Return of the Fallen Volume 3 Chapter 71

Author: Blue_Rat


All eyes fell on Kimi for a moment before they darted between her and Kazuki. Kimi didn’t care about the stares in the least and continued to shout at the top of her lungs.

“How can you just lie there like that. Out of all times now’s the time to speak, you nasty weasley little maggot. Ever since the get-go you’ve done nothing but use us. You lied repeatedly over and over again and we followed you like good little mice time after time because we trusted you. We thought you were really the victim in all this and that Garn was pursuing you falsely. Even though we knew you killed Itsu, we still believed it was because it was do or die. Turns out you were only protecting yourself. Even when you saved us from danger, it was all so we could be useful to you later on. You truly are the devil in human skin!”

Kimi’s words sunk deep and clawed at oneself and every word she spoke came from the bottom of her heart. Muteki and the others began to chuckle at Kimi’s tirade but she wasn’t done yet.

“For revenge, you dragged us all down with you. Even thinking on it now, back when we were still in that forest, I found it odd how you flipped on your decision to capture Mei and her mother but now it all makes sense.”

Kimi turned her head toward Mei and Tsura and said pitifully.

“He changed his mind not because he thought it was right or he felt pity, no, he did it to gain even more useful tools. Your two, like us, were nothing more than his little pawns. I don’t doubt he would abandon all of us on the spot when we were no longer needed.”

Kimi turned back to Kazuki with hate-filled eyes.

“It makes perfect sense now. Without a Mage core, he has to use that ancient hand symbol thing and can’t use magic like us. Because of this, it was he who was weak and not the other way around. I stayed with you because of Sam and Asuna, the other important reason though I assume for all of us, is because we thought you could help keep us safe. Turns out you were the snake in the grass leading us to the abyss. FUCK YOU! I HOPE THEY TORTURE YOU FOR YEARS AND PEEL YOUR SKIN SLOWLY BEFORE BREAKING EVERY BONE IN YOUR BODY AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN!!”

Kimi looked at Sam lying a bit away from her and felt sorry for him. She could see how hurt he was from being tricked and used by Kazuki, which only caused her hate to grow. She began to curse Kazuki repeatedly at the top of her lungs. This went on for several minutes before Muteki finally grew annoyed and crouched down in front of her.

“That’s enough, your screeching voice has become bothersome.”

Kimi had completely lost her cool by this time and her fear didn’t put her in her place as she spit into Muteki’s face and screamed.


Sam shouted out to her, afraid of what might happen.

“Kimi, what are you doing!?”

As soon as she did it, her eyes went wide as she realized she had crossed some line with Muteki. She gave a defeated look to Sam.

“Sam, I…I.”

Muteki’s face warped into one of absolute fury and he was about to crush her skull beneath his heel when a thought hit him. He saw a familiar look between Sam and Kimi. It was the same look you would give to someone you really cared for deeply. He knew this because Varia gave him this same look every single day.

Standing up, he calmly wiped her spit from his face and his expression returned to normal. He turned around to his squad and they all didn’t know what to say, well all of them except for Varia. The gauntlets Varia wore glowed a hot red and she stomped forward.

“I’ll burn this stupid little bitch alive!”

Muteki put a hand in front of her and waved her away with a devilish grin.

“There’s no need.”

“But she…”

Muteki walked over to Sam as if he were about to do something. He extended his arm toward Sam and a long rock blade materialized in his hand. Placing it next to Sam’s neck, he drew a line of blood and Kimi screamed in a panic.


Her shout confirmed it.

(The two are lovers.)

Muteki gave a sly look before observing Abura’s janked arm. It was now formed but it resembled an atrophied dried-out husk.

“Abura, you seem to need a bit more food.”

Abura’s ears perked up when he heard that and he rolled over to Muteki with big puppy dog eyes and nodded repeatedly.

“I do I do I do. Boss, are you saying I can eat this boy?”

Kimi screamed but there was nothing she could do. Asuna and the others as well trembled in fear.

Muteki shook his head though and everyone felt a wave of relief wash over them.

“Kazuki was the one who caused you to lose an arm and so you rightfully deserve to be compensated but the King wishes him to be brought back whole. This one called Sam, and that one over there, Kimi was it? Those two are lovers. She spit in my face, your boss’s face. I was thinking this one should suffer in her place but I think it would be much more entertaining if it was her instead that compensated you. Disrespectful people should be taught properly after all.”

Abura tilted his head in confusion but Muteki wasn’t upset. He pointed at Kimi.

“What I’m saying Abura, is that that one doesn’t know respect and since you still need to heal the rest of your arm…you can one of hers.”

Abura finally understood and smiled at Muteki.

“Boss boss, do you really mean it? I get to have one of her arms?”

Muteki nodded. For once though Abura used his brain.

“But aren’t we going to give them a chance to come back with us?”

Muteki’s smile began to fade and Abura felt a chill run down his spine as he quickly changed his words.

“I…I mean thank you for the meal.”

Abura rolled over by Kimi’s side and grabbed the rope binding her. With precision, he launched a small but powerful wind blade that tore through Muteki’s rock-like rope in one go. Kimi tried to hurriedly get up and run away but with one swift movement, Abura’s fat self sat on her stomach and pinned her to the ground. His weight was so much that Kimi, even with her enhanced and strengthened body, she could barely breathe from the crushing force.

Sam roared at the top of his lungs watching this and tried to get up even with Muteki’s blade on his neck. Muteki just smiled at this and placed his foot on Sam’s back and held him there with his strength. Abura sat on Kimi and she tried to throw a punch but it just dug into his stomach with no effect.

Abura found this funny and began to sing his favorite song.

“1,2, chew chew chew munch munch munch and a crunch crunch crunch. 3,4, more more more give me the flesh that I so adore.”

Abura grabbed Kimi’s arm which sent alarms to her brain. She looked up at Abura and felt like a frightened child.

(I..I’m going to be eaten.)

“No no no let me go, get away from me!”

She screamed this repeatedly but to no avail. Sam as well was struggling even more and his veins bulged and throbbed as his blood rushed throughout him.


The rock-like rope binding his arms behind his back tore apart and he tried to get up. Pushing the ground with all his might he slowly began to rise. Muteki’s brow rose but he only smiled inwardly before adding more strength to his foot. Sam’s arms shook beneath him as he struggled with every fiber of his being. Once more his body rose by another inch or two. Muteki looked at him almost in admiration before his expression saddened.


Muteki finally unleashed his might and slammed his foot into Sam’s back. Sam’s arms could no longer bear the force and one even snapped under the weight of it all before the rest of his body was pushed into the ground with such power that a crater formed beneath him and the ground split and cracked in every direction like a spiders web.


Sam’s felt all the strength drain from him and he was now bleeding all over.

Muteki shook his head.

“Such a pity, had you been given proper training, with your fast growth, you could have given me an actual challenge. Instead, look at you, defenseless and incapable of protecting even your woman. This will be a valuable lesson for you, so take it to heart and watch what my fat friend does to your lady.”

Sam’s eyes found Kimi but he could no longer move nor say anything.

Asuna began to plead with Muteki in order to protect Kimi but Muteki ignored it and gave Abura a signal to go ahead. Abura smiled with glee before he gripped Kimi’s arm and began to pull.

Kimi felt pain immediately as her arm started to stretch unnaturally at her shoulder.


The pain shifted and escalated from an 8 to an 11 as Abura pulled with all his strength.



Kimi released an ungodly shriek as her arm was torn from her shoulder. Her body spasmed repeatedly and she screamed her lungs out.

Sam watched on in horror but he could only gurgle out a grunt. Tears streamed down his face.

(Kimi, Kimi.)

A pool of blood began to dye the snow around the two in crimson red. Kimi’s body shook uncontrollably as she continued to scream in agony. She screamed so loud and for so long that her vocal cords tore as well. That though didn’t stop her from making noise, the sound though no longer sounded human and was hoarse and rough like gravel being poured over rock. Cold sweat poured from every inch of her body at a constant rate and she felt as though she was on the verge of vomiting.

Abura ignored her screaming and held her torn limb in front of his face and inhaled deeply. His eyes brightened a little.

“She uses light and dark energy, two different flavors in one, yum.”

Abura opened his mouth and his jaw seemed to widen enough for the thickest part of her arm.


Abura’s mouth slammed shut and he began to chew in delight. His jaws were so powerful that they practically went through her bone as though it wasn’t even there.

One bite, two, three, in only a few seconds, Abura swallowed the last piece of Kimi’s right arm and rubbed his fat stomach in satisfaction. His tiny, deflated arm had already sized up proportionately with his body and he was now completely healed. Asuna and the others could only watch on in horror and disgust.

Kimi finally could no longer take it, either due to the pain or the loss of blood and her eyes rolled up into her head, robbing her of her consciousness.

Muteki gave Abura a signal and Abura tied off Kimi’s wound. Abura walked back over to his squad and burped lightly with a toothy grin. Varia found this pig disgusting and stepped away from him. Byki just wondered where it all went. They had all seen him consume three whole corpses and now he had an arm for dessert. Was he a bottomless pit, who knew.

Muteki strolled away from Sam’s weakened body and stood in front of the rest with open arms.

“This is what happens to those that piss me off but even so, I will still give her a chance, as I will give you all. Technically speaking she hasn’t answered whether or not she will return with me. I wonder. Will she give up and die when she awakens or will the fear of death cause her to follow me back, I really want to know what she’ll choose.”

Muteki was about to say something else but then Byki walked up to him. At first, he said nothing but there was a bit of greed in his eyes and finally, he just asked.

“Boss, there was a certain item in that guy’s ring. I was wondering, could I have it?”

Muteki glanced over at Kazuki before turning back to Byki.

“Hmm, what item?”

Byki’s sickly features brightened hearing that Muteki didn’t immediately turn him down. He knew Muteki was still upset with him for his comments earlier but this was a golden opportunity that he didn’t want to miss.

“Stazar Void rock.”

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