Return of the Fallen Volume 5 Chapter 24

Author: Blue_Rat


A small bit of his ki came upon Glacious’s Mage core. When it got close, the elements as though they had a mind of their own went wild and prepared to attack this intruder. It was the soul’s natural response to defend itself but Glacious was on top of it and willed his Mage core, calming its energy.

Kazuki once more inched closer and with no resistance from the Mage core, his energy gently touched the core. Kazuki felt a sting of pain as he examined the Mage core. Even with Glacious’s control, he could not prevent Kazuki’s reaction. The power Kazuki felt from Glacious was simply overbearing. The outstretched ki was pressured from all sides and as a result, it moved as slowly as a snail. This pressure could be felt outward and Kazuki himself felt as though he were stuck in a pit of thick mud.

Still, Kazuki pushed his ki forward until it came upon that sleeping lion-dog face.

As soon as his ki touched upon it, Kazuki’s entire body shook as thousands of dark images suddenly entered his mind all at once.


Kazuki sensed all of these at once and he was physically thrown to the ground by this unknown power. Gripping his head as if he were being tortured, he began to bang his head repeatedly on the ground, cracking it as he did.

Glacious and Etora’s eyes widened in panic.

“Big bro what did you do!?”

“Me, I did nothing, he just barely touched upon that mark in my Mage core and he started freaking out!”

Kazuki continued to bang his head on the ground, his eyes filled with madness, blood pouring down his forehead as the ground broke with each blow.

Etora quickly grabbed Kazuki and restrained him tightly but Kazuki was resisting with everything he had as he screamed out in pure agony.


Blood began to pour from the edge of his eyes freaking Etora out even more.

“Big bro do something, heal him before he dies!”

Glacious nodded and held his hand over Kazuki. Green light poured down on top of Kazuki and his eyes bled no more but that didn’t stop Kazuki’s reaction.

Kazuki held open both of his hands and both Etora and Glacious felt his power gather. The next moment two blue flames appeared over his hands and began to grow at a terrifying rate. From the size of seeds to a rock and then to the size of a person’s head in an instant. Kazuki then flicked his wrist and threw them at the two.

Glacious reached forward and grabbed the one racing for his face. He had never seen such a flame before and could tell just how violent it was but this amount of power, this flame, what could it do to a dragon.

Glacious simply squeezed the flame in his fist and it was snuffed out in an instant.

Etora on the other hand was very close and was holding onto Kazuki and had no free hands. The blue flame landed directly on his chest and Etora was surprised but only for a moment.

The flame spread around his entire body and Etora watched it curiously.

“Big bro, there’s a lot more energy in this than a normal flame. Not even close to yours but definitely a lot higher than a regular brat at the 3rd stage.”

“Forget about that now, put that out before your clothes…”

Glacious didn’t finish his sentence in time and all of Etora’s clothes turned to ash. Etora found this kind of funny but right now this was no time to laugh. Kazuki seemed to be in serious trouble.

Etora breathed out for a moment before opening his mouth widely and inhaling deeply. A powerful force of wind picked up and the flame wrapped around his body began to get sucked into his mouth. Not even a second later the entire flame came away from Etora and entered his mouth. With an audible gulp, Etora licked his lips in delight.

“Hmm, not a bad flavor.”

Kazuki was still freaking out and screaming at the top of his lungs when Glacious took a step forward and placed a hand on his back.


Glacious’s eyes slammed shut and when he reopened them, he appeared in the sky, hovering above a tall strong tree. Down below he heard two people screaming back and forth.

“Kai what the hell is that shit!?”

“It seems like a brand or some kind of mark. We have to remove it before it sets its roots in Kazuki’s Mage core and kills him. Danny! Hurry and help me destroy it while we still have the chance!”

Danny nodded and with that, two branches broke away from Kazuki’s soul tree and flew into both Kai and Danny’s hand.

“Danny, use the technique I taught you, and don’t let that energy touch you, it could destroy you in an instant!”

“Damnit, why didn’t you mention such things right away!”

Kai didn’t answer him but Danny wasn’t really expecting a reply and the two began to move as though they’d practiced before.

A small mark started to take shape and resembled the face of a lion mixed with a dog. Kai teleported and appeared a dozen or so feet behind this mark while Danny appeared in front.

The two placed the branches at their waist and took a stance. At the same time, the two drew the branches from their side as though they were drawing a sword. Danny moved first and roared out!


The branch was pulled so fast that it could hardly be seen. A whistling howling type of sound ripped forward from the front. At the same time as Danny drew, Kai breathed in deeply and drew as well and his voice followed after Danny’s.


A single blade of air raced forward from the back. two blades of energy landed upon the mark at nearly the exact same time. Danny’s power and technique were a fraction of what Kai’s was and when it landed upon the mark forming, it could barely push it back. Kai’s blow was entirely different. His attack cut cleanly through the mark and shredded it to oblivion, destroying it wholeheartedly.

Just as quickly as it seemed to have appeared it just as quickly disappeared.

Danny ran over and stomped at the ground where the mark had vanished as though he didn’t believe it but as sure as day, it was gone.

“Kai how the hell did such a thing come in!?”

“That’s not the question you should be asking.”

Danny was confused but then Kai pointed his branch up into the sky. Following his pointing, Danny’s eyes widened and he actually felt fear within this place. He almost fell on his ass as he screamed up at the sky.


Glacious who floated up in the sky only now noticed that he was in his dragon form. His entire body stretched across the sky overhead and if there were a sun it would be blocked out right now. Glacious flew downward and as he descended, he rapidly transformed into his human form. This barely helped ease Danny though.

Landing in front of the two, Glacious stood tall at 7ft. With large bulging muscles that could literally rip through mountains as though they were cheese, and an unusual set of eyes, one yellow and the other red. Danny felt an unknown pressure.

Kai took a step forward and aimed his branch at Glacious.

“That’s enough Glacious. Your intimidation is unwarranted. We are not enemies so why put on a show?”

Glacious tilted his head slightly.

“You know me? Who…Who are you and what are you doing in my little brother’s soul world. Not only that you were able to destroy that brand. You hold many secrets.”

Kai nodded.

“I do indeed know you but only because I have observed you from inside here. The secrets that you think I hold are not what you assume. I’ll gladly explain them anyway but first, as you can see, my friend here can’t withstand your pressure, so if you would please.”

Glacious eyed Danny for a moment before he cut his pressure off entirely. Kai helped Danny up but Danny was still a bit shaken. Ever since he entered Kazuki’s soul world he no longer felt afraid or nervous. Being dead kind of has that effect. However, when Glacious released his pressure, Danny genuinely felt the fear of death upon him. He felt as though if he were to make one wrong move, he would be obliterated and be nothing but a memory.

Once Glacious withdrew his pressure, Kai nodded. He dropped his branch and it disappeared before it hit the ground and reappeared from exactly where it broke away from Kazuki’s soul tree and repaired itself as though it had never been separated in the first place.

At the same time, in the real world, Kazuki slowly opened his eyes. The first thing he saw when he opened his eyes was Etora on top of him holding him down. Etora was entirely naked and was licking his lips. Kazuki couldn’t help but usher another scream. Not one of agony but of sheer panic.


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