Return of the Fallen Volume 4 Chapter 44

Author: Blue_Rat


Abura flew back after an hour or so. He led Reya and the others to a cave a few miles away in the side of a mountain. Going inside, Reya found a small stream of water flowing through an opened cave chamber. It was around 20 feet in diameter and only 9 feet tall but to her, this was more than enough for her hostages.

Reya cut off one of her hands and tossed it over to Abura. Abura simply stared at it for a moment.

“Oy, aren’t cha gonna eat that. Don’t waste my gifts.”

Abura slowly picked the hand up and ate it, a flash of something hidden appeared in the corner of his eye for a fraction of a second before it disappeared.

“Fucking idiot, you grow weirder by the days but don’t worry you won’t be this way for much longer fatty.”

(For I will remove that dumb head from your fat body and be done of you once and for all.)

Reya pointed at the cave and ordered everyone in. Asuna and the others did as they were told without a fight. They knew it wasn’t worth it right now.

In this pitch-black cave, only Reya and Abura’s crimson eyes shone within. Reya smiled creepily at them all but none of them could see.

“You lot will stay in here until I return. If any of you dare to take a single step outside, I’ve already given Abura permission to eat you, so I would stay put if I were you.”

Asuna almost stumbled in the darkness as she ran into a small hole. She didn’t get what was happening.

“Wait why are you leaving us behind with that monster. We’ve followed you quietly up to this point so why leave us here in a cave with no food. What will happen if we starve to death while we wait or something?”

“Hmm, so I take it you believe I’ll bring you into that human city. Do you think I’m stupid? The moment you 5 enter the city, you’ll scatter like the wind. I don’t know what the city entails and therefore I can’t know what strengths lie in wait. There may be someone equal to my strength or possibly even multiple people who can rival me. Even if there’s no one of my caliber, what if there are hordes of soldiers only slightly below my level. I would easily be overwhelmed if I entered the city. As for food, don’t worry there is plenty of water to drink and I should be back before night falls. You will not starve.”

Reya looked back at Abura and shrugged her shoulders.

“This thing is resembling my kind less and less. So I’d have to agree, Abura is a monster but I’m sure you all will be fine, especially since you yourselves have a monster as well, hahaha.”

Reya’s eyes landed on Kimi who had done nothing but glare at her and Abura the entire journey. Reya could see hatred was deeply routed within her from all of this but she couldn’t care less. Reya stepped out of the cave and walked over to a rock face just outside. Turning her arm into a blade, she slashed into the rock face with power. Rocks ground against each other as part of the wall literally was separated and begun to slide down.

Reya grabbed this chunk of wall and lifted, with it, her feet sunk 6 inches into the ground due to the weight.

*Crack crunch crack crunch*

Every step she took while carrying this rock wall caused the ground to continuously break beneath her feet. Walking in front of the mouth of the cave, she dropped the rock wall in front of the entrance and covered it completely.

With all of there light sealed away, Danny and Kimi both became terrified. Sam grabbed Kimi’s hand and comforted her while Asuna gave Danny a small punch to the back of the head to calm him down.

Reya punched the rock a few times sending a resounding knocking noise into the cave.

*Bang bang bang*

This got everyone’s attention and they all grew quiet.

“If you all try, I’m sure you can remove this obstacle, though ABura will know right away. Just sit tight my little kitties, mama will be back shortly, Bwahahahaha!”

Reya turned and slapped Abura on the shoulder.

“Watch them, only eat them if they try and leave.”

Reya squeezed Abura’s shoulder until she heard a few popping noises from the bones breaking. Her face turned vicious.

“Only if te y try to leave, understand?”

Abura didn’t even flinch from his shoulder breaking, still, he noded.

Reya smiled and pat his broken shoulder before wings sprouted from her back and she took off toward Gentis. As she flew out of sight, something flashed into Abura’s eyes and he whispered to no one in particular.

“Abura knows what to do.”


Tsura took over the guiding role. Now that she had money, she felt a little useful. She even asked for directions by herself and led everyone to a nice hotel. Walking to the front desk, she asked an older gentleman who seemed to be in charge.

“Hello, I and my friends would like your best room, a nice hot bath, and plenty of good food.”

The old man wore a monocle on one eye and a nice trim suit. Looking up at the tall woman before him, he almost scoffed at her poor appearance. Not just Tsura though, the man saw Mei covered in grime with messy hair and then Kazuki with a hunch in his back and dirty clothes that had seen many seasons without care. Only when he saw Nunully’s appearance did he actually give these people in front of him the benefit of the doubt. Even though Nunully was filthy as well, it did little to hide her beauty.

The man did his best to remain professional and set a sheet of paper in front of Tsura. Pushing it forward so she could see it properly, It was a menu with a golden pattern around its edges. On it, it detailed rooms, their amenities and their fees for nightly stays all the way up to a week.

Tsura saw this fancy piece of parchment and didn’t know what to do. After all, she and Mei could not read the language of this continent. For them who lived in the forest and never had to read or write, this only confused her.

Nunully could see the predicament she was in and walked over and began to read the menu out loud for Tsura. Tsura felt embarrassed at first but then a warmth filled her heart.

After a moment Tsura picked what she thought was most appropriate for everyone and chose 1 large room with a large bathroom and a dining service. Before Nunully could object at the idea of a single bedroom, for obvious reasons, Tsura laid a small stack of gold Zeni onto the table. The man at the desk almost choked on his spit when he inadvertently swallowed. Most of the guests that rented rooms here were well off but they never usually spilled out an actual fortune on the table.

The man cleared his throat.


Before he slowly grabbed 10 Zeni coins and put them in a cashier drawer on top of the desk. The gold disappeared into the drawer and the man grabbed a key from behind the desk. After handing Tsura the key he pointed at her pile of money.

“Mam, your…um…change.”

The man felt weird calling it that but he didn’t really know what else to call it. He was never put in such a situation before.

Tsura heard change but she didn’t understand. Only after the man pointed it out did she realize that she was trying to use too much and quickly stored it away into her necklace.

The man cleared his throat again and hit a bell on top of his desk. A second later a woman came from out of a back room and looked at them. She looked around there feet but could see no baggage and wondered if something was wrong. The man behind the desk thought this was slightly embarrassing and became frustrated.

“Quickly lead the guest to their room. It’s number 304. Hurry up!”

The woman thought this was weird but since they already paid and it wasn’t her job to worry about such things, she bowed gracefully and led them to there room.

Taking a magical elevator, Nunullly Tsura and Mei all felt excited. Only Kazuki could see the inscriptions with his ki and noticed how it worked.

(Hmm, it’s actually quite simple when you see it once. Back on Earth they basically use pullies with a motor but here it’s simply an extension of earth magic, this is like gravity being reversed. The pull upward comes from the top of the elevator shaft and when the elevator goes down its the same. They slow it down with earth magic as well.)

Arriving at the room, the young woman led them in and waited for something. Tsura, Mei, and Nunully had no clue what she was waiting for but Kazuki informed them that in fancier places, you usually tip. At least that’s how they did things around here. Tsura nodded and gave the woman a few gold coins. The woman’s eyes widened in shock. Tsura thought it wasn’t enough from her reaction and gave her a few more.

The woman began to shake and Tsura thought it was still not enough. Kazuki was laughing inwardly but seeing that Tsura was going to give her more he intervened and sent the dazed woman away. He then informed Tsura as well as Nunully and Mei on a few basic fundamentals on money.


“So they’ve entered there?”

“Yes sir, shall we go in and get rooms near them or…”

“No, just watch the outside. Too many of us might alert someone. I’ll handle the inside myself, now go.”

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