Return of the Fallen Volume 4 Chapter 48

Author: Blue_Rat


Kazuki entered the washroom. He decided to change his disguise once more. Not that he was weary that he was being observed by Degra’s men but instead because of the increased security within the city. Degra’s men may be capable but with extra eyes and increased movement by the soldiers, Kazuki didn’t want a situation to happen where he was being watched by Degra’s men and a few keen observant soldiers notice them.

If the soldiers notice Degra’s men spying on someone and following them, then why wouldn’t they become curious about Kazuki, the one being observed. Kazuki didn’t need the extra hassle and thought it be best to change again just in case.

Cleaning the dirt from his face, Kazuki removed some of the recent supplies Tsura helped him by.

Taking out a certain dye, Kazuki changed his hair color from a light grey to a dark red. Not only that, but he also pinched at the bridge of his nose and…


With a small amount of pressure he broke it easily. Blowing the blood from his nostrils, the ring on his hand glowed and he used his dark element to eat away the bone, thinning it out, and then using an insignificant amount of ki he maintained its shape. Extending the energy to his cheekbones, his dark element ate away at the muscles on his cheekbones. Taking his fingers, with his strength, he ran them across his scalp. His nails were incredibly tough and with them, he was able to shave the sides of his head until he was left with a fohawk.

To finish it off, he used a bit more dark energy and carved out 2 long scars stretching from the top of his left brow, down through his eyelid and stopping in the middle of his cheek. His features appeared narrower and his nose was sharp and less rounded. With dark red hair shaped in a fohawk, Kazuki appeared to be a completely different person.

Now that his Mage core had been reforged, it was hundreds of times easier to use any of his three elements. Using his magic ring with it, it only became that much easier to wield his power. Kazuki quickly rinsed off the excess hair and he was ready. The pain he went through just now to reshape his face by just this much was already tremendous but it was nothing compared to when he first changed it.

At that time he had melted his own flesh away using acid. Using his ki to help with pain and using his own dark energy to help ease the burden greatly. Compared to what he did to himself on earth, though the pain was still there, it was lessened by many times. Still it hurt.

Stepping out of the bathroom, Mei was the first to notice Kazuki and shouted at him.

“Mister who are you!?”

Nunully and Tsura turned and saw Kazuki’s appearance and had no clue who he was. The two both became alert. Tsura pulled Mei behind her and glared at him, while Nunully looked at the bathroom door behind him.

“How did you get in here!?”

Nunully realized she had no weapon and grabbed a silver candleholder on the nearby table and branded it as though she would bash Kazuki if he made one wrong move.

Kazuki laughed to himself before he pointed at himself.

“Do you really not recognize this handsome face?”

Tsura and Nunully were still vigilant but Mei tilted her head for a moment before sniffing the air. When she did that her eyes became wide.

“Eh, big brother is that you? At least you smell like Big bro.”

“Hahaha, Mei your nose is sharp.”

Kazuki spoke again and indeed his voice was the same. Tsura and Nunully had heard him speak too many times to count and knew this was his voice. Mei even said he smelled like Kazuki but this facial change was too much and was still hard to believe. Mei pushed past her mom and jumped into Kazuki’s arms.

“Big bro, how did you do this, your face is so different. Will you teach me, this looks like so much fun.”

Mei came at him relentlessly and Kazuki smiled awkwardly at Tsura and Nunully.

“Hehe, is it really so hard for you two to believe? I mean you’ve all seen my memories and know that I’ve changed my face before. This is no different from then, well except its a hell of a lot easier now that I have a Mage core.”

Tsura walked over cautiously and grabbed at Kazuki’s cheeks, pinching them hard. She began patting his body all over and even put her nose directly on his body and began inhaling and sniffing deeply. Nodding her head she herself confirmed it.

“It really is you. Seeing your memories and seeing it first hand are two different things entirely. One has to experience this to know that such a thing is real. I knew you were capable but this, I have no words.”

Mei imitated her mother and began patting Kazuki’s body down and Kazuki had to pinch her little hands away.

“Yeowch, big bro you meanie. How come mama can check you but not me?”

Mei rubbed her hand in pain. Kazuki just laughed at her.

“Your too small to understand.”

“Eh, then when I’m older I can?”

Mei got excited for no reason and her eyes seemed to shine but Kazuki had to disappoint her.

“Sorry but even when you grow, Mei will still be like a little sister and therefore all of this is off-limits.”

Kazuki pointed at his body theatrically.

Mei started to pout and Kazuki could only shake his head. Tsura on the other hand finally realized her actions may have been inappropriate just a moment ago and she felt a sense of guilt as Danny appeared in her head.

“Is it really you?”

Nunully asked gingerly. Kazuki nodded back.

“Who else could have just come from the bathroom, If not me then who?”

Nunully lowered the candleholder in her hand and slowly walked over. She ran her hands through his interesting hairstyle and gently touched his new nose. Staring into his eyes though she got a familiar feeling.


Kazuki smiled at her.

“What is it?”

Nunully could barely recognize Kazuki like this but his eyes were still the same. His face was different but his expression was the same as well as his voice. Nunully couldn’t help herself and abruptly embraced Kazuki in a tight hug.

Kazuki was surprised and looked At both Tsura and Mei on what to do but Tsura just smiled and Mei just joined in on the hug on her own. In the end, Kazuki just returned the hug but after 5 seconds of this, he felt it had gone on for far too long and separated himself from the two.

“It’s not like I’m going off to war or something. I just wish to buy a few things.”

Nunully felt her cheeks turn red but she said nothing. She could still feel the warmth on her body and she relished it.

Kazuki quickly borrowed some money from Tsura’s jackpot winnings and you would think he ran away from how fast he disappeared from the room.

As soon as his door opened, the room next to his silently creaked open. Kazuki noticed this but since no one came out he assumed whoever was in the room knew that he knew and stopped their movements. Kazuki took the elevator and when the doors closed, that’s when the person in the room next door made their move.

He made a mad dash to his wall and slowly retrieved a small crystal orb from the wall. When he took this orb from the wall a small hole was left in the wall, on the other side of this small open hole was Kazuki’s bathroom. The man activated the crystal and a video began to play. In less than a second, this man had seen everything that had taken place inside that bathroom, absolutely everything.

This man however was beyond composed and was professional. He took no interest whatsoever in the frolicking nude women and girl and instead was much more interested in Kazuki. He witnessed Kazuki remove the dirt and grime and saw Kazuki’s face entirely.

(This must be his real identity.)

The man thought. Only a second later though did he get a surprise. He witnessed Kazuki completely change his face and was dumbfounded.

(This, this is possible, incredible. I must inform the boss immediately.)

All of this played out in only a few seconds. The man rushed to the window and his ring flashed. Several more crystal orbs flew out and took to the skies. They turned around and were all pointed at the hotel Kazuki and the others were in. a moment later they changed color and camouflaged with the blue sky above. With the crystal orb he had just watched everything play out on, he whistled out the window before tossing it far away.

Someone leaped out of the shadows of an alley and snatched it from the sky. Returning a whistle back, the person who grabbed the crystal orb vanished into the alley with no one noticing anything.

(This man can change his appearance so easily. I’ll have to stick closely to him.)

The man jumped out the window and with a gush of wind, he was gone.

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