Return of the Fallen Volume 4 Chapter 13

Author: Blue_Rat


Kazuki’s golden compass fed off of the Nexar crystal faster and faster until eventually.


The Nexar crystal glowed no more and a small split formed across its surface.

Kazuki opened his compass and a blue arrow hovered above it, it’s direction pointed northeast.

Kazuki could care less where it pointed and instead shut his eyes and focused his senses on the strange aura flowing around his compass. A small swirl of energy, insignificant yet pure spread outwards. Just as he was beginning to grasp this energy, like a candle being extinguished, the aura vanished in the blink of an eye and the arrow above the compass faded away.

Kazuki wasn’t surprised by this but the fact that the compass consumed so much energy for such little effect left one’s heart bleeding from the seemingly wasted resources. A whole Nexar crystal for barely a second worth of energy. It was so small that Kazuki had only just recognized it before it was gone.

Kazuki looked at the small number of resources he had left. A few Beast cores and a few Nexar crystals. If he was going to have even the slightest chance to steal a fraction of the god’s aura, he would have to use all of his remaining items all at once but even with this amount, he wasn’t quite sure it would work.

(I’ll only have one chance at this but will this be enough?)

Kazuki suddenly regretted using the Nexar crystal a moment ago for a simple test. Kazuki was lost in thought when he heard a small noise off to the side.


(A sneeze?)

Kazuki looked over and saw Abura still floating in the freezing cold water, not too far away from him. Kazuki walked over and pulled Abura’s fat body from the water and examined him.


Kazuki’s hands began to wonder over Abura’s fat self. Digging into the meatballs pockets, Kazuki hoped he could find something, anything that could be of use. Nothing in the pants, nothing in the chest pockets. Only one storage ring on his hand but Kazuki couldn’t access that. Besides that, there were no other rings or earings. No necklaces or bracelets.

Kazuki stripped Abura down to his underwear but there was nothing.

Kazuki began kicking Abura’s unconscious body in anger.

“Damn this fat ass. How can you be this poor? Nothing, you really don’t have a single magic tool besides your storage ring, what in the 7 realms of hell, how useless.”

Abura’s body barely moved from Kazuki’s kicks. Seeing his blows were ineffective only infuriated Kazuki more. No matter what he did, Abura wouldn’t wake up. Kazuki fell down to his ass in defeat. He couldn’t take much more of this rollercoaster. Just when he thinks he’s found another way, something else stands in his way and when he overcomes that, new obstacle’s forms in his path, popping up again and again.

Kazuki knew he was running out of time but nothing was coming to mind. Every minute he spent in the real world, several were slipping by like grains of sand in his soul world.


Abura began to snore in his sleep. Kazuki couldn’t stand it anymore. This fat bastard was even in this environment with all the shit happening around him and he was sleeping so comfortably. Kazuki had no sword but he didn’t care, he was going to kill this bastard. A single step forward and he almost tripped. His anger clouded his vision and he didn’t pay attention to the boot he had taken from Abura as he stripped him and tossed it to the side.

Kazuki picked up the boot and prepared to throw it at Abura when he sensed something.

No, it wasn’t a funky stench coming from the boot but instead a hint of magic. Kazuki slowly lowered the boot in front of his face. Now he did smell something foul from the inside of the boot but looking closer he spotted it. The inside of the heel there were a few small inscriptions. Kazuki hadn’t noticed them before when he stripped Abura because e was thinking about magic tools that used Magic gold.

Everyone knew Magic gold was the most efficient way to use magical energy. So for someone to put magic inscriptions inside of a seemingly normal leather boot, Kazuki was perplexed. Reading the ancient language inscribed inside, Kazuki found the secret to Abura’s speed. The inscription was pressure based. The more weight applied to it, the more acceleration one could gain.

Using a small amount of magical power could activate the boot. In this way, Abura could step on the ground one time and then accelerate forward at a terrifying speed. The fact that it used pressure only added to Abura’s advantage. His heavyweight when using these boots actually made him faster rather than slower.

Kazuki couldn’t help but hug the boot close to his chest. Once more he had found his hope.

(Yes, this fatty was hiding a true treasure.)

*Sniff sniff*


Kazuki felt as though he would vomit at any moment and tore the boot away from under his nose.

A smile still stretched across his face.

(You fat son of a bitch. How would you feel knowing it is you that will help restore my power.)

With a spark of hope renewed, Kazuki quickly went to work. First, he gathered everything up. He surrounded everything in a small barrier of ki, his golden compass at the center. The Nexar crystals around his compass as well as the remaining Beast cores. On top of his compass, funny enough was the boot and on top of that, Kazuki dragged Abura’s fat self and placed his body over the boot. The sight of this was beyond ridiculous but Kazuki cared little if shit looked cool. The only thing that mattered right now was if it would work.

Kazuki’s hands flashed and hand sign after hand sign danced like illusions as his fingers bent at odd angles. Soon symbol after symbol gathered in front of him with a golden light. Kazuki pointed with two fingers at the funky boot buried under Abura’s hefty body and he fired them forward one at a time.

*Tzzt tzzt*

The symbols landed upon the leather boot and sunk in. The boot was activated from one of the symbols and its power like a switch flipped on. Abura’s weight applied pressure to the inscription in the heel and Kazuki’s next symbol reversed the energy feeding into it. Kazuki’s next symbol directly drained the energy from the boot and sent it into the golden compass it rested upon.

At the exact same time, the other sources of energy flowed into the golden compass as well after only a few moments, the items all cracked at once.


Like mirrors of glass shattering, the Nexar crystals and Beast cores all broke together. Every bit of energy they had was absorbed by the compass all at once.

Kazuki applied a few more golden symbols to his sphere of ki that surrounded all these things. Without waiting, Kazuki opened the compass once more. The blue arrow that normally hovered above the compass was replaced with a shining golden one. This was the first time Kazuki saw this but he couldn’t be bothered with this at the moment. He flashed more symbols and the sphere of ki surrounding these items pulled at all the energy within, in one swift movement.

The aura seeping from the compass was thicker then it has ever been but still, using his ki to siphon this energy felt like loose strands of string. Pulling at these loose strings of aura was almost like gripping at nothing or maybe even like gripping at the air. A small sphere formed next to his first sphere and it began to trap the compass’s aura. It slowly grew as it filled with godly aura. At first, it was the size of a grain of rice but then it became the size of half a pinky nail.

Kazuki could see that he was getting almost nothing. He didn’t know how much would be enough and his eyes filled with madness. Kazuki’s hands flashed like shadows and illusions. He launched more and more ancient golden symbols onto his barrier that drew out more and more god aura but it still didn’t seem like enough. The arrow above the compass as well was already starting to fade.

Kazuki bit his tongue and spit blood onto his barrier of ki. Using tendrils of ki, he shaped his blood into more ancient symbols. The blood activated on the barrier and drew god aura even faster. Kazuki jumped into the air and came crashing down on top of Abura’s stomach with a dropkick.

Roaring within his mind, Kazuki commanded the godly aura.


As his feet sunk into Abura’s stomach, the added weight increased the power coming from the boot by several times. This caused the aura seeping from the compass to flood out violently for only an instant but Kazuki’s barrier grabbed it all. Kazuki flipped off of Abura and looked at his small sphere of ki that had siphoned the aura. It had grown from a grain of rice to the size of half a pinky nail and now it was almost the size of a grape.

Kazuki didn’t know if this was enough or not but one thing for sure, this aura was already trying to fade away. Kazuki quickly activated the Stazar Void rock and surrounded the god aura with its purplish energy. Kazuki used the ancient symbol he had placed inside his head and shut his eyes. Guiding the energy, the Stazar void energy teleported the god aura directly into his soul world. Kazuki opened his eyes.

“Brother, I’m back.”


Abura’s eyelids twitched and his eyes snapped open.

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