Return of the Fallen Volume 4 Chapter 92

Author: Blue_Rat


Triska looked behind her and her eyes widened in shock.


One of her tornadoes… It had changed. The only way she could describe it was something akin to a river standing up.

Like an ancient demonic serpent made from water, a mighty force of water spun up and filled the entire tornado itself with water. From top to bottom and in the very next instant.


power rushed through this tornado of water and ice formed on its surface. There was no time for surprise as the water became less and less liquid, transforming into a spiraled column of ice. From the land to the sky, the towering water froze over into a large sculpture of ice.

Triska and Kazuki simultaneously feel the wind pressure drop in an instant and the change in the air nearly caused them both to fall out of the sky. Triska quickly added more power to her remaining three tornadoes to maintain them but the cold from the frozen tornado spread as rapidly as one could think. A constant rush of freezing cold air swept up and expanded in every direction.

The talismans in the center of the frozen tornado had done their job and then some. Nunully as well stamped her staff down and aimed it at the remaining three tornadoes.


Even in her exhausted state, she still managed to launch three torrents of water up and into the sky. These three spouts of water she threw out were each thicker than a horse-drawn cart and were shot with the same pressure one would feel standing under a waterfall. The individual spirals of water arced into the sky and the three remaining tornadoes sucked the water right up as though they were a dying man in a desert.

Nunully controlled the water from a distance and it all began to freeze. This was all that was needed to seal their fates. The talismans continued to freeze and the cold in the air dropped the temperature so rapidly that all of the water in the remaining three tornadoes froze instantly. The tornadoes, all at once broke.


Like a bubble popping from a careless point, the air dispersed outward in every direction all at once. Kazuki who was already unstable in the air was thrown away and sent tumbling into the distance. Triska as well was forced back several hundred feet. Even with her control, things had degraded too quickly and she could only recover after tumbling about a dozen or so times.

With no wind to hold them in the air, the three spirals of ice that froze up into large sculptures came falling down all at once.


A drum of the gods rang out continuously as 100’s of thousands of pounds of ice, rock, and tree and all other manner of debris came crashing down like a rain of meteors. These tornadoes had ravished the land and uprooted hundreds of trees, shaved away at the ancient mountains but in the end, they were forced to collapse into the very same ground they brutalized.

A plum of dust and a flurry of misty snow filled one’s vision, and it was difficult to see even a few feet in front of one’s self.

Kazuki had no time to worry about that though as he was sent flying away and was nearing the side of the mountain. He would soon end up the same way everything else did and become nothing more than crushed remains, so he was preoccupied at the moment.

Kazuki saw the mountain coming closer and closer.

(Damn, this is going to hurt.)

For a split second he regretted throwing away the Armor Sam had made him but he also knew it wouldn’t help with this type of impact. The gears in Kazuki’s head fired on all cylinders as he rapidly tried to figure out how to save his own ass.

In the end, only one idea came to mind. The consequences of which, he didn’t like.

A ball of flame appeared in his hand and grew until it was slightly bigger than a person’s head.

(An explosion will stop my descent and kick me back but at the same time its force could kill me if I don’t control it properly. To die from my own explosion, how stupid would that be.)

Kazuki had no other option but the odds were against him. The mountain was almost within reach. Kazuki grit his teeth.

(Now or never.)

Kazuki was just about to throw out his fireball when something swept in front of him.


At first, Kazuki thought it was Triska and was going to change the direction of his throw but as soon as he noticed what was flying in front of him, his hand froze mid-throw and he quickly dissipated his own fire.

“AH! Hot hot hot!”

Shin started to complain immediately as Kazuki’s fireball suddenly vanished near his face. It didn’t touch him but the heat radiated even away from his face and he could feel the intensity. Any closer and he might have actually been burnt. Were it Kazuki’s blue flame, there’s a good chance his face would already be covered in burns.

“Bro what the hell! Is this how you treat your savior!?”

Shin said this with a tone that suggested he was annoyed but the grin on his face said differently.

Shin proceeded to grab Kazuki by his waist and flew up and away from the side of the mountain with a twisting motion. Kazuki wasn’t a fan of being dragged through the air like this but seeing as how Shin really did just save him, he couldn’t help but wipe away some cold sweat from his forehead. If it meant Shin was smug for a bit, Kazuki didn’t mind being saved.

Shin flew above the flying snow and into a clearing in the sky. Still holding Kazuki by the waist, the two hovered in the sky for a moment.

“Holy shit! this is what we did?”

“Not bad for a rushed job if I do say so myself.”

Shin smirked.

“Not too bad but did you see the way I pulled off that rescue just now. Cmon, what movie did that remind you of?”

Kazuki was dumbstruck.


“You know I only spent ten years on earth and most of that was training and looking for shit. How many movies do you think I’ve seen?”

Shin was dumbstruck this time.

“Oh shit your right! I saw your memories, you definitely haven’t seen Matrix. Okay, put that on the list, I’m gonna show you that movie one day, then you’ll know how cool my rescue was just now.”

“List, what list?”

Shin grinned some more.

“The list of shit you need to experience if your gonna hang around me. Otherwise, I don’t think we can be friends.”

Kazuki went silent as he looked at the playful Shin. Somehow his stupid smile was endearing at that moment.

(He still wants to be friends.)

Kazuki couldn’t help but smile back.

Shin’s grin went away after Kazuki continued to smile at him for five seconds without any words. A chill ran up his back as he remembered that both he and Kazuki were butt naked and holding one another in the sky. Shin coughed two times and he changed topics.

“Dude! don’t look at me like that, you’re giving me the creeps. Anyway, how’s your shoulder doing?”

Kazuki was confused at first when he realized Shin misinterpreted his friendly gaze as something different. He looked down and saw his own dick swinging in the wind and saw Shin’s little guy and his smile turned into an eye roll.

(This idiot. What the hell is he thinking I’m thinking. Whatever.)

Kazuki went back to Shin’s question.

“My shoulder.”

Kazuki rolled his shoulder and found it was much better.

“It’s good. Is this why you grabbed me by the waist instead of the arm?”

“Well you were moving it earlier like it was janked up and your hand looks like shit right now, not like I’d take your hand anyway though. Plus holding you by the waist while I’m flying in the air makes it seem like I just resued a helpless brat, hehehe.”

“You do realize I’m ten years your senior right. Don’t the Japanese respect their elders? Wheres my respect.”

“Bwahahahaha, are you an old Japanese man now Kazuki? Should I escort you across the street and help you tie your shoe, hahaha.”

Kazuki rolled his eyes again.

“Point taken. Anyway, let’s get back down to the others, Triska isn’t finished yet and we still have things to do. Plus, if I continue to be held like this for much longer I might have to light whatever is nearest to me on fire.”

Kazuki made a fireball in his uninjured hand and smiled fiendishly. Shin readjusted himself, covering a certain area with his free hand before he laughed. Whether it was nervous laughter from fear of Kazuki’s fire or it was just his playful nature, even he didn’t quite know. It wasn’t easy finding the new boundaries between one another after all the shit that’s happened and was a process.

Shin quickly descended and flew into the plum of misty snow. As Shin flew through this misty area, his skin was tingling slightly as he felt the wind atop it. Even with his vision completely blocked, he could tell which direction to go by feeling the wind. Like a third eye, as long as the wind touched him, he could see several feet around him, even without his eyes.

Kazuki could see by enhancing his eyes with ki but he was surprised at how well Shin was doing and admired his progress.

After arriving at the dome the two quickly separated and Kazuki checked on Asuna.

“Did you do it?”

Asuna jumped behind Sam and Kimi, hiding her naked body before nodding and almost screaming at Kazuki.

“Don’t just appear out of nowhere like that! Of course, I did it!”

Kazuki found it funny that Asuna kept hiding her body from him but right now he had more important matters to attend to.

(I’ll have to make fun of her later.)

“Ok, everyone, get ready for the next part.”

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