Return of the Fallen Volume 4 Chapter 29

Author: Blue_Rat


All of the thugs broke out into wild laughter. Even Kazuki Tsura and Nunully couldn’t help but smile as Mei was too cute just then. At the same time, a feeling of pity spread among them as they knew Mei would not take kindly to these street rats laughing at her and sure enough…

Mei’s brows furrowed and she looked back at Kazuki and Tsura.

“Big bro, mama, can I beat these people up?”

Tsura knew these people were ill-intentioned and nodded right away. Kazuki as well added.

“Of course you can. Why do you think I led them to such a secluded alley?”

Mei’s eyes shined in understanding and she turned back to face the thugs who stopped laughing and were now eyeing Kazuki in confusion. The main thug stepped forward and wielded his dagger threateningly.

“Heh, you led us? I don’t think so you country bumpkin. This here’s the big city and I run…”


Before he could finish his words, Mei had already appeared in front of him and thrown out a heavy punch into the man’s stomach. Before the man could even blink, he was lifted off his feet from the initial blow and flew backward several feet before he landed like a rag doll in a pile of garbage. A nearby mutt of a dog was scared of the noise and yelped in fear before running out of the alley and down the street.

The other thugs were stunned by this. Mei, on the other hand, didn’t understand how the leader was so weak.

The thugs took this pause as an opportunity and two of the thugs came forward slashing and stabbing madly with their daggers. They didn’t care that Mei was a child nor that she was a girl. They weren’t ones for sympathy in the first place on top of seeing her strength just now, they knew they couldn’t take it easy.

One of the thugs slashed down atop her little head while another thrust his blade at her side. Mei looked at these people as though they were stupid.

(They saw my strength but they still attack. City people are really really weird.)

The movements of the thugs were beyond slow in Mei’s eyes. She grabbed the wrist of the two thugs and gripped them like a vice. The two thugs froze on the spot realizing they could neither thrust forward nor pull their arms away.

“You guys are very weak.”

The glow of a magic weapon lit up from behind the thugs and Nunully called out in a panic.

“Mei look out!”

Kazuki and Tsura though saw the one casting a spell and felt no fear for Mei. From the walls of the alley and from underfoot, several long earth spikes shot out and stabbed toward Mei. This Mage was careless and ended up piercing one of the thugs Mei caught causing them to unleash an unholy scream.


Mei though was left completely unharmed. The spikes landed upon her body but Mei’s defenses were already naturally tough and each earth spike either shattered or broke off into a few chunks when they impacted with her skin. Mei gripped the wrist of the two thugs near her and snapped them in two.

*Crack Pop*

The two thugs screamed more and Mei threw out a slap.

Her hand cut through the air and connected with the two one after another. It was just an ordinary slap across their faces but the impact shook their brain inside their heads like jello and the two thugs fell over unconscious. The last two thugs near the entrance of the alley. One held a dagger that had a few inscriptions glowing upon while the other a woman simply had a regular small blade. The two thugs eyed one another and turned and bolted away.

Mei was already feeling upset about being called a lamb and was even more irritated when someone sneak attacked her with magic and now her enemies were trying to run. Mei bent down and grabbed two chunks that broke off from the Earth spikes and chucked them forward casually.

*Thump Thud*

Before the thugs escaped the alley, the two were knocked down by pieces of fat rock and collapsed on the ground. This didn’t knock either of them out though and they were about to both scream when Kazuki appeared in front of them and covered their mouths and noses tightly and whispered.

“Shh shh shh shh. rest.”

This only lasted for a few seconds and shouldn’t have been enough to knock someone out due to lack of oxygen but the fear Mei had just inflicted on them and the look Kazuki gave them scared them shitless and the two were out.

As soon as they became limp, Kazuki started searching their bodies for anything of value. First, he took the dagger as well as a few coins. Mei’s eyes glowed in fascination and she asked.

“Big bro, what are you doing?”

“Hmm, robbing them of course. This is what you do to enemies, especially the ones that want to rob you first. It’s the biggest form of humiliation a thief can experience in my opinion.”

Mei nodded along in understanding before she asked more.

“Umm, does that mean I can rob them as well?”

“Of course you can. As a matter of fact, I was wondering why you hadn’t already started.”

Mei grew delighted and ran over to help out. Nunully wasn’t quite sure how she felt about this and turned to Tsura but Tsura was already pulling out the pockets of the thugs without concern.

“Tsura arent you worried about Mei’s future. Won’t this cause a bad habit later on down the line?”

Tsura shrugged her shoulders.

“These people would rob innocent people and arent innocent themselves. I see nothing wrong with taking from despicable people. Did you not see how they looked at you and me. Do you think these creatures with black hearts deserve sympathy?”

“I…I didn’t mean it like that. I just want Mei to see the difference between right and wrong.”

Tsura shook her head.

“Right and wrong don’t matter not when any of us are being hunted. All that matters now is survival. When it comes to my daughter, even if it weren’t criminals we were robbing and were instead… well I would choose Mei every time. This is something that will help us, help my daughter. What would you have us do?”

Nunully didn’t know what to say to that and went silent. A moment later she began going through the pockets as well.

Mei ran over with a few coins and showed Kazuki excitedly.

“Big bro what about this, is this a lot?”

Kazuki saw a few silver coins and a few copper pieces. It wasn’t a lot but Kazuki still rubbed Mei’s head and smiled at her.

“This will help a bunch, good job Mei Mei.”

Mei returned a smile as sweet as sugar and went back to looking for more shiny coins.

Kazuki helpfully reminded her.

“Don’t forget the boots, after all those r r fimly arrowlooms, hahaha.”

Mei and Tsura began to laugh out loud and Nunully as well laughed under her breath.

By the time everything was said and done, Kazuki and the others walked away with a small amount of money as well as a few daggers, one being a weak magic weapon that could produce earth spikes. It was easy to use for someone that was at the first stage but its effects were nothing beyond that. It also required a lot of magical energy and had a large cooldown. It was a terrible Magic weapon but it should still fetch a few silvers.

(This dagger is very impractical. It wastes so much energy and its attack and range are very slow. If that thug wasn’t being held in place by Mei, he could have easily dodged it.)

Kazuki shook his head.

(It would be much more practical to simply use a regular dagger. These thugs are definitely stupid. The fact that they followed some people into an alley that carried no valuables in their hands and are dressed poor and covered in dirt, what did they think we had.)

Leaving the alley, the only thing left behind were a few knocked out people left in their underwear. Kazuki and everyone else went back to the main road and left the slum area of the city. Asking around, Kazuki found a vendor he could unload the thugs’ useless crap and pocketed a few more silvers.

Then he was pointed to the bar with the lowest reputation.

Standing in front of the bar, a sign read.

[The Golden Toe.]

The name was odd, to say the least, but Kazuki could care less. He didn’t come here for a name nor a drink. Just as Kazuki and the rest were about to step in, a large man was flying out or rather was being thrown out.


The large man hit a wooden fence on the other side of the road and was embedded in it with his ass sticking out toward the road. A man’s shout followed after the man.

“Don’t come back until you settle up. Otherwise, I’m taking that neck of yours.”

The owner of the voice walked out and slapped away the dirt from his hands before he saw Kazuki and the people with him. The man snorted seeing this dirty, poor-looking group and shouted again.

“What do you people want!? There’s no almsgiving here!”

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