Return of the Fallen Volume 3 Chapter 52

Author: Blue_Rat


Like a half-crazed tiger dashing down the side of a mountain to pounce upon prey, Zetsu madly rushed toward Nunully. The sight of such a large creature barreling toward you at such a must be one of the most terrifying things one could ever experience on all of Gordonia, yet Nunully remained unmoved. If she were to say part of the reason why wasn’t because of fear she’d be lying but that wasn’t all.

As Zetsu came for her, Nunully’s feet were planted firmly where she stood. As she grit her teeth a single thought ran through her mind.


150 feet away became 100 then 60 then 20. With the blink of an eye, Zetsu was merely 10 feet away from Nunully’s face.


She roared within her mind and the others as though they heard her thoughts, all moved at once.

Thousands of legs sprang up from beneath Zetsu all at once and grabbed hold of him, alarming him to the core. The snow beneath him had one moment been a sea of calm and the next had transformed into a storm of legs. Retsu’s body stretched around a surprised Zetsu’s and tangled him up.

Zetsu fought with all his might to try and throw Retsu away but the very next moment several small strings fell over him, well to him they seemed to be strings but in actuality, they were ropes, Sam’s hardened rock rocks to be exact.

Kazuki gripped one end of Sam’s hardened rock rope, while Asuna weaved it over Retsu and Zetsu. Right now it didn’t matter if both of them were bound by the rope as long as Zetsu was held in place. At the same time, Nunully condensed her ice making it as hard as possible before creating several 3 feet long stakes.

Sam was in clear pain as he moved as quickly as he could, one hand gripped his ribs in agony while the other hand dragged his Warhammer behind him. Shin carried a bundle of the stakes in his arms and placed one over the rope.

“Sam, Move your ass!”

Shin screamed near Sam’s ear. Sam wanted to slug him but he knew Shin was right. Quickening his steps, he raised his Warhammer up with a painful grunt before swinging down with all his might.


The ice stake was indeed dense and didn’t break upon contact but instead was hammered deeply into the ground. In quick succession, Shin and Sam moved around to each spot Asuna had zigged and zagged the rope before staking it down in precise spots. Normally Sam’s rope would not be able to hold something like Zetsu but because Retsu was doing most of the work and because Asuna had layered the rope over the bodies of the two not just once or twice but almost six times in total. This didn’t just multiply it’s holding power by six but even more than that.

Because of this, Zetsu’s body could barely thrash about and Retsu’s job became a lot less difficult. Retsu wasn’t satisfied with this much though and roared at the others.

“Hurry, now’s your chance! Take his other eye here and now!”

Zetsu heard this and his struggle went up another level. Several ropes snapped apart and a part of him became loose. Retsu roared at everyone.

“Snap out of it and attack!”

Kazuki raced toward Zetsu’s head and drew his sword. There was no reason to hesitate.

Kazuki Got in close and swung. Zetsu felt fear for the first time well up within him and his instincts snapped within. The armored segments on Zetsu flexed with all their might before retracting back with explosive power and speed. Like a rubber band being snapped, in this short distance between Zetsu and Kazuki, Zetsu’s head whiplashed backward and he headbutted Retsu directly in the face.


This one attack caused Retsu to loosen his grip for only a moment but it was all Zetsu needed. Right after his armored head slammed into Retsu’s face, it rebounded back just as fast toward the only thing directly in front of it, which was none other then Kazuki.

Kazuki saw this all happen in front of him in a split second but there was nothing e could do to dodge. Bringing his arms up in front of him at the same time.


Zetsu’s head came crushing forward and landed a terrible blow to Kazuki’s arms.

*Crack Snap*

As Kazuki was thrown more than a hundred feet away, he felt both of his arms break on impact.


A small grunt of pain escaped his lips as bone exposed itself from his flesh. The cold winter air caused waves of pain to shoot up and down his arm as the ice-cold touched his exposed bone. Kazuki tried to rebalance himself as he flew backward by flipping in the air but he had reacted too slow and his body crashed hard into the side of a tree more than 100 feet away.


Kazuki felt something else within break as he slid to the bottom of the tree.

(Not good.)

Kazuki tried to stand but something was wrong with his back. He sat their helplessly for a moment.

A bit of blood spilled from his lips.

(Have to heal.)

His breath became heavy as he focused all of his ki to his back. Calming himself he tore his eyes away from the battle and focused everything he had on healing himself.

Asuna wanted to scream seeing Kazuki being sent flying but she had no time to lose focus as Zetsu’s body flexed once more and snapped like a rubber band. His speed and strength accelerated and thrashed all around even harder until all the ropes broke. Asuna looked up above her and roared at the sky.



Just as Zetsu shook Retsu grip away…


The sound of metal slamming into metal wrang out like a car crash. The noise reverberated and a ledge of ice and snow fell away from the mountain exposing some of the rock underneath. Between Mei’s metal like armored feathers and Zetsu’s metallic-like armored segments, the winner of this clash was unclear.

Mei and Zetsu’s bodies bounced away from one another. Mei flapped her wings and a torrent of wind kept her afloat in the air. Zetsu as well torqued his upper body and coiled it inward pausing his body in mid-air. Spinning like a top he reversed his spin and slammed back into Mei. Mei was so low to the ground and had just caught herself that she had no time to react.


The winner was obvious this time as Mei was knocked out of the sky. She managed to make it to her feet but a large gash was opened upon her head and blood poured out non stop.


Whether that was a screech of mad fury and determination or a cry of pain no one knew but Mei charged forward. Zetsu’s one good eye squinted and he smiled. He as well charged right at Mei.

Before the two met, Retsu grabbed hold of Zetsu from behind.

“NO, I won’t let you!”

With this sudden pull from behind, Zetsu didn’t panic. Mei still came charging in and Zetsu used The force behind him to bait Mei. Just as the two seemed as thought hey would collide, Zetsu pulled his entire being back and shot himself downward. Mei flew over his body confused but a moment later Zetsu urged his strength and while rolling forward he pulled Retsu behind him and threw him into the air. The distance between the two was short but the momentum in which Zetsu threw Retsu and Mei’s charging body brought a terrible collision of the two.


Once again it sounded like someone slammed two 10,0000 pound slabs of metal into one another. Retsu and Mei met head to head and were sent flying from one another. Seeing Mei’s large body arc across the sky like a rag doll was already one thing but seeing Retsu’s was an entirely different story. Hearing the weight of their bodies cut through the air alone was intense. It was similar to a wild storm passing by in a matter of seconds, at least that’s what it sounded like to those around.


Mei’s unconscious body crashed hard into the ground and the ground tore up as a long ditch was dug up and trailed behind her. Retsu faired much better. The collision was brutal but it didn’t rob him of his conscious. Retsu rolled in the air until his feet ended up underneath him. Scratching and tearing the ground out from underneath him as he landed, the ground resembled a fresh plowing of a farmer’s field due to all of Retsu’s legs.

Retsu glared at Zetsu and Zetsu glared right back before laughing.

“Hahaha, the great Retsu Gai is now using the help of worms to take on a god, how pathetic and low can you go Retsu?”

Retsu smirked.

“Hmm, last I checked these worms as you call them have already taken your right eye. It’s good that you underestimate them, very good in fact because that will be the exact reason as to why you lose your other eye, Ze…t…su.”

Zetsu angered leaked from him as he roared in fury.


Zetsu charged out at Retsu and Retsu charged forward as well.

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