Return of the Fallen Volume 4 Chapter 74

Author: Blue_Rat


With Tsura’s speed, they arrived near a large mountain range in only a few hours. Flying high above the sky, Tsura flew in a large circle before coming to a stop and basically hovered high in the air.

Kazuki and everyone else looked down and Degra asked.

“Is that her? Is that the Azirian?”

Down below, Reya stood tall, glaring up at Kazuki and the others. Surrounding her like a wall of human shields was Asuna and the rest. Kazuki could tell by their appearance just how worn they all were. Tattered clothes, thinned frames, and sunken eyes. They had clearly been through a lot.

“Yes, that’s her.”

Degra observed her quietly but no matter how he looked at her he couldn’t see a monster.

“Is she really as you say, she just seems like a tall woman to me ad nothing more.”

Kazuki smirked.

“Would you like to test her?”

“I know we can’t trust each other fully but do you really want to send me down there to my death, Kazuki, how can you be so cold to me? Are we not friends?”

“Hah, friends no but for now we are allies and we’re in this together, that should be more than enough.”

Degra shrugged.

“It’ll have to do.”

Asuna and the others looked up and recognized Tsura, Nunully, and Mei but because of Kazuki’s disguise and they didn’t know who he was nor did they know who Degra was.

They all seemed confused until Kazuki called out in his own voice.


Kazuki took the compass off of his neck and dangled it over Tsura’s side.

“This is what you want right! Let my friends go and it’s yours!”

Reya was visibly surprised, as well as the others. Seeing this red-haired fellow calling out, he sounded exactly like Kazuki but his features were all off. Reya then remembered her master’s words. The first time she went hunting for Kazuki, Queen Fera had told her, that Kazuki may have a different face. Seeing this new face, Reya was only thrown off for a second.

Reya held up her ring but there was no reaction. She wondered.

“You dare try and trick me. The real compass has a specific energy to it but my ring isn’t activating.”

Reya grabbed Asuna by the back of the neck and pulled her in front of her. Giving her a bit of a squeeze, Asuna’s eyes bulged in pain.

“You really came all the way out here to lie to me. I guess you truly don’t care about these ants’ lives!”

“Big sis!”

Mei screamed out seeing Asuna get hurt.

“Big bro do something, she’s hurting big sis!”

Kazuki didn’t get what was going on.

“This is real…”

Thinking about her words he thought about the god aura that usually leaks from his compass. Ever since he reforged his Mage core, a bit of the godly aura entered his core. After that, he was able to siphon the excess energy into his Mage core. He only did this so he wouldn’t be followed but in the end, she used Abura to follow him.

(So is it that ring that was guiding her before. Right now she can’t though because of me?)

Kazuki shut his eyes for a second and thought about preventing the godly aura from entering his core. He thought it would be difficult but not even a second later the absorption stopped. The aura leaking from the compass now had nowhere to go and perforated throughout the air.

Reya didn’t know why Kazuki went silent and thought she was being looked down upon, she was about to tighten her grip even more around Asuna’s neck when the ring on her finger began to glow dimly.

(Oh, this reaction.)

As more energy spilled out from the compass, Reya’s ring grew brighter and brighter until a small arrow of light formed above the small gem on her ring and pointed straight at the golden compass in Kazuki’s hand.

Reya’s grip loosened and her brows rose in delight.

“So that is the real deal.”

She flashed a grin.

“Ok, come down here and give me the compass and I will hand over these bags of meat to you.”

Kazuki shuddered hearing her words. He was no fool. Although she wore a smile as she spoke, her eyes were filled with killing intent.

“I’ll give it to you but there’s no reason for me to come down there and hand it to you personally. How about this. You come up here and I’ll toss it to you. Simple enough right?”

Reya shook her head and lifted Asuna into the air by her neck. Asuna began to kick at the air as she gasped for breath.

“No! no bargains and no fancy words. You come down here right now and hand it to me personally or I snap the firey girl’s neck right here and now.”

Kazuki had planned to try and get her guard down but Reya was playing no games and had already amped things up to an 11. If he didn’t come down right away, she would really do it.


Tsura heeded Kazuki and swooped down toward the ground.

Just before they touched the ground, Kazuki grabbed Nunully by the waist and hopped to the ground with her. Looking back up at Degra, he gave him a knowing nod.”

Kazuki and Nunully were about 20 feet away from Reya. Kazuki could tell Reya was getting antsy.

“If you harm anyone then I’ll crush this compass before you can even blink.”

Reya rolled her eyes.

“Threats won’t work on me. You crush that compass then all of your friends will die and then I’ll catch you and torture you for the rest of your life. Every day you breathe will be another day of hell for you and your experience with pain…I will teach you the true meaning of the word. Now come, hand me the compass.”

Kazuki grit his teeth and he and Nunully walked over. Nunully stuck to Kazuki extremely closely and the two made their way over.

Standing in front of Reya, before he handed over the compass he asked.

“You really won’t harm my friends?”

Reya’s red eyes seemed to flare up for a fraction of a second.

“I have no need to harm them. Your actions alone will set the tone for what happens next.”

Kazuki slowly reached forward with the compass and Reya began to set Asuna down.

Kazuki gently placed his golden compass in Reya’s hand and Reya quickly pocketed it. The turn of events didn’t go as she expected. She really thought Kazuki would have made a move during that exchange and had been prepared to kill him here and now. A bit of disappointment flashed across her face.

“Are you really Kazuki?”

Reya asked curiously.

“What, who else would I be?”

“Really? It makes no sense how you and her majesty can be related. It’s like a dog and a lioness. No, a flea and a lioness. I thought you would be more of a fighter but you’re just…”

Reya paused for a moment before she threw Asuna at Kazuki and shouted.


Reya’s arm blurred and shaped into a long blade as it came sweeping toward Kazuki Asuna and Nunully all at once.


A thick wall of ice appeared in front of Reya’s arm and her slash connected with it.


The ice started to shatter but Reya’s attack began to slow. She wasn’t surprised by this and her other arm warped into a sharp claw and came around the other side of the wall of ice. Kazuki moved as well. His ki pumped through his body at full force and his Mage core filled him with magic. He grabbed Asuna by her arm and nearly pulled it out of the socket from sheer force. At the same time, with his other hand, he flicked out three small blue fireballs the size of a copper coin.

Nunully left three small holes in the wall of ice for him as this was planned out. They knew Reya would attack and were ready. Kazuki’s flames passed through this wall with terrifying accuracy and were headed straight for her head.

Reya’s eyes widened as she twisted her neck at an odd angle.

*Crack snap snap*

Her neck broke a few times while she did this, which allowed her to dodge all but one flame. The other flames flew past Sam and the others narrowly missing them while the final one-shot directly into Reya’s eye. Her eye was destroyed instantly but that barely slowed her. Her other arm grew and stretched several feet as it chased after Asuna and Kazuki in an instant.

The claw was about to stab into Asuna’s back when Degra’s eyes flashed. Reya felt an untold pressure from above and she felt her movements reduce greatly.


Danny called out to Sam and Sam rushed in without hesitation. He grabbed Reya’s waist and held her for a moment while Kimi and Shin grabbed her arm and tried to pull it back but their strength was nothing compared to Reya’s.


Spikes of flesh erupted from Reya all at once and she stabbed them all multiple times but this was the moment they needed.

Danny was already in the air. A clear blade of ice in his hands and his body was already rotating. Reya realized this wasn’t right and tried to turn out of the way but her feet were pinned or rather staked down.

A blade of light had pierced into her right foot and slowed her, while a rope made from stone wrapped her legs.

(These weaklings actually Dare!)

Reya’s spikes of flesh stabbed them deeper in one explosive force and threw them all back. With a spin of her body, the blade of light shattered and the stone rope tore to tatters. Reya could see Danny’s movements and she reached up with her free hand. Slipping past his spinning blade, she grabbed his neck and caught him in the air.

“You were a fool to try and fight me, now die!”


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