Return of the Fallen Volume 5 Chapter 20

Author: Blue_Rat


“In this world, there are a few of these Titans left. Each one of them is comparable with the 7th stage when they first start out. As they age though, their strength grows with them over time. Leaving this place every once in a while is fine but to roam about for an extended period of time, that would be far too careless on my end.”

Kazuki had heard of Titans before but again, like Golems, he put them on the same level as myths. or legends. Something akin to a fairy tale otherwise, just where have they been all of this time. How come no one has encountered such creatures or how come the world wasn’t already destroyed a few times over by now if their power was so great.

Kazuki pointed out these gaps to Glacious and Glacious went on.

“Most of them have already left this lowly realm long ago. The energy here is too thin and they cannot reach their apex here. Tell me would you stay in this place knowing you were hundreds or thousands of times stronger just a step away. No, you would step over, step into a higher realm to claim your power in full. Those that have left this realm and ascended were the strongest of all and only the weak Titans were left behind or rather they weren’t allowed to cross over to the higher realms. Compared to the most powerful Titans that have gone on, the ones left in this world are considered weak on those terms but compared to the rest of us, they are some of the most powerful beings in this world. The weakest of them is comparable to a 7th stage mage. As for why no one has ever seen them, well, I most certainly have. That battle was the most enduring grind I’ve ever had to face. It’s strength never wavered for even a moment and it pushed me beyond my own limits several times. In the end, the most I could do is toss it away and flee with my little life.”

Kazuki and the others were dumbfounded. A creature with just a step could crumble a mountain and Glacious managed to throw such a large heavy body. Glacious held that much strength yet he could only flee in the end. No one knew what to say to that.

“It was the only Titan I ever came face to face with but I’m certain there are at least 2 more on this continent, though I haven’t seen them in the flesh. I can’t confirm it but I suspect the two I haven’t encountered are deep in slumber or they just don’t care and have no interest in anything that this world holds. For them, time is treated differently. A person that can live for a hundred years would be decrepit and dying near year 80 or so, while a person with an inscription tattoo would still be going strong at that age and would only slow after another 30 or 40 years. To a Titan that seemingly has infinite lifespans, they could blink and miss all of humanity in that timeframe. To get such a creature’s interest, unless you are bothering them directly, why would they bother with you?”

Kazuki caught something with that and asked.

“Glacious, you said it yourself that Titans wouldn’t care about anything in the world unless they were bothered so then are you saying you pissed one off and that’s why you can’t really go out for too long?”

“It’s as you say. I messed up almost 20 years ago and thoroughly enraged one. That’s one of the reasons I no longer take long trips outside.”

“One of the reasons?”

“Yes, one of the reasons.”

Kazuki was fishing for something but Glacious wouldn’t exp[and further on the other reason he wouldn’t leave. Etora could sense Glacious’s mood starting to change and interrupted the two.

He grabbed a whole leg of a chicken and slapped it on Kazuki’s plate.

“Enough about that, eat this. More importantly, now that you’ve gotten away from that bastard Garn, what do you plan to do now?”

“I must train.”

Etora was starting to regret handing over that juicy leg of meat and drool started to run down his chin. Kazuki slid the plate back over and Etora smiled before snatching the leg up and devouring it bone and all in a single bite. Once he swallowed everything down, he regained some of his composure and asked curiously.

“Train, what for?”

Kazuki found no reason to hide anything in front of Etora and the others. If Glacious or Etora wanted the information from him, there was nothing he could do to stop them, and besides, he felt they were trustworthy. Glacious and Etora had both stood up to Garn and were clearly enemies with him. Glacious even went so far as to leave the safety of his paradise in order to go get Lamia from Tresta, risking being exposed to a Titan. This was a man that could be trusted.

Kazuki went on to explain the situation. Lamia, Tilly, and Etora were filled with disbelief but Tsura and Mei, and Shin who still had their wits about them all confirmed his story. Asuna and Nunully had passed out a few minutes ago ending in a draw while Sam and Kimi had yet to return.

Tilly downed another glass while slurring.

“Damn boy, all of that happened. No wonder you acted older than your face when we first met. I thought you seemed more mature but to think you really were someone in their late twenties, now that’s a story to drink to.”

Lamia squeezed her chest against Kazuki’s arm and whispered softly in his ear.

“You’re still a young hero to me. Here I was thinking I was gobbling up some cherry boy but the way you used those hips, I suspected you weren’t inn..ah..cent.”

Lamia then peeked at Nunully from the corner of her eye. Seeing her completely passed out, Lamia took this chance to slide her tongue around Kazuki’s earlobe before sucking it as though it were the most succulent fruit in the world.

Kazuki could feel her tongue rolling around on his ear seductively and he felt a bit of blood starting to rush downward. However, this wouldn’t last long because Etora jumped in between the two, knocking Lamia on her ass. He wrapped his arms around Kazuki and hugged him like a brother.

“Kazuki, you went through so much and then you were even willing to give up your chances at revenge just to save your friends. Admire…I admire you almost as much as big bro. How can there be two people in this world I respect so much.”

Lamia jumped up to her feet and complained.

“Damit Etora! can’t you save that sappy shit for some other time, Kazuki and I were having a moment.”

Lamia tried to pull Kazuki back to her side but Etora jumped to the other side of the table, pulling Kazuki along with him.

“No, Kazuki, don’t be fooled by little sis, she’s a man-eater. Once she has her way with you, she’ll toss you aside and stamp on your heart. I can’t have another little brother of mine become lost.”

Lamia climbed on top of the table, spilling food and drink along the way.

“Hey I take offense to that, the only little brother of yours I gobbled up was my late husband and he and I were in love and were married I might add you. There was no stomping of hearts.”

Lamia jumped at Etora and Kazuki but Etora jumped into the air and landed on a floating chandelier hovering above the room. Once again he dragged a helpless Kazuki along with him.

Lamia almost crashed as Etora suddenly disappeared from in front of her but Tilly waved her hand and a strong force of wind caught Lamia and sat her down next to Tilly who then shoved a drink in her hand.

“I suggest you drink this and give up on Kazuki. I didn’t think he was like that but apparently, he doesn’t even like women all that much. Look what’s happened to him since Etora started hugging him.”

Everyone took a side glance at Kazuki and Kazuki himself looked down at his lower region. Because of Lamia’s lips and tongue on his ear, a natural occurrence took place in his pants and he was standing at half-mast. Etora slowly put Kazuki down and scratched his head awkwardly.

“Hehehe, sorry little brother but I don’t swing that way. What a coincidence though, both of my brothers are interested in those things, what are the odds.”


“Etora, that’s enough!”

Glacious yelled at Etora and Etora’s smile disappeared and he nodded silently.

“Sorry big bro, I’ve said too much.”

Mei started pulling on Tsura’s sleeve and asked.

“Mama what did the wolf mean by interested in those things, what things?”

Tsura didn’t know how to answer and was stumped. Then Mei pointed at the stiff thing in Kazuki’s pants and was about to ask what it was but as soon as Tsura saw her point, she immediately covered up Mei’s mouth and shouted.

“Don’t ask, don’t look, just shut up and eat.”

Lamia climbed back up on the table and started jumping trying to grab at the chandelier to get to Kazuki but she was only a human and therefore had zero hops.

“Kazuki is not like that, I can attest to that. Kazuki I can’t jump up there. You come down here and ignore this old woman’s comments.”

Tilly threw her head back in laughter.

“Bwahaha, I just call it like I see it. Nothing more and nothing less, hehe.”

Kazuki could only laugh inwardly and didn’t take it too seriously. circulating some of his ki, he took control of his blood and his soldier began to lay down for a nap. Kazuki hoped down from the chandelier and took another drink.

“Anyway, As I said, I plan to train for some time. With my sister out there, trying to kill me, she’ll never stop until I’m dead. That’s one of the reasons why I memorized some books from Gentis’s library.”

Etora thought for a moment before an idea struck him.

“Little bro, why don’t you forget about being a Mage and try walking my path. I don’t want to be one to brag but my body is considered one of the toughest in all the lands. It’s even tougher than big bros, well at least when he’s not cheating and using his dark scales. If you learn my power, nothing will be able to break you.”

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