Return of the Fallen Volume 4 Chapter 30

Author: Blue_Rat


The man looked down at Kazuki and the others. He just dealt with a fella who had no money and now it seemed like more copperless folks were seeking free drinks from his establishment.

Kazuki still looked like a hunched back old man. Fishing into his chest pocket and pulled out a shiny silver and flashed a black toothed grin. Really he just activated his storage ring but right now he was still pretending to be a bum so he made it look like he was really searching for it.

The man saw the silver and grumbled something under his breath before he turned and walked back in. His voice came from inside.

“Hurry up and come in or don’t.”

Kazuki and the others walked in. As soon as they did they found a corner table and sat down. Mei was looking all over in wonder. She had never seen or smelled all these different things and it interested her. From the dark ad muggy atmosphere to the sour smell of brew and the weird characters that patronized this dinky little bar.

The reverse was true for the odd customers sitting around. At first, they were chatting normally but when they spotted a dirty hunched over old man leading in a beautiful turban covered woman, a pregnant lady, and a small boy. These odd customers couldn’t help raise a brow at the weird sight and began whispering and murmuring amongst themselves. They wondered what type of people would bring a pregnant woman and a child into a filthy place like this.

They themselves were definitely no pretty picture themselves but this group of four that just walked in was a sight to be hold.

A woman with red hair and a large figure walked over and asked with a grunt.

“What it be? and we don’t serve kids alcohol so don’t even ask.”

The woman had a rather large chest as well as a moe on her left breast. Kazuki wasn’t trying to stare but the way the top of her shirt hung open and how she stood gave him more than an eye full of her cleavage and beyond. Nunully didn’t like this and leaned over, her turban perfectly blocking his view.

Kazuki made a helpless face. The waitress was very stacked but her figure was a bit much for Kazuki’s taste and her face was not even average. His attraction to this woman was nonexistent but Nunully felt otherwise.

While blocking his view, in this way, she was about to order but there was no menu on the table and this waitress didn’t bring anything over.

“Umm, what do you have?”

The plump redhead put a hand on her hip and spoke as though she were annoyed already.

“Look we got beer and we got water. As for food, we have some lamb skewers. Now, what’ll it be?”

Nunully was already losing her patience but she decided it wasn’t worth it to argue with such a woman.

“I’ll have a beer and a few skewers of lamb.”

Tsura added along.

“I’ll have a beer as well, 2 skewers of lamb and…Mei what would you like.”

Mei didn’t hesitate and almost shouted.

“Beer, I want a big beer!”

Tsura was quick to say no.

“I don’t think so young lady. Miss, water for her and a lamb skewer as well.”

Mei interrupted her mom.

“No, no lamb, I hate lamb and sheep.”

Nunully chuckled.

“Mei Mei, lamb and sheep are the same animal you know.”

Mei was taken aback before she shook her head.

“Big sis it doesn’t matter because I hate them both.”

Nunully didn’t know what to say to this and began to think about how different children thought about things compared to adults. Kazuki felt the conversation was going nowhere fast and added his order.

“Two beers for me, that’s it.”

The waitress kinda just stood there and stared at Tsura in disgust. Even a few customers looked at her with obvious anger before a few looked at her stomach and felt pity. Kazuki and the others noticed their stares but they chose to remain silent for a moment. Kazuki just tilted his head.

“Wasa matter big tits, are ya gettin our order or nah?”

The waitress gave Tsura another nasty look before she grunted, turned and walked away in displeasure. After she left, Nunully whispered.

“What was that about. Tsura that lady was seriously giving you a nasty look.”

Tsura shrugged her shoulders.

“Really, I just thought that face of hers didn’t know how to smile.”

Mei wondered out loud.

“Mama, what’s wrong with her face? How can she not know how to smile? All you have to do is grab like this and pull.”

Mei grabbed her cheeks with her hands and pulled her mouth upward, making a large unnatural smile. She sounded almost as though she had a lisp as she spoke.

“See, like this like this.”

Tsura and Nunully began to chuckle lightly before Kazuki pointed at Tsura’s stomach.

“Tsura look at your stomach and tell me why you got those looks.”

Tsura didn’t quite understand but after a moment it clicked for her.

“Ah, I see, they all think I’m pregnant. No wonder they looked at me with disgust. It was because I ordered a beer while having this appearance.”

Nunully as well made an aha face. Normally she was quick-witted but this time she overlooked such a simple thing. Maybe because their disguises were just pretending, so she didn’t take such details to heart.

Kazuki whispered.

“Also, we’re supposed to be disguised but you clearly called Mei a she and you a pregnant lady ordered a beer. Pay a bit more attention.”

Tsura realized her mistake and reprimanded her self in her mind before she nodded seriously to Kazuki.

Mei didn’t understand but her thoughts didn’t stay on that topic for too long as her attention was stolen by several beers and several skewers being placed on the table before her.

“Your food.”

The busty waitress laid everything out before opening her hand expectantly.

“Hmm, you want a tip?”

Kazuki asked her but she looked even more annoyed.

“No, this fine establishment here no longer waits for customers to finish there meal before paying. You pay when the food arrives or you don’t eat.”

Kazuki eyed her but she didn’t seem to care much.

“Look its policy. Are you gonna pay up or not?”

Kazuki didn’t fret. Seeing how the customer earlier was thrown out for not paying up, it was understandable to collect the money now. If it were Kazuki and his bar, he would have taken payment before the food and drinks even came out. In this way, it could be seen that this place was a little more trusting. Either that or Kazuki simply didn’t trust people to not stiff him.

Kazuki flashed his black toothed smile and flicked a silver at the waitress. He wasn’t sure of the prices but for a few beers and a few skewers of meat couldn’t cost too much. Sure enough, the waitress caught the silver and nodded. She actually finally seemed to be in a better mood. That is until she saw Tsura pick up a beer and chug it down in less than two seconds.


Tsura felt pleasant from the taste and picked up a skewer right after before taking a big bite of it. It was nowhere near her level of cooking but it was still enjoyable, especially after a cool refreshing beer. The waitress’s mood changed seeing what she believed to be a pregnant Tsura down a beer like that.

She then dug a hand into her cleavage and pulled out several copper coins. Slapping them on the table she snorted.


“Hmph, your change customer!”

Kazuki didn’t know whether it was the correct change or not but he was too entertained by Tsura’s actions and the waitress’s reaction to even care. Kazuki picked up his own beer and took a small sip.

As soon as the cold drink touched his taste buds, he couldn’t help but let out a small moan.

(Haa, I was missing this.)

Kazuki didn’t mind a drink every now and then but he been a while since he last had one. The last time he drank was back at Edngaul. He couldn’t help but think about old Tilly and wonder how she’s been since then. The woman was quite odd but she was a lot of fun, especially when he shared a drink with her.

Nunully as well began to drink her own beer. One by one the three put down their mugs and Mei burst ut with laughter.


Her laughter was quite loud and drew everyone’s attention. Someone was about to complain about the noise when the man noticed what the little lady was laughing at. He too began to laugh and then his and Mei’s laughter infected everyone else when they saw what she was laughing at. Soon the whole bar’s mood changed, causing Kazuki, Nunully, and Tsura to look around confused. Very quickly their eyes landed on each other and they too began to laugh.

All three of them had foamy mustaches above their lip. This was a common sight in bars but for some reason, Mei’s laugh got to everyone.

Mei though got over it rather quickly and she stopped laughing. She looked around the bar and said as loudly as possible.

“Eh, why is everyone laughing, how weird!”

As soon as they heard it, everyone shut up and stared at Mei with incredulity. A few men even went red with embarrassment and they felt like they had been tricked for some reason. The mood switched and gloom took over the bar.

Mei then spoke again.

“Huh, why did everyone go quiet now. The laughs were weird but I really liked them.”

Tsura wiped the foam from her lip before taking a lamb skewer and shoving some of the meat into Mei’s mouth.

“Silly child, you talk too much.”

Mei’s eyes widened. She had said she hated lamb but as soon as the mild spice and meaty flavor touched her tongue, she was enraptured with it.

The mood in the bar again flipped as several people couldn’t help but think.

(Too cute!)

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