Return of the Fallen Volume 4 Chapter 15

Author: Blue_Rat


Kazuki’s eyes reopened in his soul world.

“Brother I’m back.”

As soon as Kazuki appeared in the soul world, he saw Kai taking up his second blade technique. He also noticed an odd sight. The tiger was now no longer the size of a house but instead was as big as a truck.

(Did it shrink!?)

The distance between Kai and the tiger beast was about thirty feet or so but that range did not matter for Kai. Ignoring Kazuki’s presence, Kai called out.

“Second Form! Shapeless Cloud!”

With the branch in hand, Kai thrust out. The thrust appeared simple but it was anything but. The branch started as one and then divided into two and then three all the way up to one hundred in an instant. At the same time, the branches rushed forward and struck the tiger all over. The attack, like a sudden storm, rained down blow after blow continuously. The tiger had no idea what was happening and tried to fly away but before it could, it was hit again and again and again.

It found that no matter where it tried to turn and flee, it would be pounded back into its original spot. It stared hatefully at Kai but Kai still remained unmoving from his spot.

Kai smirked with confidence. Seeing Kazuki out of the corner of his eye, he remembered the time limit.

“Looks like its time to finish things.”

Only a few seconds passed but the more Kai’s blows struck the tiger, the smaller it would get. Every attack caused it to drain its own power to maintain its form and with energy dwindling, it could only maintain a smaller size.

Kai with rapid speed pulled the branch back and it rested at his side for a fraction of a second. It was within this small time frame that the beast found itself free from the rain of blows and reacted. Flapping its wings it rushed forward, its jaws wide open.

“I thought you learned, I guess not.”

Kai taunted the beast again before he drew his blade and roared within his mind.


The branch left his side and tore at the wind, creating a howling whistle as it arched in front of him. Kai’s branch split into three and came slashing at the beast’s open mouth.

The beast suddenly lowered itself and folded a single wing. Its speed slightly reduced and its body tilted just enough and it dodged all three blades. Its taloned foot stretched forward intending to tear the flesh from Kai’s throat but Kai sneered.

(So you did learn. Too bad though…)

Kai twisted his wrist and changed his grip in an instant. The three branches that missed changed directions midflight and sliced through the tiger several times.

* Schink Schink Schink*

The branch was dull but with Kai’s technique, the branch cut through the tiger’s body like paper and divided it into three. Kai didn’t stop there. He twisted his wrist once more and pulled his arm in the opposite direction, dividing the deformed tiger again. Teleporting at its back, Kai’s branch refused to stop moving. Limbs fell off one by one and wings were lacerated. A pound of flesh was carved out again and again and again.

The Beast soul fragment finally for the first time seemed to truly be afraid as it did everything in its power to reform its body but it couldn’t keep up. It shrunk down, time and time again. It was the size of a large vehicle, only to be the size of a boulder than it was the size of a regular tiger, then a dog, until finally, it was no bigger than an average fat house cat.

Only when it shrunk down to this size did Kai finally stop cutting away. Reaching forward he grabbed the puny beast by the rough of its neck and held it up toward Kazuki.

“Is this what you meant when you said you wanted me to hold it in place, hahaha.”

Kazuki shook his head. The whole reason he went to bring the god aura in here was so they could suppress the beast. Kazuki didn’t think Kai could beat it down to this state but since he had, the god aura was now pointless. Kazuki sighed in his heart. He had to use everything he could think of to bring it in here and now it was deemed useless. Seeing his brother chuckling though lifted his mood. With this, he could destroy the beast soul fragment and finally take over the Beast’s core with his soul.

All in all, this was the best outcome in his opinion. Kazuki joined in on the laugh and came forward. The god-like aura he brought with him rested at his side and followed him over.

He looked at the ugly little beast and poked it on the head a few times. The ugly tiger cat swung its taloned foot in fury but it could no longer harm a fly let alone the two of them.

“Damn, I went through all the trouble to bring this aura with me so we could suppress this little creatin and now…Hmm, brother, what’s the matter?”

Kazuki noticed a strange expression on his brother’s face. It was pale white like he had seen the devil.

Kai had not seen nor felt the god aura until it was right in front of him but as soon as he felt it, his entire attitude changed. His body shook and he dropped the little tiger cat to the ground and stumbled backward a few steps. Slowly, he pointed at the godly aura floating silently near Kazuki and his words gave away his obvious fear.

“That energy, I recognize that demonic power. It…It’s like hers.”

Kazuki had no clue what he was talking about. He didn’t recall his sister Fear ever having an aura like this. Kazuki took a step forward and was about to ask Kai what he was talking about but this single step caused Kai to retreat a step as well and scream at his little brother in a panic.


Kazuki’s steps froze in place.

“Big brother, what’s the matter with you? What’s wrong with this energy? What do you know?”

Kai said nothing but looked deeply at Kazuki. He could tell that his little brother really had no clue and Kai relaxed slightly. Just as he was about to say something the two heard an odd scratching sound.

*Sktch skt shch*

Hearing such a weird and out of place noise in this soul world stole their attention almost immediately. It only took half a second to find the source.

*Munch crunch munch*

The two became dumbfounded. The small cat-sized beast had torn a piece out of Kazuki’s soul tree and chewing it. Before the two could race over.


In one large swallow, the beast swallowed the tiny piece of soul tree. Kazuki felt a tinge of pain and a light surrounded the tiger beast.

(Damn, I was distracted by that fiendish energy and took my eyes off of that ugly little shit.)

Kai teleported over and swung down, intending to destroy the beast soul fragment here and now but before the branch could sever the small beast, the beast expanded back to its original size in an instant. The beast moved like a shadow and dodged Kai’s attack before countering. This time he finally slammed his taloned foot into Kai. Kai wasn’t slow though and defended himself well before he was pushed back.

This didn’t matter to the beast though. Instead, its red eyes focused on Kazuki and pounced over. It recognized Kazuki as the owner of this place. It assumed that Kazuki was weak in here since Kazuki had not fought this entire time. Whether its assumption was right or wrong at the moment though didn’t matter. If it could destroy Kazuki then maybe, just maybe there was a way out of this. Those were its simple thoughts.

Kazuki tried to retreat out of the way but he found that he couldn’t move like them in his soul world. This, of course, was a huge frustration but there was nothing he could do at the moment. Kazuki threw his hands in front of his face and prepared to take a lot of damage but just as the beast’s mouth appeared in front of his face.


Kazuki looked past his defense and found that the beast had actually frozen in place. The godly aura had at some point floated in front of Kazuki and the beast fell to the ground and just stopped moving. It looked as though it were either cowering or bowing in front of him but due to the beast weird body, Kazuki couldn’t tell for sure.

Kazuki came back to his senses and called out.


Before Kazuki even finished his words Kai had already teleported next to the beast.

“Yea I’m already on it”

The branch swung down. Without needing to hold the beast in place or worry about killing it, the branch in Kai’s hands sliced completely through the beast’s neck in one fell swoop.


The beast’s eyes widened as it realized what happened. Its face warped between hatred and fear as it stared at those that surrounded it. Its head, as well as its body, turned into particles of light and faded away into the void.

Kai took the branch in his hand and tossed it behind his back toward the tree. The branch collided from the spot it had been broken off from and reconnected as though it were never removed in the first place. Many smaller branches and leaves regrew on it in an instant and it was once more a part of Kazuki’s soul tree.

Kai wanted to punch Kazuki but the aura in front of him caused him to pause. A moment later though he teleported behind Kazuki and punched him in the back of the head.

Kazuki turned around and had a what the fuck look on his face but Kai shouted in displeasure as he pointed at that aura.

“Next time don’t surprise me with that shit!”

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