Return of the Fallen Volume 4 Chapter 20

Author: Blue_Rat


The eyes of the Mind Frey lit up and a holographic video hovering above Abura’s head began to play. What Kazuki saw was somewhat confusing. The memories that played out started from around five but a moment later the video went black and skipped ahead. Kazuki wondered if Abura was blocking his memories as he had done earlier but there wasn’t any evidence of that. Every now and then there were many blacked-out areas, as though the memories were erased or never existed at all.


When the memories continued Abura was already a teenager. By this time he was already alone. Abandoned by his uncle in the mountains, thrown away for being useless. Abura was never smart and should have died within a few days of being lost in the mountains, instead though he was found.

Abura was found by an odd creature. It was shaped like a round sphere and its skin was covered in a thick layer of rock. This creature took interest in Abura for whatever reason and began to raise him. The creature ate anything and everything and taught Abura how to eat things too. This was an ancient skill the old ones used to gain energy, heal themselves, grow stronger. Abura simply used it to survive.

Later on, Abura was now a young man but his mind had barley progressed and he was prone to childlike tantrums. Every time he would have a tantrum he would run down the mountain and eat his feelings. Whatever he found he would devour. Sometimes he found villages and would eat those that angered him.

Abura found a certain village where he met Muteki. Muteki at first found Abura disgusting but eventually, he grew interested in Abura’s strange devouring ability. Muteki tried to learn it but because Abura himself didn’t know how to explain things very well, Muteki gave up. Over time the two developed a relationship similar to boss and subordinate. Abura would follow and listen to Muteki due to the fact that he was the only human that showed any signs of good treatment to him. Eventually, the two left the mountains and backwater villages and traveled the continent.

Muteki was strong since Abura knew him and as the two traveled the both of them only grew stronger and stronger. Abura followed after Muteki always and the two enjoyed the dangers they faced. Muteki enjoyed challenges while Abura enjoyed devouring his enemies.

Abura’s memories showed the interactions he had with Garn. It showed Muteki and the other squad members kneeling in front of Garn. Abura tried to follow suit and kneel but due to his large and odd shape he fell over and rolled about embarrassingly.

Garn questioned why someone like him was on Muteki’s squad and Muteki spoke up for him. Abura felt slight worship and care for his boss.

The memory changed once more and showed something large in the background. It was a floating island. Kazuki recognized it on the spot.

(The sky prison.)

At first, Kazuki didn’t really care about seeing it but Garn began to explain to Muteki.

“With this weapon, I will gather millions of Beast cores. Once I have the cores I will set them all off and create a dead zone between Treia and the Miasma. The Miasma will no longer be able to advance into these lands. With this, the Azirian’s will no longer be able to use it for cover and then we will slowly drive every single Azirian to the edge and finish them once and for all.”

Kazuki frowned.

(This old bastard doesn’t know that the Azirian’s don’t have to necessarily cross from the land.)

Reya proved this fact. She was an Azirian and had intelligence.

(If there’s even one more Azirian that can think properly like Reya and they know they can’t cross the land, what’s to stop them from going around through the sea. What’s to stop them from leading an army of Azirian’s around through the waters and straight up Treia’s ass crack.)

Abura’s memories were pretty disgusting and terrible from beginning to end. The number of people he’s eaten had been well over a thousand up to this point in his life and the number he’s eaten while they were still alive was in the hundreds. Abura was a dumb fat fool. Abandoned as a boy with the mind of a child but he knew right from wrong so there was no pity to be had, at least not from Kazuki.

The projection of memories faded away at the end and the Mind Frey fell off of Abura’s neck. Shriviling up like a dried-out husk, it was dead.

Kazuki was curious about Abura’s ability but that pushed aside by the fact that Garn had a large weapon that could teleport and was powerful enough to destroy a city. Kazuki had felt the pressure when he first saw this but after thinking about it rationally, he calmed down a bit.

(Garn has that weapon but hasn’t come after me with it. Either I’m not that important to him and am merely a thorn that he wishes to torture, that would make sense since he sent a small group of people after me. Though he probably never imagined that things would turn out as they did and I would escape from Muteki. It’s that or the new weapon he’s made out of that floating prison requires so much energy that it’s not worth it for Garn to come after me in it. Either way, I should be scot-free at least for now from Garn and his pursuits. Well, that is as long as Reya has dealt with Muteki and the rest of his squad and didn’t let any of them get away. With her power though she should have easily killed them all.)

Kazuki felt a huge burden removed from him. With Muteki and the rest dead, it would be a while before Garn realized they hadn’t reported back and that something had gone wrong. By the time he sent someone to figure out what happened, Kazuki would be long gone. He would find someplace to gather strength and he would go to someplace out of Garn’s grasp.

Abura looked up at Kazuki with both fear and curiosity.

The bleeding from his mouth had finally subsided and he could talk without a slur.

“I…You’ll let me go now!?”

Kazuki came back from his thoughts and smiled at Abura. Abura found this smile to be warm and he felt some hope. Kazuki nodded.

“I’ve seen everything, you have no more use. So yeah, you can go.”

Abura wanted to turn and leave but all of his limbs were broken. He tried to gather energy but before he could, Kazuki’s two fingers gathered power, and in less three seconds a blue flame wrapped around his pointy and middle finger. Abura’s eyes widened in horror.

“What, what are you doing. You said you’d let me go!”

Kazuki nodded once more.

“I did say I’d let you go…from this world that is.”

Before Abura could even issue a scream of terror, Kazuki thrust his two fingers forward.


A nasty squishy sound entered Kazuki’s ears as his two fingers stabbed directly into Abura’s right eye. His eyeball directly exploded but Kazuki still pushed his fingers forward. The tissue was softer behind the eye and made it easier for Kazuki to push the tips of his fingers into Abura’s brain. The flame at the tip of his two fingers dove into Abura’s brain and with a thought, Kazuki controlled the flame and caused it to spin rapidly for only a split second. This split-second, however, was more than enough time to liquefy his brain, scramble it and turn it to steamed mush.

Abura’s entire body shook and his other eye melted before smoke rolled out from every orifice on his face. Abura’s body fell over stiffly. Kazuki flicked his fingers and a nasty goo of blood, and brain matter was flung away. This didn’t clean his fingers completely and he used the snow as well as Abura’s shirt to clean himself.

Looking at Abura’s corpse, after the heat fell away, blood poured out from his eyes ears nose, and mouth. Kazuki snorted in disgust.

“Good riddance.”

Kazuki could be vicious, he would be the first to admit that but he was not usually this vile. The things that added up and led to this were wide and varying though. The emotions Kazuki went through, all of his experiences and then he finally got a new Mage core. Feeling his body flood with power, boil over with strength, this overwhelmed him momentarily. Add to the fact he just witnessed all of Abura’s and a few of Muteki’s atrocities, there was no way, Kazuki could reframe from killing Abura.

The man was beyond horrid. Add on Abura’s obsession and worship he held for Muteki. Once Abura finds out that Reya has killed Muteki, Kazuki was sure the fatty would blame not only Reya but him as well. After all, it was Kazuki who ordered Reya to kill Muteki and his squad. Once an Obsessed Abura knows this, it would only be a matter of time before he comes to find Kazuki. With that odd nose of his that can trail magic, Kazuki felt Abura would probably have a good chance of actually tracking him down.

With his strength back, Kazuki no longer feared Abura but if Abura could find him then Abura could also lead stronger opponents, stronger enemies to Kazuki. Kazuki was already looking over his shoulder constantly, he didn’t need another reason to do so. Killing Abura was the most logical choice.

Kazuki took Abura’s magic ring but besides that, there was nothing else of value. Storing it in his own storage ring, Kazuki thought about giving it to Nunulyl or someone else when he returned.

Now that Abura was dead, Kazuki had one more thing to do here. Grabbing his golden compass, he could now perfectly sense the god aura seeping out of it.

(Now I’ll deal with you.)

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