Return of the Fallen Volume 3 Chapter 51

Author: Blue_Rat



An intense roar shook the cave behind them.

Kazuki signaled to the others and shouted.

“Get ready he’s almost here.”

Shin quickly gave his sword back to Kazuki, the way the two fought, a sword was several times more useful in Kazuki’s hands then Shin and he knew it.

After retreating several hundred feet from the cave, Kazuki and Sam spread out and guarded the front. Asuna and Shin were a bit further behind the two, while Nunully and Kimi were even further in the back, their staffs filling with power as they waited for Zetsu’s appearance. The wait though did not last long.

The entrance of the cave trembled before Zetsu burst forth and screamed in anger.


They shouldn’t have been surprised by Zetsu speaking at this point seeing as how Retsu can talk but still they were slightly taken aback by this. Zetsu spotted Kazuki and the others and grinned vilely.

“There you are.”

With a mad dash, Zetsu crawled forward at a crazy unforeseen speed.

“Here he comes!”

Kazuki’s words were unneeded as it was clear as day Zetsu was coming. As a matter of fact, Zetsu was already here.

With Kazuki and Sam spread apart, Zetsu aimed for the one who spurred his anger. Zetsu’s mouth opened wide ready to rip Kazuki in half. Kazuki wasn’t worried and waited until the last second. Baiting Zetsu in like a bull, Kazuki jumped to the side just in time.

Zetsu barrelled past Kazuki but instead of turning around and going after Kazuki, Zetsu picked up speed and went after a new target. Shin jumped into the air to dodge and kicked out 3 Viper Whips back to back at the same time. Zetsu was ready for this and his back legs stabbed into the ground and stopped his movement on a dime. The wind blades missed his back and struck the snow-covered ground behind him, throwing a cloud of white into the air.

This hid part of Zetsu’s large body but not all of it. As Shin fell back down toward the ground, Zetsu’s back end hidden from the plum of snow whipped around and rammed toward Shin’s chest like a speeding train.


Sam brought his Warhammer down upon Zetsu’s back and threw his whole attack off. At the same time, Kazuki sliced off a few legs with his sword. He learned from last time. The difficulty in penetrating Zetsu’s armored body was no laughing matter but the legs were different. If Retsu needed to immobilize Zetsu, then that’s exactly what they would do.

Shin landed safely on the ground and Asuna dashed in. Zetsu swung his large body just before she cut any legs though and she quickly backed away with Kazuki. Sam Jumped upon Zetsu’s back and swung down with tremendous force.


Zetsu’s body slammed into the ground from Sam’s impact and cracked it. Sam lifted his hammer high up once more but Zetsu would not allow free attacks. Like a crocodile with the limb of some prey in its jaws, Zetsu’s body rotated and rolled on the ground similar to a crocodile death roll. The speed and maneuver was so unexpected that Sam had no time to get away and had his world flipped in his view.

Even though he had a chest plate made of rock armor, he still felt an immense pressure upon his body and found it difficult, no, impossible to breathe.

*Crack Crunch*

It had only lasted for a split second but he felt his armor break and crumble into dust and his chest cave in.

Zetsu continued his roll, aiming to crush Asuna and Kazuki. The two jumped over him and landed on the other side but like a child playing a game of log, Zetsu quickly changed direction and rolled back toward Kazuki and Asuna as well as the fallen Sam.

“Asuna get Sam out of here!”

Asuna eyes glowed purple and she and Sam disappeared. Kazuki jumped over Zetsu once more but this time he cut away a few more exposed legs before running towards Shin.

“Ryuta, is Sam ok?”

“Nows not the time, he’s coming!”

A large ball of light shot in front of Zetsu and zipped around his face, darting all over.

Zetsu ignored it and continued forward toward Shin and Kazuki.

“Shit, Kimi’s so fucking useless.”

“Dammit Shin! Shut up and focus!”


Zetsu spit out hate-filled words before his large plate-sized black eyes began to glow a multitude of colors.

Shin ad Kazuki knew this attack was coming at some point and slammed their eyes shut at the same time. Zetsu grinned but chose not to fire soul attack. His eyes continually glowed while he gave chase.


These words were almost like a joke in the twos ears. Kazuki could basically see without eyes using his incredible sense of smell and hearing. With these two senses of his, the world was never dark. Shin as well could feel and sense the wind in a certain radius. This allowed him to see the wind or rather where it was and where it went. This was almost as good as seeing, seeing as how there was air everywhere.

The light in the sky continued to grow brighter and brighter as the two ran.


Hearing the sign from above, Kazuki and Shin knew exactly what that meant and the two running side by side turned in a certain direction. A wind gathered around Shin’s legs and ki gathered in Kazuki’s and the twos speed seemingly doubled.

Zetsu became angrier and angrier but would not stop his chase. After another minute or so, the two heard Mei once more.


As soon as they heard her high pitched screech, the two without hesitation changed directions with a pivot of their feet and ran in completely opposite directions. One fled left and the other fled right. Zetsu froze for a split second not knowing what was happening when something suddenly dove from above.

Zetsu’s instinct didn’t fail him and he sprang into action. lifting his large body nearly 80 feet up his legs opened up anticipating Mei from above. He planned to catch Mei and crush her body. With one of their greatest strengths taken out here and now, the battle would change 180. Zetsu would hold Mei as a hostage and force Kazuki and the others to submit.

As soon as that happened Zetsu would use his soul attack on them and subdue them all in one go. First things first, as soon as Mei appeared before him he would use his soul attack on her thereby leaving her helpless so he could catch her with ease. Too bad he didn’t know about a Mangshi’s eyes.

Mei descended from the sky and swooped down upon Zetsu. Zetsu was ready and fired his soul attack directly at Mei’s eyes and then reached out to grab her unconscious body.

Mei became limp and fell as though she were struck from the sky by lightning. Her body flaied about as the wind pushed against her wings and Zetsu readjusted himself to catch her. Just as he opened his legs wide to pluck her from the sky, Mei opened her wings in front of him and with the wind catching her wings she seemingly froze in front of him for a split second. Zetsu was left stunned by this and became unmoved, this was pause that they were waiting on.

*Schink Schink*

Two spears of ice flew out from behind Mei’s wings racing like arrows directly toward Zetsu’s eyes.


Zetsu tried to move his head away and shut his armored eyelids at the same time but he wasn’t fast enough.


His right eye was pierced through by a long spear of ice. With the twist of his body, he was just barely able to avoid his other eye from being destroyed. A grey and purple liquid spilled from his damaged right eye and stained his large face. His two antenna pulled the spear of ice out and chucked it to the ground, causing it to shatter on impact.

Mei had already retreated up to this point. Zetsu didn’t know nor did he understand what had just happened. How could he though, how could he know that while Mei is in her Mangshi form, she has no eyes and only empty sockets instead. Because of this, Zetsu’s soul attack was useless on her bird form.

Zetsu traced the trajectory of where the ice spear had been shot from and saw Nunully in the distance. Zetsu’s body trembled in rage. He no longer saw anyone else. Nunully though showed no signs of fear and even curled her finger toward him, egging him on. Zetsu’s eye widened and he roared in fury.


Zetsu fell to the ground and his legs tore through the dirt as he raced for one person and one person only. Unfortunately for him, he was racing towards his own doom.

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