Return of the Fallen Volume 4 Chapter 89

Author: Blue_Rat


Mei was about to run over and jump into Kazuki’s arms when her mother pulled on the back of her collar with a…


Mei almost choked as she fell on her butt in pain. She looked at her mother as though she’s been betrayed.

“Mama, why?”

Tsura then gave her a punch on the top of her head.


“That’s my question. Have some sense girl. Do you think it’s appropriate to jump into a naked man’s arms?”

“Eh, but why it’s just big bro.”

Tsura pulled on Mei’s ear and dragged her off to the side.

“Did I teach you such things. You bird brain, think about time and place and besides, you can’t marry Kazuki, Nunully already has her eye on him. If anyone’s going to tie the knot with him, it’ll be her, got it?”

Nunully blushed slightly but she didn’t deny Tsura’s words. Instead, she added to them.

“That’s right little Mei Mei. Kazuki is mine and mine alone.”

Nunully’s eyes wandered over and met Asuna’s for a brief moment before as she said this before turning her gaze back to Mei.

Asuna didn’t know why but she felt her blood boil. However, she quickly avoided looking in Kazuki’s direction.

(Who cares who you get with, not me.)

Mei protested.

“Big sis Nene, you can’t have all of him, at least share.”

Nunully huffed.


“No, no sharing. He’s mine got it. He already agreed to date me, you heard it yourself.”

Mei crossed her arms.

“You can date him but I get to marry him, that should be fair enough right?”

Nunully turned stern and her voice became cold.

“Don’t push it. I said he’s mine and that’s final. Anything more and I’ll pluck your feathers out one by one and roast you like a fat turkey.”

Mei was taken aback by this but she was not afraid and was determined not to lose. Kazuki got tired of this quickly and ut a stop to it.

“That’s enough! We need to finish up here otherwise…”

*Bam Crack!*

Just as he was speaking, several flying objects crashed into the side of the dome and broke through. Nunully had been distracted and her concentration was broken allowing part of the dome to fall apart from this impact.

Nunully swung her staff about and a gush of water shot out and plugged up the broken part of the dome, the next instant it froze over. Once more they were safe, well temporarily at least.

Kazuki was pissed. He wasn’t one to usually get angry so quickly but because of these two’s childish actions, everything threatened to fall apart.

“Are you fucking kidding me! Is this all a joke!?”

Both Mei and Nunully flinched from his shout. Kazuki stopped himself from going further and took a deep breath.

(We’re running out of time, it’s not worth it.)

“Forget it. Clothes, I need them right now. This dome won’t last, I can tell your pushing yourself, so we need to do this shit right now.”

While he was talking, Kazuki could tell that no one was even paying attention to him. Something behind him was stealing their attention.

(What is it now?)

Kazuki turned around in time to see Degra removing the last bit of cloth from his body and tossing it over. Degra was quite lanky and seeing him with his thin-framed arms and legs, add to the fact that he still wore his boots and his helmet with all the eyes, and you have one of the oddest combinations, not only Kazuki but everyone else had ever seen.

Degra wasn’t shy and had both of his hands on his hips.

“What are you all gawking at?”

Degra looked down at himself and back up a grin of pride on his face.

“Well, not bad right. They don’t call me the snake for no reason, hehe, though I can’t compare to Kazuki.”

Kazuki slapped his forehead but Degra was at least cooperating. Kazuki thought he’d have a bit more self-awareness but social norms were not exactly standard when it came to criminals.

Mei shook her head and pointed at Kazuki.

“Degra is little bro and Kazuki is big bro.”

Degra felt his hand itching. He saw Mei’s tiny neck and felt the urge to squeeze it.

(She really is a little devil.)

Tsura hit Mei on the head once more and helped her take her small dress off. Mei made a pose and Tsura had to do everything in her power to not whoop Mei then and there. Standing in front of Mei, she tossed Mei’s clothes over to Kazuki with an apologetic face for Mei’s behavior.

Nunully was still concentrating and so she got Tsura to help her undress. Though with a bit of her power, Nunully made a bra and underwear from ice. Everyone shivered seeing this and couldn’t imagine the cold but Nunully who was now at the 4th stage felt only a little cool wearing these items.

Last but not least was Asuna. She could feel eyes on her and so she asked for Sam and Kimi’s help. She used the two like a wall and undressed quickly. She threw her clothes over and once more made eye contact with Kazuki and her heart sped up uncontrollably. She immediately tore her gaze away from him and thought.

(What the hell is wrong with me. I hate what he did, I hate him. So why, do I feel this way.)

Kazuki gathered the last bit of clothes and his hands went into action. Like a blurred shadow, he used the stamps Sam created like a machine. With repeated movements and excellent precision, he finished up the rest of the clothes in no time.

Surrounding him on all sides were piles and piles of freshly made talismans. Kazuki swept through them with his ki and inspected them one last time.

(Good, these stamps Sam made allow for zero mistakes. As long as you’re not an absolute idiot, you can apply all of the necessary inscriptions with ease.)

“Sam, help me wear the armor.”

Sam had to leave Asuna and Kimi’s side to help and the two couldn’t help but hold each other to try and preserve some amount of privacy from Shin and Degra. Though they knew Degra could see them anyway, they still clung to the thought that their actions did something. Degra though had no interest. At the moment he was solely focused on Kazuki and the talismans surrounding him.

(So my life is to rest on tattered clothes covered in blood. Damn you Triska. If I could just say one sentence to you, I’m sure you would bow before me. Nothing can be heard outside right now but a combination of crashing, that, and the wind ripping everything apart. So our conversation will have to wait. That is if this plan fails.)

Kazuki put on the flexible yet heavy suit of armor. It was more than two inches thick and was dense but Kazuki still had freedom of movement.

Sam using his power, simply touched the open back together and his power sealed it like a zip-up dress.

Sam finished and slapped Kazuki hard on the shoulder and gave him a thumbs up.

“Your set to go.”

“Yeah, thanks.”

Kazuki walked over to Asuna and gave her one of the talismans. This one had a small difference from the others. Kazuki gave her specific instructions with that one and everyone looked a bit surprised.

“Will that work?”

Degra became excited. Kazuki looked at him and asked seriously.

“Is Triska as prideful as you claim?”

Degra didn’t hesitate and smiled fiendishly.

“More than you know.”

“Then it will work, otherwise, we all die.”

Mei got a little scared.

“Big bro, we won’t really die will we?”

Kazuki pat her head.

“I’m going to try my best to see that it doesn’t happen but if we fail, I want you and your mom to try and take away as many as you can. Fly away with them as fast as you can and don’t look back, you got it?”

Mei froze and couldn’t answer. Tsura walked over and hugged Mei from behind.

“We’ll see to it.”

Mei felt tears in her eyes, she was small but she knew Kazuki meant if they didn’t succeed then to leave him behind. Kazuki wiped away a tear on the verge of falling.

“Mei, you have to believe in me. If you don’t then who will?”

Mei rubbed her head on Kazuki’s hand and held back her tears.

“Mei believes, Mei always believes in big bro. You’d better come back safe or else.”

Kazuki nodded.

“Of course.”

Kazuki stood in the center of the dome and everyone grabbed all of the clothes, preparing to throw them.

“Nunully, remember your part, and Asuna after you initiate your lock ability be ready to use that talisman when the time is right. Shin, when I fall.”

“I know I know, let you splat right.”

Everyone went quiet from Shin’s bad joke.

“I’m kidding, damn. Don’t worry, Kazuki, I’ll catch you.”

“Good. Nunully, let’s do this.”

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