Return of the Fallen Volume 4 Chapter 80

Author: Blue_Rat


Reya screamed out in a panic.


Kazuki’s flame sunk deeper into her chest and exploded out of her back, causing her scream to be cut out halfway as the blue flame ate away at the oxygen filling her lungs. From her chest down, it was becoming engulfed in flame. From her upper chest and up, she was again separated in two.

Kazuki wasn’t finished. He had to destroy Reya’s head or there was no point, she would simply regenerate all over again given time. He landed behind her and tried to grab her head.


A wall of ice formed in front of him. He almost went mad wondering why Nunully had blocked him but he didn’t have to think for long as not even a second later the ice shattered in front of him and the trident stabbed at him. Kazuki instinctively raised his still flame covered hand. Triska’s trident stabbed into his hand but his blue flame actually caused the tip of the trident to melt. Triska quickly recalled her Trident back to her before it was truly damaged.

At the same time, Reya grew another blade from the side of her head, and with a swing of it, she severed part of her neck away.

Her head fell off to the side and rolled a few feet before coming to a stop.

(Must gain some distance before that shit has time to finish me off.)

Two small bat-like wings sprouted out of the back of Reya’s head and she began to fly up.

“Where do you think you’re going!?”

Kazuki grabbed a chunk of shattered ice on the ground and was about to throw it.

Triska wouldn’t let him though and she appeared in front of him like a demonic shadow.

“You think I’d let you.”

She raised her trident up and swung it down with full force. She was naturally careful seeing as how Kazuki could conjure up that blue flame whenever he wanted. She took note of that when he managed to form a blue flame on his back just before she kicked him. She figured that as long as she was faster than him, she could deal a deadly blow before that flame comes out and so she went full force.

Kazuki felt death upon him. He circulated his ki as fast as possible but it wasn’t fast enough. Even with his eyes filled with ki, he tried to at least track Triska’s movement but she was just too fast.

(Shit, this can’t be it.)

Triska’s trident came crashing down.


A small cloud of dust rose up and Kazuki…was fine. He looked around at his surroundings only to see that Triska’s trident had vanished. Kazuki retreated backward and saw an exhausted Asuna about 100 feet away. In her hands was Triska’s trident.

Asuna didn’t even look at Kazuki and yelled at Nunully.

“Nunully, encase it HURRY!”

Asuna released the trident and Triska immediately tried to call it back to her side but Asuna was resilient. she held out her hand and could barely muster the words.


The trident froze in place and Triska couldn’t pull it back to her side. Nunully wasn’t wasting this opportunity. her sapphire blue eyes began to glow with an even darker blue and she stamped her staff onto the ground.


All of the snow in the surrounding 300 feet liquified and became water in an instant. The very next moment it all came rushing over like a river and wrapped around the trident forming a large sphere of ever-flowing water. Nunully picked her staff up and aimed at the sphere of water and roared out.


The water responding to her power stopped moving and froze on the spot.

*Chi chi chi*

As the ice condensed further and further, the sound of it constantly crushing itself to become denser rang out until finally a solid clear sphere of ice hovered in the air above. This sphere was well over 70 feet in diameter. The weight of which was several tons. Nunully fell to one knee as she cut her power from her staff.


The large sphere of ice crashed into the ground and splintered the land around it. It had only fallen about two feet to the ground but its weight was evident by the sound alone. Hundreds of men and women looked over in amazement. The once snow-covered ground had out of nowhere transformed into stone, dirt, and blood.

This distraction only lasted for a moment. For an enemy noticed his enemy wasn’t paying attention and struck out.


This single scream of death caused a ripple throughout the battlefield and once more chaos and bloodshed erupted all over.

Triska and Kazuki were still in front of one another. Her strike had completely missed him as her trident was stolen. Kazuki was glad he was still alive but he wasn’t feeling particularly good right now. Although her blow had missed him, just the force from the wind she created when she swung her hands, caused the ground beside his feet to crack and break.

“Even without my weapon, you are still going to die.”

Triska cocked back a fist and Kazuki raised his small shield in front of him. Triska almost burst out laughing as Kazuki attempted to cover his face with it. She wanted to laugh but before she could even try, several blue flames shot through his shield and came flying at her face.

Triska jumped back in fear.

(He used his shield as a distraction to look weak and then shot through it. Damn that flame.)

Triska tried to call her trident to her but the sphere of ice it was trapped in only wobbled a bit. Because her trident was encased in so much ice, it could build no momentum and was stuck within it.

(I can’t touch his body with mine which means I have to use my trident. Do they actually believe that ball of ice can withstand me.)

Triska flew backward toward the large ice sphere at the same time, Reya called out in a panic.


Triska turned around to see Sam had jumped into the air and batted Reya into the ground with his Warhammer. At the same time, Shin and Kazuki were rushing to her.

(Damn them.)

Triska turned around and kicked off the ground. Her body blurred and she left afterimages in her wake.

(I can’t touch Kazuki with those flames but the rest are free game.)

Triska appeared next to Shin and punched at his head. Shin’s barrier swirled around him but it couldn’t hold up against Triska’s blow and popped with a loud…


Shin was about to die when someone spoke up.

“Ugh, my fucking head.”

As soon as these words were mumbled out, Triska’s speed drastically fell and Shin just managed to dodge her blow. Triska’s eyes widened in doubt.

(No, he’s supposed to be dead.)

Degra staggered to his feet. Dozens of eyes appearing on his helmet all of them already open.

Triska looked between Degra and Reya and cursed.

“You dumb fucking beast! You merely needed to kill that man and yet you failed and you even failed to inform me. How incompetent can you be? What monster, you’re more of a lowly maggot than anything. If you weren’t needed I’d kill you myself right here and now!”

Reya felt her blood boil.

“You dare insult me!”

Triska was beyond her melting point at this time and laid it out.

“Dare insult you, Oh I definitely do. What in the fuck are you gonna do about it huh!? Scum such as yourself is beyond worthless and can only fall in line. Now get down here and fight before your mistake makes things go even worse.”

Reya’s eyes glowed darker than ever before. Her body continued to regenerate but she didn’t make a move. For some odd reason, no one did. Whether they were too tired or surprised by Degra suddenly waking up. The blow Reya gave him, it should have killed him. His only saving grace was the fact that he had reduced her speed greatly and the fact that he wore a metal helmet. If his special eyes hadn’t affected her, that blow would have killed him several times over.

Degra looked at Reya’s reduced state. She was missing her entire body and was merely a head with wings and he understood some of the situation. He saw Danny’s corpse on the ground but he paid it little attention.

He looked up at Triska and laughed wildly while giving Kazuki a thumbs up.

“Triska, are you really telling me that while I was unconscious you and her combined couldn’t finish things off. The most you could do was take a single life. It seems you’ve grown soft over the years huh?”

Shin and Sam both felt anger in their hearts. For Degra to downplay Danny’s life like that was infuriating but the one most pissed was Triska.

She once more tried to call her trident to her side but it wouldn’t budge. She landed on the ground and pulled out a regular sword from her storage ring.

“Oy, Reya, you take them, and I’ll deal with Degra.”


Reya said nothing nor moved from her spot in the sky and instead looked down at Triska with disgust. Getting no response, Triska wondered what was going on, and looked up at Reya. The two stared at one another for a moment before Reya flapped her wings and started to retreat from the battlefield. Triska grew furious and roared at her.


Reya laughed out loudly.

“HAHAHAHAHA. You said it yourself, I am beyond worthless, what more can I do here.”

Reya pulled out the golden compass and showed it off.

“Besides I already have what I need. Kazuki, I would have loved to take your life but it seems much more fitting if you humans kill one another. When you all are weak and tired from battle, I might just come around and have a lite meal.”

Reya stuffed the compass back in a pocket and took off, quickly disappearing from the fighting.

Triska continued screaming furiously.


Triska felt her plan falling apart. Without Reya demonstrating her strength, the city lord might not believe Reya was actually a threat and may even call off the deal because of it.

Degra chuckled out.

“Haha, Triska, your actually quite lucky I didn’t die here, otherwise, you’d encounter a tragedy.”

Triska didn’t know what he meant but it didn’t matter. She gripped the sword in her hands and took a stance. Her fury, ready to be unleashed.


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