Return of the Fallen Volume 4 Chapter 63

Author: Blue_Rat


Castion’s power exploded forth and he shot dozens of thick ice vines at Triska. Triska merely grunted in annoyance as she pulled her trident from her back and waved it forward.

*Shinck Shinck Shinck Shinck Shinck*

A dozen blades of wind sliced forward. The thick snake-like vines of ice were shattered on the spot and a powerful blast of cold wind spread out like a bomb and caused a fresh layer of ice to spread across everyone’s skin, chilling them to the bone.

This rush of cold air sent all of the officials off of there feet, throwing them all around the room. Only the City Lord, Castion, and Triska were left unaffected.

Castion wasn’t finished just yet though. He stomped on the ground in front of him and a thick wall of ice stretched up to the ceiling. Pushing it forward with a hand, it moved like a train as it prepared to crush Triska in one go. Just as it was about to collide with her, it suddenly stopped.

The city Lord wondered if Castion had calmed down but looking closely he sighed inwardly.

At Castion’s throat, A long silver-white trident touched his exposed neck. A small bit of blood ran down his neck and he felt her intent. Looking at his ice wall, he could see a large hole where Triska’s trident bore through. The thing that scared him the most though was the fact that he hadn’t even noticed when her trident had even moved, It’s speed was that frightening. Not only that, but Triska’s trident also hovered at his neck this entire time, while Triska was still on the other side of the room.

(Her control over the wind is impressive as always. Even though she and Castion are both 4th stage Mages, it’s clear who is superior.)

“Castion, have you finished your childish tantrum, or do you want Triska to take things to their conclusion?”

The City Lord didn’t know why Triska had burst into his place but if she came here and she didn’t straight up kill Castion then she must want something from him he thought. If true then he might have to hear her out even if he doesn’t wish to.

(A second ago plans involved shifting blame to her and Degra. I’ll have to see what this one wants and possibly adjust accordingly. Either way, no one will take my city from me, not even Garn.)

Castion swallowed hard and trying his best to not seem threatening, he gently and slowly stamped his staff on the ground. As soon as he did, the thick wall of ice in front of Triska crumbled apart and dissipated.

The chill in the air reduced and the temperature of the room increased by 20 degrees at once. The officials stared at Triska with both fear and hate but none dared say a word. They knew Triska wouldn’t dare kill the City Lord, lest she calls down the wraith of King Garn upon her but these officials were different. They were unimportant in the grand scheme of things and they all figured King Garn would not care whether they lost their lives or not. Little did they know just how far he’d gone to catch Kazuki for a similar reason.

Triska didn’t remove her trident and instead approached the City Lord until she was face to face with him. Triska was quite tall and well built and she stood almost two heads higher than him. Towering over him she spoke without reserve.

“What do you know of the attack earlier today?”

“Is that why you’ve come? You break in just to ask about something you probably already know. With all of the rats you have running throughout my city, don’t tell me you don’t know as much as me if not even more.”

Triska didn’t respond to this and simply stared intently at the City Lord.
The City Lord was more than annoyed with Triska’s attitude but he knew her personality well. Even if he says nothing, she’ll just beat it out of one of his officials. Though that would same him some coin, not having to pay their salary, he didn’t wish to mince words or be in the presence of this brash woman for a moment longer than need be.


“I’m sure you already know, a 4th stage Mage attacked the city with a boulder bigger than a house. This indicates the Mage uses the Gordonian element. Also as you heard this Asshole is looking for someone called Kazuki within my city. If that 4th stage Mage is trying to find someone in my city and made their presence known in such a fashion, I can assume that the person being looked for is also near to the attacker’s strength. Why the Mage had to make such a statement like that, I don’t know but it’s clear this person is trying to draw this Kazuki person out of the city.”

Triska didn’t move nor have a reaction, telling the City Lord that she knew all of this. Still, he continued on. If she didn’t want to hear it then she would say.

“If this 4th stage wants to draw someone out it means they don’t have an exact location on this Kazuki guy. If they did they would have already attacked him. Either that or they are afraid of the powers that be inside my city. To attack my city in such a bold way though, this person must be confident in escaping. So maybe they have a magic tool that helps them or they use wind as a second element.”

The City Lord had nothing else besides that and finished with a…

“That’s all we know so far. What about you? What do you know?”

Triska didn’t answer right away and thought.

(They don’t know shit.)

After she encountered Reya in the skies, her subordinate delivered a crystal orb from one of Degra’s men. After taking a look at its recordings she found out exactly who Kazuki was and knew he was wanted by King Garn.

(The fact that this person attacked the city in search of Kazuki means that person is not one of King Garns. The obvious clue to this was her body. To think an Azirian had come this far and is that strong. Not stronger than me but still strong. They even think she’s a Mage even though she has no magic whatsoever. I was right in coming here. If Degra got the information first, no doubt he would have the same thought I’m having right now. Too bad he doesn’t know about what that attacker really is.)

“Thakriss, I do have information that you will be interested in. That is if you’re interested?”

Thakriss didn’t like having his name called in front of all of his subordinates but there was little he could do in this situation but glare at the men and women below him to keep their mouths shut.

“And just what does this information of your cost?”

“The information is free but I’m sure you’ll want to negotiate a few things after I tell you about it.”

The City Lord didn’t know what that meant but he really did need a better picture of what was happening and asked her to continue.

Triska had already come up with a general idea before she even stepped into the City Lords mansion as she began feeding Thakriss half-truths.

“The person who attacked is a woman and she is indeed a 4th stage Mage of both Gordonian and wind elements. She also can heal within seconds and has superior strength to even me. The person she seeks, this Kazuki guy, is also around her strength level, only slightly weaker. As we speak, I know exactly who he is and where he is located in your city. My rats as you call them are far more useful then these dogs here and have him under watch currently.”

The officials felt their anger boiling and wanted to complain but had not the courage nor the will to utter even a peep in front of Triska. Thakriss on the other hand grew intrigued.

“Great tell me where he is and Castion will deal with him immediately.”

Triska looked at Castion before looking back at the City Lord and shook her head.

“Did you not hear me. That woman is stronger than me but I can still contend with her and Kazuki’s strength is almost at her level as well. How in the 7 realms of hell would your aged Castion be able to deal with him if he can’t even last 2 moves from me?”

Triska lied again and again. She knew she could defeat Reya from her earlier match with little effort and after she received the crystal orb and found out who Kazuki really was, she knew he was no stronger than a 2nd stage Mage at best. She had no clue about his Mage Core and was going off the information Garn had. Still, she knew it would not be difficult at all to deal with any of them but Thakriss didn’t know any of this. If she could inflate their strength and make them believe that only she could deal with them, then she could get exactly what she wanted.

Thakriss took her words seriously and looked at Castion who still had Triska’s trident held on his throat. In the City Lords’ eyes, Castion really was outclassed by Triska.

(If what she says is true then Castion really won’t last. If he and this Kazuki have a bout in my city, the destruction this would cause will only hinder me and cost me a shit ton of Zeni. Triska wants something from me that’s clear but knowing her it isn’t money so then what. Maybe something for her blind sister but healers have said it’s almost impossible to heal her. To heal something that’s never worked properly in the first place, how could that be possible.)

Thakriss could tell he was going down a rabbit hole and decided to just ask Triska straight up what she wanted.

“What price would I have to pay to solve such a problem.”

Triska smiled for the first time breaking her stone-like image and said one word.


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