Return of the Fallen Volume 5 Chapter 19

Author: Blue_Rat


Asuna took a swig and then Nunully followed.


The two slapped their cups on the table before Lamia refilled them and the two went again.

*Gulp gulp glug glug*

Slamming their cups on the table again, the two glared at one another while wiping their mouths with their sleeves. Lamia filled their glasses again and watched on as though this was the most entertaining thing in the world. The two drinkers themselves constantly threw insults at one another.

Asuna was the first to throw shade.

“Why are you such a selfish bitch?”

Nunully licked the foam off of her upper lip and retorted back.

“I simply know what I want, unlike you. So wishy-washy. Last I checked you gave up on Kazuki because in the end you only care about yourself. Your nothing but a backstabber.”

Asuna’s eyelid twitched and the two began to hammer their drinks back faster and faster, all while insulting each other.

Glacious looked at his godchild with a bit of surprise but seeing who the mother was he wasn’t too shocked and watched on curiously. Though he kept wondering how these two were considered friends and not enemies.

Lamia kept filling their drinks and giggling while watching and the person this was all about, Kazuki, he was in his own world with Tilly. The two enjoyed one another’s company and swapped stories back and forth. Eventually, it led to how Tilly ended up in this place.

While chewing through some spicy jerky snacks, Tilly explained how she had encountered Muteki and his squad back in Edngaul and how she had eventually been forced to flee, in hopes of escaping as well as finding him and warning him of Mutekis presence. She then went on to explain how she remembered where he was headed and went in that direction but being so old she lost direction easily and ended up in the Rin mountain range. She then ended up running into Etora who had gone out to play and the two got along.

Once she entered Glacious’s paradise-like valley, and she saw the golems of legend and free drinks, she hated to admit it but she actually forgot about Kazuki and the others. She asked if she could stay and study the golems and seeing as how she was causing no harm and she was interesting, Glacious allowed her to stay.

A bit later Tilly had a conversation with Etora about how she had come to be here and she mentioned Kazuki and his traveling companions. She mentioned how one of Kazuki’s traveling companions was a half-elf/half-human girl named Nunully. Etora and Glacious instantly became interested because they had a younger sister who had a daughter with the same name. They began asking details about Nunully and things began to add up.

Glacious became worried and thought about Lamia and instantly teleported to the capital and found her. Lamia was surprised to say the least seeing her older brother there but after a talk, Glacious was informed about her situation.

Lamia had sent her daughter away with Kazuki to go to Glacious’s place while Lamia got her revenge.

Glacious was listening to Tilly tell the story when he couldn’t help but become angry. A powerful pressure swept through the dining room and everyone went still.

“Lamia had I known about the things that happened in the past I would have immediately gone to your side. For my little brother to die in such a way, dammit, why didn’t you come to find me?”

Lamia put down a pitcher of liquor and softly shook her head.

“That’s exactly why I didn’t find you. Had you known what they did to my husband, you would have certainly gotten involved.”

“I’m saying so why?”

“Big brother, you do not know how to hold back your anger. Have you already forgotten what happened to all of your kin? Once you get involved species end up going away, permanently. You would have slaughtered millions whether they were involved or not. Even if you only killed those involved, your methods are way too noticeable and wars would have started. Every nation on the Feya continent would unite to slay the last evil dragon. That’s how they would put it. Even knowing they would lose they would still do it. My way though is a lot quieter. My way simply required time. Waiting and waiting, eventually, with Garn going wild and becoming king, things became chaotic and I found my opportunity. The ones involved with my husband’s death, I took care of them all.”

Lamia no longer had the playful lustful smile she usually would. Instead, something sinister brewed within and could be felt in her cold tone. Glacious’s who had been emitting a subduing pressure completely eased up hearing Lamia’s words and he sighed.


“Even with all this power, I was still so useless to you little sister, forgive me.”

Lamia’s expression softened and she smiled.

“Big bro was not at fault. There’s nothing to forgive. Had you been there, things would have certainly gone out of hand. It was a good thing you didn’t know at the time or I fear humans would no longer exist in this world. Besides, even though it was humans that were responsible for my husband’s death I don’t hate humans, I am a human. My husband and I both simply wish for one thing and one thing only.”

Lamia looked at her daughter who was a bit wobbly but said nothing more. She poured Nunully and Asuna a drink and she chucked and encouraged the two to once again continue their match.

Glacious as well looked away and continued to nurse his drink while deep in thought.

Tilly took another swig and went back to her story like it was nothing.

“After all of that, Glacious brought Lamia here and Lamia went on to tell Glacious about her daughter being out and about on her way to meet him for a safe haven. Glacious and Etora were both about to head out when coincidentally, Garn showed up and began acting like an ass. I’ve met Garn only one time before. It was a long time ago during the Eden Fall war. He was cold then but he was so murderous. Sure he killed but that was all in the line of duty, everyone can understand that. The way he hunted you and your friends down though, that is entirely different. As far as I’m concerned, that man is not my king but a dickless dog bastard.”

Tilly’s story ended on that rant but that left more questions on the table.

“You said it earlier but I find it hard to believe. Is this really the Rin mountain range. I mean this is completely different from the raging blizzard we were in before. Just what is this place?”

Tilly shook her head.

“It’s hard for me to fathom as well. One moment I’m about to die on the top of a frozen mountain, the very next I’m basking under the golden rays of the sun with a gentle breeze caressing me. Glacious won’t say much about it but Etora can’t shut up about it. He literally can’t stop bragging when it comes to his older brother. From what he’s said, this place is an entirely different world. He said it shares a few properties with a storage ring, meaning this is like a pocket dimension or something. Outside is the real Rin mountain range and this world is about the size of a grain, hidden somewhere in that mountain range, though I’m not entirely sure if that’s true or not.”

Glacious interrupted.

“Smaller…This world, as it exists, is actually smaller than a grain of sand. In here, this place stretches as far as the eye can see. It is my own private world. My own private paradise so to speak. This place is protected by powerful magical arrays that help to hide it away. Only an expert can find this place. The raging storm outside also acts like a sort of camouflage for this place. The storm can mess with one’s perception confusing one even more.”

Tilly was surprised that Glacious was saying all of this. She had tried for weeks to pry some info from him but every time he would shut her down. Now though he was freely divulging his secrets. Why she didn’t know nor did she care as long as she could learn more things.

Kazuki on the other hand didn’t understand why someone so powerful would go through so much to hide. According to what he heard from both Garn and Etora, Glacious was at the 7th stage. What need would someone who could rule the entire continent need to hide for?

“Why do so much? I mean, you’re at the 7th stage, there’s nothing in this world that could threaten you so why go through all of these hoops?”

Glacious shook his head.

“The 7th stage under normal circumstances you’d be invincible in this lower realm but I’ve pissed off far too many entities. There are a few experts that would gladly come seek me if they knew where I was. Not only them though, but I also have to worry about the undying ones.”

Everyone perked up hearing that term.

Kazuki as well couldn’t help but ask.

“Undying ones?”

Glacious nodded.

“You haven’t heard of them. Maybe the old name is lost to history. The undying ones. Beings that are so ancient that worlds were birthed after them. They can have bodies so large that mountains crumble as they walk the land. Power so deep that they can flood a continent just as easily as they can sink it. The ancients, the Undying Ones, the Titans!”

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