Return of the Fallen Volume 3 Chapter 69

Author: Blue_Rat


A small human-faced creature covered in greyish-green slime and writhing tentalces, the ugly little thing’s big eyes rolled forward as though it had awakened just now. Kazuki felt a tremor in his heart seeing it and his stomach turned as Muteki held it before him.

(Not this, not again.)

Kazuki remembered the pure humiliation and helplessness he endured when Itsu used it on him in the sky prison. To have your darkest deepest secrets revealed in front of others was already a dreadful concept but the things in his memories were even more so damaging. Who he was, where he’s from, every time he pissed or shit, everything would be seen.

Kazuki struggled violently in his binds but these were made from Muteki. His strength was beyond a normal 3rd stage and his hardened yet flexible ropes were a testament to his power.

Muteki placed a foot on Kazuki’s back and held him still. Kazuki tried to use his ancient hand symbols but Abura’s nose twitched.

“Boss he’s trying something.”

Muteki looked down and sighed inwardly.



Muteki drove his foot directly into Kazuki’s face, breaking his nose, spurting blood everywhere. Kazuki felt a ringing in his head and felt his vision go all white for a moment. Muteki shook his head in disappointment.

“You’ve already lost because you are weak. Do not fight back, it’s just embarrassing at this point especially when there’s no challenge.”

Muteki almost sounded depressed the way he spoke. kneeling down, Muteki gathered a bit of power in the tip of his finger and touched the back of Kazuki’s neck.

The Mind Frey seemed to grow excited as the hole in its face where its nose should have been begun to inhale deeply. Muteki placed the Mind Frey just above Kazuki’s neck.

Kazuki finally shook the daze out of his mind and cleared his head. Someone was screaming in his direction. He could hear Asuna and the others cry out. They were saying something but before he could make out what was said, the Mind Frey opened its mouth and revealed a spiral of sharp jagged teeth.


Kazuki felt a sharp pain at the base of his neck and he knew exactly what it was. Kazuki’s thoughts cleared up like crystal and he immediately started circulating his ki around both the base of his neck as well as his mind.

(I’ve interfered with this fuckers power before and I will do it again. What’s in my mind is for me and me alone.)

The Mind Frey’s eyes lit up with a blue light and holographic images began to play out like a movie. At first, Asuna and a few others didn’t wish to look at Kazuki’s memories but Muteki wouldn’t allow that and his squad forcibly knelt down and held open their eyelids. There was no way they could avoid it.

Kazuki circulated his ki as fast as he could trying his best to interfere with the Mind Frey and he somewhat succeeded. Some parts were easily skipped and choppy but it wasn’t enough. Asuna and the others saw a small boy in an orphanage. He had a small golden compass around his neck in which he took everywhere, it never left his side and he refused to take it off no matter what. His mind was fuzzy on when he received it or who gave it to him but he knew the person who gave it to him must have cared for them to leave him such a treasure.

The small boy seemed to be around 3 maybe even 4 years old. He ran and played with another boy who was slightly older. The two played together, we’re forced to work as slaves and were beaten all the time. They barely ate and their eyes were dull. Only when they could play, was there any semblance of joy in their lives. Still, because they had each other, they could continue to live somehow.

The memory skipped ahead and a handsome man and beautiful woman welcomed the two brothers into their home with open arms. The woman noticed the compass around the boy’s neck. The husband waved her away though. The couple had a daughter around the same age as the oldest brother. The daughter was a tyrant and incredibly mean but beside her, the two brothers had entered a new loving environment.

They ate until they were full every day and played all the time. The two found things they liked. The older brother enjoyed the sword and swung it everyday, while the younger brother was more interested in reading books. Not necessarily to gain knowledge but because he genuinely loved heroic stories and tales of the fantastic. The sister was still an animal in the two brother’s eyes but their new mother and father were the most caring people the two had ever known.

Once more the memories skipped ahead and the two boys were now young men. However, instead of expressions filled with happiness and peace, there was clear fear, confusion, and hatred in their eyes.

Bound to golden tables lined with inscriptions, The older brother cursed repeatedly. The memories skipped ahead a bit more and a blade made from rock struck the older brother in the chest, killing him on the spot. Hatred never left his eyes for even a moment. The young man watching his brother die called out to him.


But there was no response. A moment later something could be seen being ripped out from the younger brother. An intense pain rippled through his body like nothing he’s ever felt before. A small orb of power rotated above a woman’s hand but her face was clouded for some reason. The woman threw out another rock blade but before it landed upon the young man, a bright light flashed and the young man disappeared.

The next thing memory was of him waking up on a mountain. An old woman had kicked him awake and was yelling about how this was her mountain.

The two eventually became master and student but the relationship was far more precious than that. The young man felt the old woman was more akin to a firey grandmother, short-tempered but caring deep down. The woman taught the young man about ki and a few martial arts. Seeing the old woman’s strength, the young man found her to be incredible and both respected and revered her. The young man had found peace when he was first adopted but after being betrayed he felt only hate and wanted nothing more than revenge for himself and his older brother. After a while though, living with his granny master for so long, he had found peace in his heart and had become family with the old woman. Once more the memories flashed forward.

“Master, don’t die, no!”

The old woman was seriously wounded. Lying not too far away, a Large monster, clearly not from earth lay dead on the ground. The old woman had sacrificed everything and fought the creature tooth and nail before finally slaying it. On the ground nearby, the ground was lined with inscriptions. Inscriptions to the young man’s knowledge came from one place and one place only.

The young man buried his master. After that, a switch was flipped. The hatred he had thought he had forgotten and abandoned, once more was reignited and burned hotter than a flaming sun.

“I swear to the gods, one day I will have my revenge. Brother, Granny, you both were stolen from me. Again, I’m alone again.”

Kazuki began to tremble and he gripped his fist hard enough for his nails to dig into the flesh of his palms drawing blood. He shut his eyes for a moment in thought and made a decision before he opened his eyes once more and declared.

“I swear to the gods above and the devils below. One day I will return to Gordonia. I will regain my power and more and when I’m ready, I will slay that FUCKING BITCH!”

Determination flashed in the man’s eyes and he began a journey. Where to, he didn’t know and became aimless for a long time. Not only was he lost, not knowing where he needed to go but he also became depressed as he had yet to accomplish anything for nearly a year.

Eventually, the man ended up in a dry land, surrounded and covered in sand. He entered a museum one day out of boredom and that’s when it happened. Kazuki stood before a display case. Behind it was a seemingly ordinary rock of some kind. Kazuki leaned in to get a better view and he felt something vibrate on his chest. Looking down he discovered his compass was slightly glowing. Jumping back in surprise, Kazuki grabbed his compass and opened it. As soon as he did a bright arrow floated a few inches off of its surface but just as quickly as it lit up it soon started to dull.

A sense of both worry and urgency shook Kazuki. Just before the glowing arrow faded, he noticed where it pointed to. It was directed toward the display case. Kazuki grew curious and wondered. Taking a step closer and leaning in, it actually happened. The bright arrow reappeared and grew brighter and brighter the closer the compass got to the rock. Kazuki was so close to the display case and then something strange happened. A small tiny amount of energy was drawn from the rock. As it was drawn into the compass, surprisingly another small arrow appeared on the compass but it pointed in a completely different direction.

Just as Kazuki was lost in thought, all of the energy was drained from the rock and it cracked in half.

Suddenly a shout came from across the room. a security guard had heard the crack and saw a strange light from Kazuki and he became alert.

“Hey, what the hell do you think you’re doing. Get away from the glass!”

Kazuki became panicked. He wasn’t wealthy by any means and he had no way of replacing anything in this museum. As the security guard approached, Kazuki turned heel and ran.

“Hey Stop!”

The security guard ran after him but at this point, Kazuki was already stronger than an average person, combined with his ki, there wasn’t a human on earth that could match his strength or speed.

Kazuki ran away but a feeling of excitement erupted from within him and he couldn’t help but laugh maniacally as he stared at his compass. The new arrow that had appeared even now had yet to fade and was pointing him somewhere. He didn’t know where he was going but at least now he had a direction.

Kazuki ran forward, a feeling of hope had returned to him.

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