Return of the Fallen Volume 4 Chapter 93

Author: Blue_Rat


Standing in the distance, the few remaining survivors of both sides had ended their own fight with one another long ago. Instead, they were awed at the sight before them.

They watched the world before them get carved up, leaving long deep trenches scattered, crisscrossing and digging up the land. hundreds of trees uprooted and flung about as though weightless and the part of the mountain hacked away. Last but not least, they witnessed large parts of the tornadoes filling with a river of water and freezing over in an instant before everything seemingly came collapsing down all that once.

The after left a plume of snow shooting up to the sky before its weight brought it flurrying back down in chunks of ice and blanketing everyone’s vision with a foggy mist.

Stretched out in front of these survivors for thousands upon thousands of feet was a wall of white but as chaotically as it all came, with a subtle breeze, the mist began to fall away and dissipate. With it, came a clear vision of what was left, which in turn left these few survivors doubting their own eyes.

Towering into the sky, a single tornado was left…or rather its remains if one could say that. From the ground up, a spiraling funnel of ice snaked its way high up into the air. As though time itself were frozen, a single tornado had seized its movement and had become an odd work of art. A sculpture of solidified water, a frozen tornado.

As the light from the sun reflected off of its thousands of harsh curves, and the mist left a faint haze in the atmosphere, hundreds of distinct rainbows arched out in every direction from the frozen mass of ice. We’re one to look to the sky instead of the land, you’d never know a battle took place here at all. Your mind… you’re all would be left mesmerized by this glowing rainbow-colored piece of art.


Triska’s domineering voice cracked the sky like a whip and caused cracks to appear on the tower of ice and a few large chunks even broke off and crashed into the ground below with heavy thuds.

*Thud Boom Thud*

Everyone snapped back to reality though this didn’t mean they would continue to fight. They all became nervous and wondered what the next move would be. Looking into the sky, they watched and waited to see what would happen next.

Triska hovered in the air. Her booming voice shook her surroundings and her hair was blown around wildly. Because of this, she resembled a diety of sorts.

Down below, Nunully waved her staff, and the dome protecting them all opened up like a precious blooming flower in spring. This revealed them to Triska but when she saw them, she became confused.

“What is this? Why are you all naked.”

Sure enough, Kazuki and everyone else was stark naked. Not only could Triska see them but those with good eyesight could see them in all their glory from the sidelines.

Kazuki scratched his cheek as though he were shy and asked playfully.

“Why, are you interested?”

Triska’s eyes almost bulged out of her face. Her anger outweighing her curiosity.

(I’ll Kill Him!)

While Triska was focused on Kazuki, Nunully and Kimi made subtle movements that went unnoticed. A small mirror of ice quietly formed in the sky above and was angled in a certain position. Kimi as well used a minuscule amount of power and a tiny barely noticeable light bounced off the mirror.

Kazuki noticed things were in place and lit up a small blue flame in his hand before taunting Triska.

“What’s the matter blondie? Why don’t you come down here and face me like a real woman? Don’t tell me your afraid of a little fire. Here I’ll make it a little smaller.”

Kazuki shrunk the fireball hovering above his hand two sizes.

“There, you can’t be afraid of that can you.”

Triska felt her blood boil but she knew she couldn’t go toe to toe with that flame. She looked at Degra but he still wore that helmet upon his head. If she could just remove that she could deal with everyone in ten breaths. Even Kazuki with his flame, as long as her speed wasn’t restricted, she could get past it and kill him in a single blow.

(I just need one fucking opening. One blow and I can conquer this situation in the blink of an eye but where…where is my opportunity?)

Kazuki shrunk his fireball another size down but Triska still wasn’t biting. Kazuki’s voice grew louder and louder until everyone watching from the sidelines could hear him clear as day.

“Hmm, maybe it’s not the fire your afraid of but instead…”

Kazuki looked down at his lower half before looking back up at Triska and smiling lecherously while simultaneously shaking his hips wildly like a monkey.

His dick began to flop back and forth for all to see. Triska shook with fury. Far off to the sides, with her power, she could hear the murmurs and whispers building as her and Degra’s men began to wonder out loud.

“Don’t tell me she really is scared of that man and his cock.”
“How dare you say that boss isn’t afraid of anything, nothing I tell you.”
“But then why isn’t she attacking. She can control the heavens yet she isn’t daring to make a move against that fellow humping the air.”

More and more people began to speak up wondering what was up while Degra’s men fanned the flame.

“She’s weak, I knew it.”
“Right right, if she didn’t fall for that guy, she would have fallen for our boss in a heartbeat. In the end, she’s just a woman who can’t control her womanly desires.”

Degra’s men seeded contempt and dragged Triska’s name through the mud. At first, Trsika’s men were furious and argued back but seeing Trsika make no move to quell any of this or put a stop to Kazuki’s disrespect combined with the fact that they saw Kazuki fight with Triska in the air. Triska had continuously avoided close combat with Kazuki and when she finally did engage up close and personal, the very next moment her storms fell apart.

Their thoughts became clouded and fear began to set in among them. The same question started to fill their minds.

(If the boss can’t beat that fellow even with her power, does that mean we’ll all die if we don’t surrender.)

Degra’s men were opportunistic and picked up their weapons at this time and aimed them at Triska’s subordinates. Seeing this, one of Triska’s men dropped his staff on the ground and fell to his knees.

“Don’t kill me!”

As soon as one gave up, with such a degraded mindset from the recent happenings, the rest quickly followed the first one who gave up.

*Clank clink thud clank.*

Swords, shields, staffs, rings, anything that could cause damage was dropped at their feet or thrown purposely away before the men and women dropped to their knees in surrender.

Degra’s men were no slackers and gathered up their enemy’s equipment, instantly storing the items away before anyone could change their mind.

A cheer broke out among Degra’s men and grew louder and louder. Degra saw this and chuckled.


“Do you see that? Now that is what you call loyalty. Triska, this is your fate, you will fail do you see that now. Surrender now while I’m speaking nicely, otherwise, you’ll force my hand and you wouldn’t want to know how low I’ve truly gone to secure my victory.”

Trsika’s face was red and a large vein throbbed on her forehead.

“You think I’ll give just because those worms surrendered. Have you already forgotten how I slew my men along with yours when I made my storms? Your life, their life, all of it…it’s all the same to me. Compared to taking everything that’s yours, their lives mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. Even f you slaughter them all, it will no affect me whatsoever. If this is your final card then I’ve got to say, I am truly disappointed in you DEGRA.”

Degra showed no hint of surprise hearing this but Trsika’s men felt bitter in their hearts. They had done so much for her and even willingly fought for her and risked their own necks. Some even foolishly still believed that maybe Triska had accidentally killed her own men in the storms. If not an accident some would even believe that she was desperate and had no choice but to summon her storms on top of them all but her words right now told them all the undeniable truth. To her, their existences were worth less than the dirt on the ground.

Degra chuckled for a moment before he looked at Kazuki and then turned back to face Tiska. Degra followed suit and began thrusting his naked waist in Triska’s direction. Seeing Degra who only wore a helmet and boots, shaking himself around like that was pretty ridiculous but Triska found nothing to laugh about and only felt absolute rage and humiliation.

Degra taunted her.

“You truly are afraid and there’s nothing you can do.”

These words, there was little substance to them but they felt like a thousand-pound hammer slamming into her. Destroying her last bit of hesitation. Something within her snapped and her fist clenched. She was just about to rush down and fight them like this, Kazuki’s blue flame be damned, when suddenly she caught the sight of something out of the corner of her eye. A gleam off of something she was quite familiar with was stabbed down into the ground no more than 50 feet away from her.

As soon as she saw it, her clenched fist snapped open and she roared out into the world.


As soon as they heard her roar, everyone felt shaken to their core by this abrupt assault on their eardrums. Her words themselves though left them pale as they saw something fly in front of her and stop. Triska snatched the item out of the air and spun it around twice.

A long silver-white trident gleamed as light radiated off of it.

Triska held a grin of evil and spoke in a domineering tone.

“Who did you say was going to lose!?”

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