Return of the Fallen Volume 3 Chapter 68

Author: Blue_Rat


“AHHHHHHHHH! My arm, my arm!”

Kazuki slowly opened his eyes to loud screaming. Abura’s arm was wrapped in Kazuki’s blue flame and was left screaming in agony.

Varia shouted at the ball of lard.

“Quit your screaming, your giving me a headache.”

Abura though continued to scream. He rolled about in the snow and packed it on but the flame still burned. Even tearing up the dirt and piling it on could only slow the flame.

Finally, Byki could no longer take it. Pulling a dagger from behind his back, dark energy gathered on the blade before Byki slashed out.


Abura’s arm fell to the ground and continued t burn away. At the same time, Abura fell to his knees and gripped his shoulder. Large tears streamed down his face but his crying lessened into a sad sob. Byki had severed Abura’s arm almost at his shoulder, that’s how far Kazuki’s flame had spread. This pain from an amputated limb was no pretty picture but it was far more bearable than the blue fire. Abura sniffled before smiling at Byki.

“Thank you Byki.”

Byki chuckled on the inside.

(Only Abura with his childish mind could thank someone for removing their arm.)

Kazuki looked around and found himself and everyone else at the edge of the village. Burashi village became like a ghost town and the villagers had shut themselves in their homes and dared not interfere. Some would call them cowardly but they didn’t care. After experiencing one ordeal after another, they only wished for normalcy and for things to return to the old days. Plus, Muteki’s words and authority guaranteed they wouldn’t interfere, otherwise, they’d be considered traitors and be killed on the spot.

A few from his group had terrible injuries but they were still alive. Some had even awakened before Kazuki but they were already bound by Muteki and the others. Kazuki felt a pounding in his skull and tried to reach up and touch his forehead but realized he too was bound around his arms. The rope seemed to be made from earth magic, similar to Sam’s rope.

Dizziness swayed Kazuki’s vision and blood spilled from above his brow. He couldn’t see it but sensing his wound with his ki he could tell it was a deep gash. Kazuki’s gaze met Nunully’s who was bound as well. A deep sadness was etched into her face but she didn’t struggle or try to break from her ropes. Nunully looked away as though she had already given up.

(This doesn’t make any sense. This guy implied that he was still going to kill Nunully but she’s thankfully alive but why?)

Muteki walked by and barked.

“Wake the rest of them up.”

A few no names from Muteki’s squad walked over and started kicking Sam and the others to rouse them from their sleep. At the same time, Abura asked in a pained voice.

“Boss, those three died.”

Muteki looked at the squad members that had died from the initial attack from Kazuki and the others. The disappointment Muteki felt was obvious.

(Weaklings died from weaklings, hmpf.)

“What about them?”

Abura was still in pain but a line of drool began to secrete from his mouth. His eyes grew big like a puppy and a low grumble echoed out from his stomach.

“B…boss, can I eat them?”

Varia and the other squad members recoiled hearing that but Byki smiled creepily.

“You would eat even your fallen comrades. Is your stomach more important than loyalty.”

Abura was crestfallen hearing Muteki’s words but Muteki wasn’t finished. He grabbed his chin in thought.

“Well, I suppose weaklings can’t be called our comrades and they are dead anyway. Ok, you can eat them. You do need a new arm so go ahead.”

Abura’s eyes grew wide and he started to sing his favorite song.

“1,2, chew chew chew munch munch munch and a crunch crunch crunch. 3,4, more more more give me the flesh that I so adore.”

Varia whispered.

“Darling is it really ok for him to eat our teammates like that?”

Muteki shook his head.

“What does it matter now that they are dead. Just let him eat.”

Varia felt nervous inside but she still had to ask.

“H…honey, you wouldn’t let Abura eat me as well, would you?”

Muteki wondered himself for a moment, increasing the anxiousness in Varia’s heart before he said.

“Is there a reason I shouldn’t let him?”

Muteki answered with another question but Varia trembled from it. Her legs grew slightly weak.

(He would throw my dead corpse away like trash on the side of the road and allow it to be devoured by a human pig.)

A shiver ran down Varia’s spine and she felt heat rise up from down below. Whether it was her fire magic or something else, only she knew.

Abura sang his song one more time as he walked over to his dead comrade’s bodies. Picking no one in particular, he grabbed a leg and tore it away from the corpse. Opening his mouth wide, it stretched open enough to place the thickest part of the upper thigh entirely into his mouth.

*Crunch snap crunch*

Biting and chewing, the bones in this dead man’s leg were nothing compared to the powerful jaw and dense teeth of Abura. Like a wild beast that had been starving for weeks, Abura devoured the man’s body at a terrifying rate. Varia and a few other squad members stepped back. Kazuki and the others, on the other hand, were bound and couldn’t move well enough to back away. A few of them watched on in disgust while both Danny and Kimi looked away in fright.

Mei and Tsura were absolutely terrified and shook on the ground. As everyone listened to the distinct noise of bones breaking as well as watching the gruesome scene unfold, they saw something crazy take place.

The spot where Abura’s arm was severed, energy gathered and slowly a small bone started to grow from the wound.

Nunully looked at it with both fear and fascination.

(How, how is that possible? His bone is regrowing in seconds.)

Abura finished the entire leg in only a few seconds before he picked up the other leg and tore it away. Without removing the pants nor the boot on the man’s foot, Abura simply widened his mouth more before taking a huge bite. The bone on his arm grew faster and faster and then doubled and tripled in size. Abura ate the entire man in barely a minute before he moved onto the next corpse and started eating.

After finishing the third man, the entire bone had fully formed and veins cartledge and other soft tissues began to grow around his arm and expand in real-time. By the time everything was said and done, Abura’s arm had regrown and was covered in skin. The only thing off about it was it seemed quite empty on the inside and resembled a limb that had atrophied for several years. It might even be comparable from a mummy’s arm out of some kind of movie.

It dangled lifelessly at his side and only added another layer of oddness to the man. Seeing a tiny arm on such a fat large body was comical and bizarre.

“Abura, how is it?”

Muteki asked curiously and Abura slowly but surely curled it up.

“Just a little more and it will be fixed. Boss, can I eat one of them?”

Abura pointed at Kazuki and the others and Danny and Kimi felt their skin crawl. Nunully as well, she seemed to have given up on life but the thought of being devoured alive, she’d much rather slam her head on a nearby rock and take her own life. The thought alone caused her to try and draw some energy and form a small ice dagger but without her staff, bronze mask or magic ring, the amount of concentration and power she had to use was almost impossible.

She tried repeatedly to gather magic but the task was truly too difficult without a tool of some kind. Her eyes again landed on Kazuki. She knew he could use magic without tools and she contemplated whether she should ask Kazuki to simply kill her if Abura tried to eat her alive.

Abura’s nose twitched and he pointed at Nunully.

“Boss, she’s trying to use her power.”

Muteki walked over and kicked Nunully directly in the face. Blood spilled from her mouth and tears fell from her face but she didn’t want to make any noise in fear Muteki would do it again. Muteki’s face twisted in anger.

“Are you really so desperate. You really think you can use your power without a tool.”

A ring on Muteki’s finger flashed and Nunully’s staff fell into his hands. He spun it in his hands a few times before he stamped it down directly next to Nunully’s face.

“This staff ain’t half bad but without it, you’re just another useless woman.”

Muteki brought the staff down over his knee and broke it right in front of her before throwing it far off into the distance somewhere.

He then looked at Kazuki and the rest. Pointing at Kazuki and Nunully he shouted.

“These two are already dead and in a few moments I will personally slay the half-elf. Ryuta, your so called ring leader will be dragged back to Tresta and will be tortured until the King grows bored and then he too will be killed. That is their fates and that is my mission. You are probably wondering why I’m standing here before you all and spouting all of this. You’re wondering why you’re not already dead and wondering at what moment your life will be forfeit.”

Muteki stomped on the ground next to him and a stone chair rose up from the ground before he sat on it. He was no longer shouting and spoke rather calmly.

“Dealing with those two is only the first part of the mission. The next part relates directly to the rest of you. King Garn has his grudge with Ryuta and he can not allow Nunully’s race to exist but the rest of you are still considered heroes. Therefore, Garn has ordered me to offer you all one chance. One single moment that will literally affect the outcome of whether you live or whether you die. King Garn wants you to come back and rejoin him by his side. He will forgive you this one time only but you have to come back. On the other hand, you can refuse but we all know the result of doing so.”

Danny felt a tremble in his heart hearing this. His teeth began to clatter and he was just about to say something when Muteki raised a hand.

“Before anyone makes this decision though, I have taken it upon myself to allow you all to understand King Garn’s thoughts. You may think him a monster who wants to kill your friends but have any of you wondered why King Garn wants Ryuta alive so badly.”

Everyone became confused. Even Varia and the rest of Muteki’s squad wondered what the hell he was talking about.

“I’ve grown curious, so very curious. Garn simply wants to torture you over one dead investigator. They say King Garn was close to that investigator Itsu but how can that be. King Garn can’t get close to anyone. He knows Ryuta is hiding something and so that makes me wonder. What is it exactly that has piqued the King’s interest.”

The ring on Muteki’s finger flashed once more and a small box fell out of it and landed gently in his hand. Opening it up, a small disgusting creature wriggled back and forth. Muteki pulled it out and Kazuki was shaken from the bottom of his heart. A single fearful thought entered his head.

(Mind Frey!)

Muteki pulled the creature from the special little box and chuckled.

“How about we take a look and see what has brought our little party together.”

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