Return of the Fallen Volume 3 Chapter 4

Author: Blue_Rat


All four Sky beasts looked up, stunned by what they saw. A floating island had appeared seemingly from nowhere.

The snake Sky beast was so surprised, that his power waned over the crowd of people in the room and as though a daze had left them, their minds cleared up.

Looking around, the people had no clue what was going on and followed the Sky beasts sight. They too found themselves left in awe at the hovering object above.

The horse sky beast stood up and felt a bit of fear.

“Do you all sense that power? Tell me I’m imagining it? Wasn’t Garn supposed to be weakened? What the hell’s going on?”

The golden Ape pounded on his chest and the red and blue ape both fell to their knees and bowed.

The golden Ape roared at his two followers.

“You two told me he was injured during a fight with his king. SO why in the hell is Garn here and what the fuck is that thing in the sky?”

The two apes remained kneeling but neither one could find an answer. From what they knew, Garn was last seen fighting in Tresta and injured himself. What they knew after that was nothing of importance.

Hearing the Sky beast mentioning Garn, the people in the crowd stared up at the floating island and a glimmer of hope appeared in their hearts. A woman holding a small child in her arms couldn’t hold it in and screamed with all of her might.

“Hero Garn Please Save Us!”

As soon as those words spread out, every person there like a tidal wave called out all at once.

“Save us!”

“Master Garn Please!”

“Master Garn!”

“Help Us We Beg Of You!”

Hundreds of voices united as one and called out to the heavens above.

A small crystal orb hovered within the war room and displayed the image of the people calling out for help as well as the Sky beast looking up with shocked expressions.

Eris bowed to King Garn and asked.

“My King, how shall we rescue them? Which squad do you wish to send out?”

Garn thought for a moment before asking back.

“And how exactly do you propose we rescue them? Do you not see that there are 4 Sky Beasts down below? Even if I were 100%, to defeat all four…No, those people should have fled Sekou long ago. For them… it’s far too late.”

Eris and the other soldiers and Mages within the room felt their blood run cold hearing this. However, the very next thing Garn said would haunt them forever.

“Its time for the last test, Eris, fire Iselda. Your target…those Sky beast, down below.”

Eris was stunned.

“Your Majesty the people will…”

Garn quickly interrupted him.

“There is no need to be concerned with them. The moment they were captured and became hostages, they were deemed dead already. They knew the beast horde was coming and were ordered to retreat and yet they refused. Now they want a savior. I think not. Now fire Iselda I’d like to see if my design was correct or not.”

Eris stood frozen on the spot, unsure of what to say or do. His eyes darted around the room at the other soldiers and Mages, seeking something from them, anything but they all turned away. They two were just as terrified and confused about the current situation. Some wondered how Garn became like this while others who knew could understand but still did not know if they could make such a call.

Garn was already a cold person to begin with but after his favorite student died after he was betrayed by a so-called friend and framed by the previous King, King David, the only man he considered as an actual younger brother. All of these things led to a breaking point and once those flood gates were opened, there was no way of going back.

Garn eyed Eris in doubt.

“Are you going to follow my order or do I need to find a replacment?”

Eris swallowed hard. If he chose wrongly, his death was all but guaranteed.

(These people, they made their choice. Please…forgive me.)

Eris walked next to King Garn and waved his hand over empty air. Something similar to a podium rose out of the ground in front of him. Its shape was pillar-like and on top of it was a golden sphere. Placing his hand atop the golden sphere Eris whispered a single word.


This one word set off a chain of events within the floating island Iselda and a massive amount of energy gathered underneath it.

The Snake Sky beast began gathering its own power and roared at its comrades.

“I don’t know what Garn is up to but he’s not holding anything back. I can feel that thing above gathering a massive amount of power. Everyone attack with me.”

The horse stomped the ground and cracked it.

“You don’t actually think he’ll fire. Look at all of his people we have.”

The golden ape gathered its power as well and shouted in a panic at the horse.

“You fool do you forget how he abandoned this city in the first place. Why in the 7th layer of hell would he care for these few hundred if he didn’t care for a few million earlier on? Now shut the hell up and help us!”

Something clicked within the horse Sky beast’s mind and he recognized his mistake. He had remembered how brutal and uncaring Garn was during his fight with the Scron wolfs and realized how unaffected Garn was the entire time.

The horse stood next to his fellow Kings and gathered all of its power into its legs. Even the Sky beast they treated as their goffer gathered its power.

Arch’s of lightning filtered through this floating Island and gathered at the bottom of it.

*Cht cht tsst cht*

The entire island Iselda vibrated terribly.

“Hmm, it’s gathered the power from the dome quite nicely, now let’s see if its performance is up to my standards.”

Down below, it only took a few seconds for the three Kings and the goffer to use their most powerful attacks.

The horse gathered its power and kicked all six legs and released dozens of tornadoes into the sky. The golden ape as well opened its mouth and roared with all of its might and a flame that could reduce a tree to ash in a matter of seconds shot forth and combined with a few of the tornadoes, causing them to become blazing torrents of death. The goffer eyes glowed with darkness and beams of black fired up into the air, causing any creature near it to flee in all directions. The snake as well did not sit idly bye. Every scale on its body rubbed together and vibrated. A high ear piercing bolt of lightning spun around the surface f its skin before striking upward like a spear from hell.

Simultaneously their powers shot up above them and came crashing into the floating island.


The air up above became distorted, as the nearby clouds were ripped apart. The drastic change in temperature rose and fell in a split second and small crystals of ice actually came raining down in a slurry. Many were confused by what had just happened but the three Kings and the goffer were instead pale.

All of their attacks should have destroyed the floating object above them yet instead as their attacks seemingly made contact, something appeared and blocked their attacks.

Eris aboard Iselda confirmed something and nodded to Garn.

“My King, The Barrier you set in place is working perfectly. Your Majesty, where did you come up with such a design?”

Garn didn’t answer and instead smiled at the foolish creatures below.

(This design. Who knew that almost dying from such an overload of pure energy would give me such an idea. In order to save my self, I needed to do something with all of that energy, that’s when this old sky prison popped into my mind. For this all to actually come together, who else but I could build something like this.)

Garn observed a crystal floating in the room. He could see that his weapon was ready and with it, he gave the order.

“Eris, fire Iselda.”

The Sky Beast saw that their attacks did nothing but we’re not ready to give up yet.

“Again, letssss, do it again. Hurry before Garn unleashes that power upon us.”

The Sky beasts agreed and started gathering power while all the other beast were panicking and fleeing in every direction. The people as well couldn’t believe what was happening. Looking up they could see a flit of light and wondered what it was. Wondered why the Sky beast seemed so terrified of it. They were now starting to feel safe. Hero Garn would save them. The sky beast was lying when they said Garn would fire that weapon upon them as they were citizens of Triea or so they thought.

A few of them even felt relaxed and began to cheer up at the skies above, chanting Garn Garn Garn.

The Sky beasts ignored all of the foolishness around them and fired their combined power up above them once more.


Before their combined powers even made it halfway, Iselda fired thousands of bolts of lightning all down at once. Dozens of bolts of lightning struck the combined powers of the four Sky beast, causing a terrifying explosion and canceling each other out. That, however, was not the end of it. After a few dozen bolts of lightning were destroyed, Several thousand continued to fall. The speed at which it traveled reached the ground almost instantaneously.


The world became silent.


  1. Well, that’s it for me. This story failed too much. Volume 3 and the MC still hasn’t powered up at all, only messed up more and failed to anticipate enemy actions. Frankly, it’s too disappointing, and just funny from time to time. The lack of character growth is disturbing.

    • It really has… the MC is taking too long to “forge his Mana Core.” The editing is taking a nosedive, as well…

    • Not much the author can do about the growth rate. When they made the MC’s core repair required a lot of illegal and rare materials, it made it almost impossible to repair the core without going to a major city or a black market. And seeing the MC’s current pace of travel, I’d say about 3 volumes before they finally walk to the half-elf sanctuary.

  2. Thanks for the chapter

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