Return of the Fallen Volume 4 Chapter 77

Author: Blue_Rat


Reya rushed at Degra. She knew he was the cause of her slowed movements and she understood that he had to be taken out if she was to overturn the situation.

Degra wasn’t a fool though and he continued to retreat as she approached.

“Big one, block her for me!”

Sam swung his hammer on Degra’s orders.

“Hmph, move!”

Reya batted his Warhammer away with ease. She wondered if she should take Sam as a hostage so she could get to Kazuki but with hundreds of people battling in their surroundings, she knew she wouldn’t be able to catch Kazuki’s attention in all of this confusion and would only end up leaving herself open for people who gave zero fucks about her or Sam.

(Fine, this one will die first.)

Reya slashed downward with her sword-shaped hand. Sam was able to grasp her speed though and came up with his hammer and the two met.


Reya may have been much slower but that had no effect on her strength. Sam had blocked her blow but her strength had overwhelmed him and knocked him down into the ground. A small crater formed beneath him and Reya stomped hard trying to crush his back. Thankfully he managed to roll out of the way while wrapping her legs with a bit of stone rope.

“Hmph, this won’t hold me.”

Sam ignored her words and through the end of the rope into the air. Just as Reya was prepared to break it, Mei flew by like a shadow and snatched Sam’s end of the rope with her talons. Reya had no time to react and was dragged into the sky by her feet.

(This humiliation!)

Reya kicked the rope away breaking it and her wings distanced her from Mei.

“You think this is enou…”


A spear of ice pierced one of her wings and began to spread over her body, threatening to freeze her solid.

(These Fucks!)

Reya flexed her muscles all at once and hundreds of fleshy spikes broke out from her skin like tentacles. They moved like the blade of a fan and knocked away and shattered the layer of ice forming over her body.

A cocky but angry grin on her face.

“You’ll have to do better then…”


Mei had ascended high above when the spear of ice hit Reya and dove down before the ice was removed. Her wings folded around her, causing her speed to accelerate severalfold. With her chest out, she screeched out, tearing the noise from the world around her, while at the same time she rammed into Reya with her full force.


As soon as the two collided, a sound similar to two large walls of metal slamming into each other rang out and caused many to shudder in fear as they look at briefly stole glances at the fight in the sky.

Reya who had just removed the ice from her body was caught off guard and was sent crashing into the side of a nearby mountain. Mei as well had a nasty landing. Her body was huge and her weight in her Mangshi form was several tons. Added to that was her feathers which were harder than metal. This combination was incredible but even with all of that, her bell was still rung after she collided with Reya’s incredibly tough body.

Sam gave her a thumbs up and Mei shook the cobwebs from her head before she again took flight.



Reya kicked off the side of the mountain and screamed like a madman. Her body straightened out and became more aerodynamic as she flapped her wings with all of her force and appeared in front of a still dazed Mei.


The two collided again, this time it was clearly in Reya’s favor but Reya wasn’t done. She continued to flap her wings and fly forward, her arms wrapped around Mei’s neck.

*BAM BAM BAM Crack snap*

Reya pushed Mei through tree after tree, breaking nearly a dozen by the time the two were on the ground. Reya was on top of Mei, who was now pinned to the ground on her back.


Reya clawed at Mei’s face but Mei twisted her long neck and dodged before her large mouth opened. Rows of dagger-like teeth snapped shut on Reya’s shoulder, digging down by about an inch. Reya felt no pain but it still pissed her off. With a flex of her muscles, Mei’s teeth were pushed out.

“You stupid little bitch!”

Reya’s clawed hand expanded several times over all at once, until it was big enough to wrap around Mei’s neck. Giving it a squeeze, Mei was choking.

Her instincts filled her with fear and she grabbed Reya with one of her talons and tried to pull her away but her strength wasn’t at Reya’s level and she could feel herself losing strength. With her wings pinned underneath her, she couldn’t get leverage and fly away. She couldn’t even give a cry, as the air was being cut off.

Reya’s red eyes were glowing dangerously as she smiled fiendishly.

(Just a little more.)


Reya remembered where she was and she quickly turned her head just in time to see a large Warhammer appear in front of her.


Reya caught the end of Sam’s hammer and mocked him.

“Not enough little boy.”

Reya still wouldn’t let go of Mei and her body went limp.


A blade of dark energy came slashing down and severed the arm holding Mei. Degra wasn’t finished and turned his wrist, swinging upward and cutting deeply into Reya’s back. Reya’s eyes widened and she turned around. She held onto Sam’s hammer and dragged both him and his hammer around with her and threw them at Degra. Degra retreated to the side dodging Sam and his hammer but this is what Reya wanted.

She was already slicing toward Degra’s head.



Reya’s other arm was cut halfway through but it wasn’t enough.

(Shit not enough.)

Reya didn’t stop and cut down on Degra. Degra though didn’t dodge and even purposely moved his head closer.


Reya’s bladed hand came crashing down on Degra’s helmet and should have split it into two. The force was strong and knocked Degra into the dirt face first. The eyes on his helmet all shut at once and a bit of blood leaked out the side of his helmet but his helmet held up.

“Still not dead. Die!”

Reya’s arm was already healing and she stabbed downward toward Degra’s back.


A thick wall of ice came in between the two but Degra’s p[owers were no longer activated and Reya’s speed had multiplied at this moment. Her arm dug through the wall with little difficulty and was about to shatter it completely.

“Not Yet, VIPER WHIP!”

Another blade of wind cut toward Reya. She raised both her wings to cover her back and yes they were torn up from this attack but they still held off his attack.

Reya’s hand broke through the ice.


Purplish black blood sprayed out soaking Degra.

Danny cut through the open wound Shin had left and taken off Reya’s arm. A sword made entirely of ice resided in his hand. This sword, however, was slightly different from the normal sword of ice he made with the ancient symbols. The one he held in his hands was mostly clear but both the spine of the sword and the blade itself held a tinge of baby blue.

Using the ancient hand symbols Danny could only do so much with it as he was inexperienced but now that Kazuki had given him a new magic ring, his use of magic was nearly a hundredfold easier to use, therefore he could make his ice denser, the blade sharper.

Danny stabbed forward, and his sword entered Reya’s chest and exited her back with relative ease. Reya only now realized what happened.

(Must kill this one before…)

Danny lowered his stance while his sword was still lodged within Reya’s chest. A breath of air was pushed out of his diaphragm and he flexed his abs and spun on his feet. His grip loosened for only a fraction of a second before he regripped his blade and the muscles in his arms and upper back like a spring under tension was released all at once.

Danny’s blade dragged diagonally through Reya’s body and tore out of her lower right side. Reya tried to flap her wings and retreat but Shin’s attack a second ago shredded her wings apart. She tried to kick off the ground and ain some distance but she could no longer feel her legs.


Her upper half and lower half fell away from each other and dark blood spilled out constantly, soaking the ground all around.

Danny smiled and shouted.

“I did it. I actually did…”


Danny’s words were suddenly cut and he felt his entire body become extremely heavy and his chest burned as though he were on fire. His head slowly lowered and he saw a trident pierced into the ground in front of him. A single thought came to his mind as he looked slightly lower and discovered a large gaping hole in his chest.

(How strange.)

Darkness took over his vision and Danny collapsed to the ground.

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