Return of the Fallen Volume 4 Chapter 65

Author: Blue_Rat


Kazuki made his way back to the luxury hotel. Thinking about the weapons and equipment he just bought for everyone, he became a little excited and at the same time nervous.

(With all this shit, we’ll be able to use magic more freely but against Reya, I’m still not confident. Not only that, she already put it out there. I show up to meet her or Asuna and the others are dead.)

Kazuki was a little lost on what to do exactly and needed a plan. To simply met with Reya was suicide but he had to go. As Kazuki rode the elevator up, he held his golden compass in his hand.

(To give this up for the others…)

Kazuki gripped the compass hard before he finally sighed and put it back on around his neck. The sentimental value of the compass, it was the only object he had to remind him of his adoptive father. He never found out what happened to his father and he felt as though the compass was the only clue to ever truly knowing what happened. To let his compass go, literally was like throwing his father away. He couldn’t even throw it away when his own life was on the line and now the only way to save those he cares about. Kazuki was struggling inside.

Stepping off the elevator he heard someone crying. It was coming from a room. Kazuki concentrated on his ears and he recognized the voice, it was Mei.

Kazuki didn’t hesitate and ran to their room, without holding back he rushed the door with his shoulder and burst into the room in one go.

“What happened!? What’s wrong!?”

Tsura jumped to her feet ready to fight this intruder, while Nunully almost fell off the bed in fright. As soon as they saw Kazuki though they wanted to knock him out. Nunully screamed at him.

“Kazuki are you insane!? Why in all the gods did you bust in like that! You scared me nearly half to death!”

Kazuki didn’t answer right away as his eyes darted around the room expecting something but not seeing a threat whatsoever he became confused.

“Weren’t you all being attacked? I thought…”

Tsura sat back down in annoyance.

“And what gave you that impression?”

Kazuki didn’t get what was going on.

“What do you mean? I heard Mei crying and thought that you all were being attacked or something. I thought you were all in danger and rushed in. I mean, why else would Mei be crying?”

Tsura could tell Kazuki was genuinely worried and relaxed her expression but Nunully picked up a nearby pillow and threw it in Kazuki’s face. Kazuki caught it and on reflex threw it right back, where it hit Nunully directly in the face with a.


Kazuki’s eyes went wide and Mei who was sitting next to her mom broke out in wild laughter.


Tears still streaming down her face, yet the expression she now had wasn’t one of sadness but one of comfort and joy.

Kazuki knew he shouldn’t have done that but now that Mei was laughing instead of crying, he knew for sure this wasn’t an attack. As to what it could be though, well Kazuki was clueless.

Nunully became red from both embarrassment and anger. She then picked up several pillows from the bed and started to launch them at Kazuki with unrestraint.

Kazuki of course would not be touched by such slow objects and moved around them with ease. This just caused Nunully to grow angrier though and she grabbed one of the pillows off of the floor and began chasing Kazuki around the room trying to hit him. This, in turn, became a cat and mouse game except it was the cat running away while being chased by the cutest mouse.

All the while, mei was laughing like crazy until she couldn’t take it anymore and she joined in. Nunully saw this and breathed out heavily. She didn’t have strength or speed like the others so when Mei joined she was relieved and fell on her butt huffing and puffing. With beads of sweat covering her, she pointed at Kazuki and with a devilish tone, she told Mei.

“Get him!”

Mei happily joined and began to chase Kazuki all about the room. Her speed was much better compared to Nunully and pretty soon after images of her and Kazuki moved about the room like wild shadows. Kazuki still didn’t know what the situation from earlier was but the more he dodged Mei, the more his mind relaxed about Reya and the less confusion he felt about his emotions, about his father.

Mei started with a smile but now wore a fiendish grin as she called out to her mother.

“Mama! Help me get big bro!”

Tsura didn’t expect this and wondered if she should join in. She looked to Nunully but Nunully was completely out of breath and couldn’t respond much. In the end, all she could do was shrug her shoulders. Mei called out to her once more.

“Mama what are you doing? Hurry up and help me get Big bro!”

Tsura Saw the smile on her daughter’s face and it brought her own smile out. With a playful sigh of, what am I gonna do with you? Tsura grabbed a pillow at her feet and jumped into the fray. Her body blurred and she joined in with Mei, trying her best to hit Kazuki with the pillow.

Mei could see even with her mom, they would have trouble pinning Kazuki down with his speed so she improvised. Mei grabbed the large desk near the wall and tossed it at Kazuki.

Kazuki laughed inwardly.

(Naughty child.)

As the desk appeared before him, Kazuki threw out a punch shattering it into pieces. Right as he did that though, Mei appeared from behind the broken desk, pillow in hand.

“I have you now big bro.”

“You are far too young to think that would work on me.”

Kazuki swung his pillow and countered Mei’s blow. The force knocked her pillow aside but she didn’t mind. Going with the knockback force, Mei spun in the air and released the pillow, throwing it at Kazuki’s face. At the same time, she kicked off the wall behind her, destroying a part of it whilst increasing her forward momentum.

Kazuki knocked the pillow away again and Mei appeared in front of him.

“Was that it little Mei Mei?”

Kazuki swung the pillow down, ready to take her out in one move but just before he hit her, Mei’s eyes began to fill with tears and she said pitifully.

“Big bro, please don’t hit me.”

She looked like a tiny innocent little kitten. Nunully saw this and her heart clenched at the cuteness and she wanted to do nothing but snatch Mei up and wrap her in a little blanket and cradle her and protect her forever. Tsura as well felt her daughter’s cuteness powers melt her heart into a puddle of love soup and her breath was taken away for a moment.

(I’m the super cutest and no one can block this power, hehehe. With big bro’s guard down, I’ll land a blow dead center and it will be my win.)

Mei was right in front of Kazuki. As soon as he lowers his defense Mei would grab the pillow near his feet and swing upward and cinch the win. Unfortunately for Mei, Kazuki saw right through all of this.


Kazuki struck down upon her head and knocked her to the ground. Mei’s pitiful kitten-like expression went from fake to real in one go as she was stunned by what just happened. She looked up at Kazuki, absolutely dumbfounded.

“How is it possible you wonder? Do you really think being cute is enough to break the iron gate? I saw right through you. Actually, does it even make any sense? You literally just threw a desk at me a few seconds ago. That trick will only work on the dumb and gullible. Who would fall for something so easily?”

Tsura and Nunuly both recoiled at the same time hearing that. His words cut deep.

Mei started to tear up once more.

(Shit, did I go too far.)

Tsura walked over and hugged Mei.

“Mei Mei, it’s okay, don’t cry, don’t cry.”

Just as Kazuki was starting to feel bad, he felt something sinister. Mei grabbed Tsura’s pants by the waist and in one yank, she pulled her mother’s pants down in one go. Kazuki got an eye full and Mei grabbed the pillow on the floor before swinging it at Kazuki before he could react.


The pillow fell away and the room became dead silent for about two seconds before Mei began to jump about in victory, celebrating her win.

“Yay yay, I win! I got big bro, hahaha!”

Tsura almost panicked as she grabbed her pants as quick as lightning and pulled them back up. She then ran over to Mei and in one swift motion she turned her over her knee and while speaking through gritted teeth she told her.

“Mei, you shouldn’t have done that.”

*Smack whack smack smack slap*

Mei’s fake tears turned into real ones, all the while she yelled and screamed but didn’t fight back. After about a minute of that, Tsura picked her up and walked her to the bathroom where they had a serious talk about what is and isn’t appropriate.

Kazuki could feel the atmosphere in the room was really weird and awkward.

“So, uh, that was…”

Before he could finish. Nunully crossed her arms over her chest and asked with all seriousness.

“You saw it.”

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