Return of the Fallen Volume 4 Chapter 52

Author: Blue_Rat


Kazuki opened a book in front of him, the title read.

[Learning Braille The Basics]

Kazuki’s cognition, as well as his recall was already excellent since childhood. After being thrown to Earth, he learned from his Master, granny Maya. The woman was tough but her teaching was thorough and she pounded into Kazuki the ways of ki manipulation. With this new tool in his belt, his senses were refined once more and his memory improved a step further.

Returning to Gordonia, Kazuki, as well as Sam and the others, were tossed into the Treia kingdom’s ancient treasure, the Karada cauldron. Inside there he suffered the pain of being boiled and was remolded and enhanced a step further, again his mind improved. Finally, he managed to reforge his Mage core and his senses evolved further more. Now when it came to memorizing a full book, the action became easy almost like breathing.

Kazuki ran through the book in only a few minutes and that was him going slow. Taking it to the next level, Kazuki shut the book and stared at it. From the outside, it merely seemed as though Kazuki was in deep thought but in actuality, Kazuki had extended a small amount of ki into the book. With his ki he could feel whatever it touched as though it were his fingertips. As his ki seeped into the book, he sensed and felt every raised bump. Even with the book completely shut, Kazuki began to read the braille right then and there.

He didn’t understand everything right away but after feeling the braille, he searched his mind for the meaning of the raised dot on the page and a letter formed in his mind. After a few minutes, the dots formed words that he could understand. Not long after that, the words became sentences, and so on.

(This will work.)

Kazuki tapped the table in front of him and an inscription lit up. A word formed on the table and Kazuki tapped it. With that he stood up and made his way back to the directory. As he walked away, the inscription on the table flickered before the book on the table slowly floated up and put itself back on a far off-shelf somewhere.

On the directory screen, Kazuki again wrote out the 4th stage Mage rank. However, at the end of it, he added the term [Braille] The screen changed and the drop list with all of the titles shrank from around 100, all the way down to 7. Kazuki swallowed hard. He knew the amount would shrivel but to become less than 10, that was depressing. Kazuki selected them and tapped the screen.

Like before, an orb floated up and flew towards the second floor. Kazuki followed after it and as the orb flew forward, Kazuki was once again stopped at the top of the steps by the same guard as before.

“You again. Have you come back to cause trouble? If so, go right ahead. It only gives me pleasure to see punks like you get thrown out into the street, haa.”

Kazuki wasn’t playing this man’s game and his words this time were like water off a duck’s back. Kazuki ignored everything the man said and watched the orb float to a nearby shelf. The orb did its job and transmitted light to a certain book. The book floated out and hung in the air for a few moments. With no one to collect it though, te book soon floated backward and placed itself on the shelf.

The guard followed Kazuki’s gaze and could see the book being put away and laughed.

“No matter how many times you select the books, as long as you don’t have permission to enter the second floor, the books will never come to you. Give it up already and returned to the bottom where you belong.”

Kazuki again ignored the guard. The guard thought Kazuki was upset and had nothing to say and felt like he had won a victory against Kazuki but at this moment, Kazuki was simply remembering where the book was put back. His eyes followed the orb as it surprisingly only floated a foot away and repeated its actions. Kazuki still took note of where this second book had placed itself.

The orb moved to a shelf 10 feet away after that and then 50 feet away and so on and so on. Each time a book would float off the shelf. With no contact though, after a moment it would then return itself. The orb did this to 7 books before it flew back to where Kazuki and the guard was and continued on until it flew into the directory and disappeared entirely.

Kazuki turned around and walked back down the steps. He put up no fight and said nothing. The guard found this odd but didn’t really care anymore.


“With no fight, it really is boring. What a weird one.”

Kazuki heard this but instead of being upset, a huge grin was on his face.

Kazuki returned to the first floor and took out some gold Zeni coins. Walking to a certain spot he stopped and glanced at the ceiling above.

(It should be there, there, there, there and there. Five different spots directly underneath the books I need. Two are together around that spot and two are together over there, while the rest are separated away from each other.)

Kazuki took 3 coins into his right hand and 2 into his left. He looked left and then right. Seeing as the coast was clear, Kazuki proceeded to flick all five coins in rapid succession up to the ceiling.

*Ptink Ptink!*

The coins were flicked at such speed that they broke threw the stone ceiling above him. He tried to make them all hit around the same time to prevent the noise from lingering but he was slightly off and two clear, odd sounding cracking pops rang out. Kazuki grabbed a book of the shelf and pretended to read it as his eyes took in his surroundings. One second stage guard looked towards his partner.

“Did you hear something?”

His partner just waved his hand in front of his own face.

“Don’t tell me you farted again. Asking if I heard something. Go home and play that prank on your kids, you ain’t fooling me again.”

The first guard felt offended by that accusation and he forgot all about the weird sound.

On the other side of the library, the 3rd stage Mage had stood up from his reading spot and began to seriously look around. His eyes landed upon Kazuki and he furrowed his brows for a moment.

(Have I been found out. There’s no fucking way he saw me flick those coins.)

The man gave Kazuki a disgusted look before he looked elsewhere. The man continued to scan around the first floor of the library for nearly 20 minutes before he finally decided it was nothing and went back to reading.

Kazuki sighed inwardly.


He then went to put the book back when he noticed its cover and the title and he felt like an idiot.

There was a picture of two men in odd posses holding one another in a deep embrace and the title of the book read. [101 ways to reach a manly orgasm.

Seeing this, Kazuki also noticed a few of the pages were stuck together and his stomach twisted a bit. He quickly put the book back on the shelf and wondered why in the 7 realms of hell such a thing was placed in this library.

(My luck is worse than a fleas tits.)

Kazuki chuckled inwardly.

(At least this will be a funny story to tell Nunlly and the others later.)

Kazuki pushed all useless thoughts to the side and took in his surroundings once more. He mainly paid attention to the 3rd stage Mage. With no movement from him or anyone else, Kazuki stood directly beneath one of the holes he had created. Up above him, from the ground to the hole in the ceiling was about 40 feet.

Kazuki gathered strength into his legs. His muscles flexed and he leaped upward. In one go his head was about to touch the ceiling. Even this jump he held back, otherwise, he would have crashed. Just as he was about to fall back down, Kazuki plucked up the hole he had made with the gold Zeni coin with a single finger. Hooking his finger, he held his entire body weight up there with that single finger.

(Have to do this shit quickly.)

Kazuki’s ki stretched outward and went through the ceiling above directly to the bookshelf on the second floor. With his ki, he could feel and see the things his ki touched. Were the books ordinary ones, the difficulty in identifying which book was which would have basically been impossible to do. Thankfully these books were written with braille.

Kazuki had remembered where the specific book was that he needed but from the angle, he saw the book come off the shelf, he was still off by 2 books. Kazuki’s ki felt one book then another and then once more when he finally discovered the one he was searching for.

(This is it.)

Kazuki almost burst out into laughter but he contained himself thankfully. Were he to start laughing hysterically while hanging on the ceiling, well the scene would be quite a sight to see.

Kazuki sunk his ki into the book and he began to read through it as fast as possible. After only a minute or so, Kazuki unhooked his finger and fell back to the ground. Landing softly, he casually walked about 10 feet forward. Looking around once more, he saw that no one was the wiser.

Once more, he put strength into his legs and leaped upward.

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