Return of the Fallen Volume 4 Chapter 39

Author: Blue_Rat


The man guarding Degra almost fell back hearing his boss admit he was cheating a guest. His hand unconsciously moved toward the blade at his hip. If his boss was divulging such information then he was doing it for 1 of two reasons. Either he was toying with Kazuki and planned to kill him anyway and so didn’t give a crap if he heard all this or Degra was planning on recruiting Kazuki and therefore threw this info at him to tip Kazuki’s hand.

The guard next to Degra didn’t at the moment know which way his boss was taking things and simply prepared early to take Kazuki’s head if this was indeed the way things were headed. Kazuki noticed the guards shady movements and sighed.

(Do I have to teach this dog a lesson or…)

Just as he was thinking that, Degra waved the guard away and the guard stood down.

(Hmm, his men listen at least.)

Mei didn’t understand any of this but felt that Degra was accusing Kazuki for something and she glared at him.

“Leave big bro alone, he didn’t do nothing.”

Degra’s eyes narrowed as he pointed at Mei and Tsura in curiosity.

“What kind of pets are these?”

Tsura was put on alert and she promptly grabbed Mei and pulled her behind herself defensively.

(He can tell were not human. This man’s eyes are dangerous.)

Kazuki changed the subject before Degra dug too deeply.

“These two are my business but what’s more interesting is the fact that the owner admits to cheating the customer.”

“True I did cheat but only because you cheated my game first. Several times I might add but even then I lost to whatever skill you used. Tell me, how does that power of your work exactly? It doesn’t seem to be magic at least I didn’t see you use an element so what could it be?”

“You have the special eyes, why don’t you tell me. You say I cheated but care to explain how? In the end, from the outside looking in, everything I’ve done can be counted as luck and nothing more. What cheated, if anything your game was just too easy to beat.”

Degra smiled and sipped his tea. He could see little Mei glaring at him unhappily and held up a cookie. As soon as he did that, Mei’s look changed and her eyes followed the cookie. Degra found this to be fun and tossed the cookie in Mei’s direction. Mei didn’t hesitate to snatch the cookie out of the air and then scarf it down in one go. As soon as it was gone she licked her little lips happily before she remembered herself and once again glared at Degra.

Degra could only chuckle under his breath seeing this while both Nunully and Kazuki shook their head inwardly.

(This girl follows her stomach over her heart first, what an odd pet this man has.)

Kazuki stepped in front of both Mei and Tsura and approached the desk. The guard standing behind Degra once more placed a hand on his blade and Degra again waved him off.

Kazuki put both hands on the desk and stared Degra down and Degra in return didn’t blink. A moment of silence passed like this before Kazuki smiled.

“You’ve accused me of cheating yet offer no proof and even threaten me and mine with violence using that dumb thug from earlier. If this is all you wanted to say and have no proof, then I believe were done here.”

Kazuki turned to leave but as soon as he did he felt a chill run up his spine and felt his heart shudder. This was something instinctual and it caused him to freeze in place. When this happened a silent aura slipped out from Kazuki returning his movement.

(This, is this that god aura?)

Kazuki didn’t purposely activate this aura and release it but it still came out seemingly on its own.

Degra as well was taken aback.

(My eye, it failed. No…he was clearly frozen for a moment but then not even a second later something interfered. What is this man’s identity?)

Kazuki slowly turned around and his aura faded away as though it were never there.

“You know, it’s dirty to attack someones back.”

Kazuki said this but laughed inwardly. He himself would attack someones back if he felt it gave him the advantage.

Degra said nothing for a moment before he an orb appeared in his hand. Putting a bit of power into it the crystal floated silently in mid-air.

“This recorded everything earlier on the casino floor but I’ve yet to take a look at it. If you cheated this recording will have seen it. If not, then I suppose I’ll have no choice but to let this matter go and apologize to you. As for attacking your back, I think we both know its best not to accuse someone without evidence.”


A s the orb lit up with blue light, a video began to play. Kazuki wasn’t worried in the least and was actually pleasantly surprised to find out Degra would try and use evidence to try and get him.

(To think a crime boss would act this way. You’d think hed push me into a corner, break my legs until I admit everything, and force me to be his slave or some shit.)

Kazuki remembered some scenes from a few mafia movies back on Earth. This situation wasn’t the exact same but it was similar to some plots in those movies. Kazuki couldn’t help but chuckle inwardly at Degra’s opposite approach of using evidence instead of violence.

(This Degra is he off or does he have a few loose marbles. What kind of crime boss does things this way.)

Kazuki couldn’t really take the situation seriously but he was somewhat curious to see if his ki could have been recorded or observed. From what he knew, up until very recently, no one could even detect his ki. Only Degra seemed to be able to sense or see something from him but he could only tell that it was energy but not exactly magic.

Kazuki watched the recording with interest and it quickly cut to a woman wearing a vest rolling dice within a golden cup. Kazuki sat across from her with Mei in his lap munching on all kinds of different snacks. Tsura couldn’t help but roll her eyes. It seemed that ever since they got to Gentis city, her little girl has done nothing but eat nonstop. Tsura pinched Mei’s little cheek because of this and Mei released a mild yelp in return.


Mei stared up at her mother disbelievingly while Tsura simply shushed her. Mei felt began pouting because of this.

The woman rolling dice slammed the cup face down on the table and said loudly.

“Odd or even, high or low, place your bets now. After 10 seconds, bets will no longer be taken and the numbers will be revealed.”

Kazuki then placed a very large bet on top of odd and the very next moment the woman’s hand then slid out of sight and under the table. It was almost unnoticeable how quickly her hand disappeared under the table but the very next moment her hand came up and took count of the bets. Afterward, she lifted the cup and revealed the numbers. If one were to look closely, a small twitch could be seen on the woman’s face as she paid out Kazuki’s bet.

“Did everyone see it?”

No one knew what Degra was talking about and so he rewinded it. At the same time, he tapped in the air and the video split into two and the angle of each side of the video changed. One remained on the vested woman and Kazuki while the other was at the woman’s side and just under the table. Kazuki again placed his bet as the video played and the woman’s hand slid under the table. She flipped a switch and at the same time the inside of the golden cup became transparent and everyone saw plain as day as the dice flipped over from odd to even.

The woman removed her hand from under the table, took the bets, and then proceeded to lift the cup. However, just as she was about to lift the cup, you could still see through the golden cup and the dice, for no reason at all, flipped back to odd. The woman took off the cup and saw the dice come out like this and her face twitched for but a moment. Degra played the video back again and again to the moment the woman removed the cup and the dice flipped over.

Kazuki saw this and laughed inwardly. He could see no action taken whatsoever. He didn’t move the entire time and he saw no evidence of his ki being used at all.

(So my ki is undetectable even when using a recording orb, good to know. Degra was still able to see something when watching live, now that’s the biggest takeaway.)

Not necessarily because Degra could see Kazuki using his power but instead the fact that Kazuki hadn’t noticed someone observing him the entire time. Kazuki had incredible senses and could easily tell if someone was watching him but he failed to even notice Degra’s watchful eyes.

The vide shut off and the crystal orb glowed no more. Seeing the video himself, there was nothing incriminating on it besides what the dealer had done. Kazuki shrugged in the end.

“If that’s all you have I guess we’ll be taking an apology to go.”

Degra sighed and tapped his desk.

“I guess your right. That was all I had. I really do owe you an apology.”

Degra went silent after that and continued to tap his desk repeatedly. Just when Kazuki was starting to get impatient, Degra stood up.

“Right, send her in.”

The door behind them was pushed open and the dealer from before was escorted in. She looked dazed and confused but when she saw Degra she shook a little and bowed.

“Boss, you called for me.”

Degra nodded.

“I did.”

Kazuki and the others were confused and then once more Kazuki got a chill. Degra’s eyes seemed to change as he gripped at the air with an empty palm. A powerful force went Between Kazuki and the others and before any would knew what happened, the female dealer was lifted from her feet and dragged toward Degra with a powerful force. The next thing anyone knew, The female dealer was already in Degra’s grasp and she was being choked.

“Since she cheated you, punishment is in order, right?”

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