire and respect Asuna.

“Um, could you all turn around so I can get dressed?”

Shin grinned and nodded his head up and down but he never turned away. Asuna’s polite tone turned cold in a complete 180.

“Shin, turn your freaking head around before I pummel it.”

Shin nodded some more and laughe out loud.

“You want to beat my head, go ahead, hahahahaha.”

The girls were left confused until Shin started thrusting his hips in the air. Only then did they realize how he was giving beat my head a double meaning.

Kimi yelled at Shin with disgust.

“You nasty freak! Sam, knock some sense into him!”

Sam stood up and glared at Shin but before he did anything Asuna grabbed Sam’s shoulder and stepped in front of him.

“I got this.”

Shin’s brow lifted.

“Oh, when will you learn Asuna, you can’t hit me.”

A fiendish grin appeared on Asuna’s face.

“Really? Lets test that theory shall we.”

Shin wagged his finger back and forth.

“No no no no no. We all know how this ends. You throw a desperate and enraged punch and you touch nothing but air. I, on the other hand, dip back and avoid your little fist like I’m in the matrix and then proceed to laugh in your face. You then chase me about swinging around and missing every blow like a fool before you grow tired and I laugh victoriously.”

Asuna took a step forward and cocked her fist back.

Shin tilted his head confidently and pushed out his chin toward Asuna.

“Ok, you wanna go, go ahead, ladies first.”

The two stood silently in front of one another before…


Asuna threw a straight punch directly towards Shin’s exposed chin.

(Hmpf, obvious as always Asuna.)

Asuna’s speed was incredible but compared to Shin she was still clearly lacking. Shin took a single step backward and leaned away. Asuna’s fist went past Shin’s face and missed.

(Like always, now she’ll chase me and…)

Shin’s thoughts froze for a second as he noticed Asuna’s strange gaze. Her eyes flashed with a bright purple light and Asuna teleported a step forward. Her fist that had missed was now on target once more.

(Shit, Have to switch feet.)

Shin’s reaction time was great. With a quick thought, he readjusted his weight to his opposite foot and pivoted off of it or rather he should have. Just as he went to move, Asuna’s eyes flashed once more and Shin felt an incredible pressure lock his entire body into place. He couldn’t move.

(Shit, this is!?)


The sound of flesh colliding with flesh resounded out as Asuna’s fist landed squarely on Shin’s chin. The power holding him in place was released and Shin’s body flew backward and crashed hard into the wall behind him.

Asuna stood proudly while Kimi and Mei jumped around her praising her. Sam’s face scrunched up a bit.

“Eh, Sam, what’s the matter?”

Kimi asked Sam curiously and Sam responded back.

“Asuna unlocked a cheat, no fair.”

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