Return of the Fallen Volume 4 Chapter 35

Author: Blue_Rat


“Which side are you going to pick or should we do that for you as well?”

The woman smirked at Kazuki as she said this. Kazuki nervously shook his head. Flipping over the coin he looked at both sides. One side was marked by the female guard and had a near-perfect circle with an X in the middle. On the other side, the man carved out two stars. Kazuki was slightly surprised. The two had such skill and yet they were only guards out front.

Kazuki picked the side with a circle and an X.

Without any more foolery, Kazuki was just about to flick the coin when the male added.

“One last thing. Don’t catch the coin, who knows what kind of sleight of the hand you have. Let it fall naturally to the ground. Whatever side faces up is it, got it?”

Kazuki went along with it.

“Cours of cours. Les start then.”

(These two are extremely cautious even for a bum like me. Too bad for them, they won’t be able to see through this.)

Kazuki held the coin before them before he pretended to nervously flick it into the air. As it flipped several times in the air, Kazuki could see it perfectly as though it were moving in slow motion. Just as it was about to hit the ground, Kazuki willed his power forth and a small invisible tendril of ki stretched out from him and just barely touched the coin.


The two guards looked down upon the coin and sure enough, it landed with the circle and X face up. Kazuki purposely widened his eyes and shouted for joy.

“Yesss! ya cee ya cee. My luck is the best in Dis world!”

The male guard picked up the coin and felt its weight once more. It still seemed exactly the same. He threw it over.

“Ok old man that was just the first throw, don’t get so freaking excited or you’ll hurt your back with all that jerky movement.”

The female guard added.

“Just hurry up already.”

Kazuki smiled at the two.

“ok ok no needs ta rush me.”

Kazuki flicked the coin once more. Once again he extended his energy outward. Again the coin landed in his favor. This time it was Mei who got excited.

“Big br…I mean grandpa, that’s amazing, you really are super super lucky.”

Kazuki rubbed Mei’s head.

“Das right Das right. Ur grandpa is da luckiest.”

Tsura and Nunully shared a look with one another and the two wondered if this was his power called ki. They knew that he wasn’t simply flicking the coin but they also couldn’t sense any power coming from Kazuki at all. They remembered Kazuki’s memory though and recalled that his ki power for some reason could not be sensed with magic. Now, out of curiosity, they observed even more carefully to see if they could determine when his power affected the coin.

Kazuki did this two more times and all four times he made it land in his favor. The two guards were perplexed. As the odds went, the coin had a 50-50 chance to land on one of the marked sides but so far it had landed the same side up each time. The two began to think maybe Kazuki actually was lucky. Though that was hard to believe seeing that he and his family wore nothing but rags. How can someone supposedly be so lucky yet be so poor?

Kazuki was about to flip the coin one last time before the female guard stopped him.

“Wait one moment.”

Kazuki paused his hand.

“Hmm, wat is it, missy. Imma bout to win and go in.”

The female guard put out her hand.

“How about for the last toss, you let me do it?”

Kazuki took a step back and held the coin tightly to his chest as he looked at the woman cautiously.


The female guard seemed to pick up on something and pointed at the coin.

“I’m just wondering if maybe there’s something off about this whole thing. I mean this makes no sense that all four times it’s landed in your favor. Let’s see just how lucky you really are. If I flick it and it lands your side up then you truly are lucky. If it doesn’t…well I guess your luck only goes so far. Now, hand it over.”

Kazuki’s hand trembled.

“Das no fair. What if your touch taints mu luck. wat if you holding takes my luck away. Isn’t this a crime ur putting on me?”

The man laughed.

“What crime bull shit are you spouting. My friend simply wants to try her hand at it. Now hand it over or you can turn around right now and the deals off.”

Kazuki slowly stretched out his hand while Mei stared at the two guards in anger.

“Big br…Grandpa this is two unfair. Why are they being so mean to you? How can they change the bet right at the height of it?”

Kazuki paused for a moment. Little Mei had perfect timing and Kazuki played along. He knelt down next to Mei and spoke in an aggrieved voice.

“Its ok little one. All my life Deres been bullys and tricksters trryn ta hold me down. Ud think they at least offer sumin in return for all dis but hey they afraids to try all my luck.”

The male guard stepped forward.

“Whos afraid? Are you gonna hand it over or not?”

Kazuki handed it over and the guard snatched it and gave it to te female. The woman saw the bitter look coming from both Kazuki and Mei and felt something tug at her heart. Finally, she pulled out a gold Zeni.

“I’ll tell you what. If your luck truly is as good as you claim, then if it lands favorably, I’ll add this to your bounty. This way when you go in you can have a bigger start. How’s that sound?”

Kazuki slowly stood up as his bones creaked he made a painful face and nodded as though his hopes were all riding on this toss.

The male guard, on the other hand, was confused.

“Wait what. Why are you offering them your pay?”

The female guard shrugged her shoulders.

“It’s only offering it to them if they win.”

The male guard didn’t know what to say to that and grumbled something quietly.

The female guard took the silver coin and flicked it with a good amount of strength. The coin flew over a hundred feet into the air and flipped a few hundred times before it came whirling down. Just before it touched the ground, an invisible force flipped it one more time.


Everyone looked over the coin. Kazuki began fist-pumping while Mei was jumping all around in excitement. Tsura and Nunnally hadn’t taken their eyes off of Kazuki for even a second yet they still couldn’t tell how he did it and could only conclude it was his ki power. Either that or he really was lucky but neither one of them believed in that.

The male guard leaned back slightly and whispered.

“Well I’ll be damned.”

The female guard felt some bitterness in her heart.

(Looks like things will be a bit tight this week.)

She tossed the coin over to Kazuki.

“I guess you weren’t lying. Old man, you really are lucky.”

Kazuki greedily caught the gold coin and stuffed it into his chest pocket as if he had never held so much wealth in his entire life. The two guards shook their heads simultaneously before they opened the doors behind them. The female smiled softly.

“Welcome to Takara Casino. May your pockets always remain full and your drinks never dry. Enjoy.”

The beautifully designed solid wooden doors finally opened and Kazuki and the others walked in.

The entire place was lit up and glowed with a golden hue. Hundreds of people were happily gambling and drinking to their heart’s content. The atmosphere was abundantly lively and people were shouting and cheering. Beautiful women and handsome men walked around serving guest drinks and food. The women were clad in thin see-through outfits that clung tightly to the skin and showed off every curve. There was no mystery to unravel from them whatsoever.

The men as well wore tiny shorts they highlighted and showed off their packages. Each one wore tight vest that showed off their pecks and large arms. Kazuki wanted to laugh seeing this but looking around the room, high-class rich women were fawning all over them as they rubbed and groped the men all over.

Kazuki looked at his three companions and wondered what face they would make. Seeing the women, none of them seemed to care about their outfits at all. Kazuki could understand why. Nunully was raised in a brothel and every woman she knew from a young age wore similar outfits as these women and seemed normal to her. Mei and Tsura didn’t care about the women either. The two were used to female nudity seeing as how they were naked every time they transformed.

When they saw the men however it was a different story. Nunully wasn’t allowed near any of the men while she was growing u and was forced to stay in her room during business hours so she never saw men’s bodies showed off like that. Seeing these men covered in dense thick muscles that bulged or even the men with thinner toned frames. All of that exposed flesh caused her face to flush. Tsura as well had a small shade of pink make its way up her neck and onto her cheeks.


Kazuki looked down at Mei and she was pointing and laughing at all of the men.

“Big bro. Why are they all dressed like penguins?”

Kazuki was a little taken aback.

“Mei, how do you know what penguins are?”

Mei could barely control her laughter when she thought for a moment and pointed at Kazuki.

“From big bros memories. They were on that thing called a tv. They were the silly birds that couldn’t fly.”

Kazuki, Tsura, and Nunully were surprised Mei recalled that. Kazuki had experienced so many different things in the ten years he lived on Earth and one time he watched a documentary about Earth to learn more about the world he was stuck on. One of the segments was about penguins. Kazuki didn’t think much about them but apparently, they stuck out to Mei.

“You paid attention to that small detail?”

Mei nodded.

“Of course. They were birds that couldn’t fly. At first, I felt sorry for them but when they fell over it made me laugh a bunch.”

Mei pointed at the men again.

“They look just like the birds and just like penguins they can’t fly. Only Mama and I are the flying birds, hehe.”

Mei grinned in delight feeling superior. Tsura rubbed her little head and smiled.

Kazuki hed the gold Zeni in his hand and looked for a certain game. Sure enough, he found the table he was looking for and headed over.

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