Return of the Fallen Volume 5 Chapter 4

Author: Blue_Rat


Garn sank into his throne. He was in a foul mood. He just received a report from Muteki and the news disappointed him deeply.

(So Kazuki’s sister is a queen in the dark continent. Not only does she rule a kingdom, but she also controls Azirian’s. This Azirian, in particular, was not a stupid mindless monster but instead a powerful intelligent being. From what Muteki confirmed, her strength and speed are far higher than some random soldier with an inscription tattoo. That monster was capable of dominating Muteki who’s known for his strength and talent in battle. She must be nearly as strong as a 4th stage Mage if not even better and Kazuki’s sister has the power to control such a monster. Hmph, Kazuki.)

“Mila, you heard his report, Muteki’s Mage core has suffered. Send a group to escort him back safely. I want to see his thoughts first hand.”

The young woman took back her mirror-like object and bowed before turning to leave. Just as she got to the door, she remembered.

“Ah, your majesty.”


“What of the family who took Muteki in?”

Garn raised a brow.

“What of them?”

“Don’t you think they should receive a reward for helping Muteki and caring for him even though he was no more than a stranger to them?”

Garn thought for a moment before nodding.

“Hmm, fine. Send them a thousand gold Zeni and exempt them from three years of taxes, now go, I need to think.”

Mila bowed slightly once but just before leaving Garn changed his mind.

“Actually, I think I’ll head there myself.”

Mila bowed again and left. Garn waved the guards away, ordering them out as well.


The large heavy doors shut and Garn contemplated a few things.

(Does that woman from the dark continent have plans for these lands. The miasma is moving closer and closer to the borders and the Azirian’s hiding within move with it. Very soon every country will send out an army to try and push them back. Hehe.)

Garn couldn’t wait to see the faces of all the kings. Thinking about the power of his weapon, he would soon destroy the Miasma all on his own. With the Miasma gone, he would then finish the Azirian’s once and for all. At that point, once again, he would be called a hero.

(Forget that woman. Whether she’s connected to the Azirian’s in this land or not, it doesn’t matter. With my weapon, I will drive them all back and turn them into ash. The only thing that makes me curious is the reason Muteki said the Azirian came. The whole situation went out of hand. That monster seemed far too interested in that compass of his but why? I thought I sensed something odd about it the first time I spotted it but I never thought about it too deeply. If a queen from a demonic land is interested in it, it can’t be anything good.)

Garn thought for a long while before he finally stamped his scepter on the ground with a loud bang.


As soon as he did that, the large doors to the throne room swung open and a messenger quickly stepped in before kneeling on the ground.

“Yes, your highness.”

“Have Iselda prepped. I’m heading to the north as soon as it’s ready.”

“Yes your highness, as you will.”

(Kazuki, do not think you’re safe and sound. I don’t know why your sister wishes for your death nor the object around your neck but I suppose I should go and find out. Leaving it up to these fools was a mistake. I’ll handle it all. So just wait for me Kazuki, I’m coming for you.)


“My King, I’ve just received word that King Garn has just used his weapon Iselda and has teleported once more.”

An old man wearing a full suit of armor knelt before a young man on a throne. This young king was handsome with sharp looks. He held a calm demeanor and seemed unshakable.

“Which part of the border has he gone to now?”

The old soldier hesitated for a moment before he said.

“Your majesty, his floating island has yet to be spotted anywhere near the border.”

King Brian’s finger tapped rhythmically on his armrest as he thought for a moment.

*Tap tap tap*

“Not on the border, now this is a first. His floating island Iselda has only ever been seen at the borders or back in his capital Tresta. Every time it teleports, the sky lights up for a few hundred miles. It is something that can move about thousands of miles in an instant yet it is not something that can disappear. It has to have gone somewhere but where.

*Tap tap tap*

“Has there been no news coming out from the other kingdoms?”

The old soldier shook his head.

“Our eyes are in every kingdom yet none have reported Iselda nor Garn himself.”

*Tap tap tap*

“Hmm, I doubt Garn sent himself to the slaughter and went east and into the Miasma. Ever since Garn killed King David, his personality has become even colder and he tends to act rash but he’s not an idiot. If he’s going somewhere, it’s with the intention of taking care of something himself. For him to not appear in any of the small kingdoms nor mine or Jin, means he hasn’t gone as far as we think. He must still be in Treia but where?”

*Tap tap tap*

“Wasn’t there a report recently about a city far north in Treia?”

The old soldier thought for a moment before a stack of parchment came out of his storage ring and hovered in front of him. The man spoke at the papers in front of him.

“Reports within the last month, Treia, northern territories.”

Each paper glowed for a moment before several of them went dim and reentered the man’s storage ring. In the end, three pieces of paper remained floating in front of him. The man then gave a quick scan over the three before he eliminated two of the choices and read out loud the important bits from the remaining report.

“Three weeks and two days ago, 83 miles north of Gentis city a battle took place. Main actors of said battle. One was a 4th stage wind Mage, her name is Triska. another main actor was a man that goes by Degra or Degra the snake. He is at the 3rd stage but has a special ability that allows him to slow opponents. Next, there is…”

After hearing the report Brian started to see a picture.

“Hmm, so the city lord of Gentis is dead and Triska killed him. For Garn to go there to kill her personally it makes sense but why then did he wait so long. It’s been close to a month and now he makes a move. I must be missing something.”

Just as King Brian said that the old soldier’s ring began to glow. The soldier looked to his king and Brian nodded.

Receiving the message, a woman’s voice came through.

“Sir it’s me, you told me to inform you if anything out of the ordinary happened and just a moment ago something did. Not even a minute ago the sky lit up with a flash and an island appeared in the air. There is no other floating island like this one, sir it’s Iselda, king Garn’s ultimate weapon.”

The old soldier and King Brian confirmed where this woman was at and understood.

“So he really did go north. Tell our eyes to keep observing and report everything back.”

The old soldier nodded and passed the message to this spy before the communication was cut.

*Tap tap tap*

(To go to the north, to bring your ultimate weapon just to eliminate a single 4th stage and a single 3rd stage, it makes no sense. Is this just a show of force but is that even necessary. Everyone in all the lands knows of Garn and what he’s capable of. Hmm but even still, they know of his power and personality and yet they killed a city lord. The only other thing I can think of… Could he be looking for him? No, that shouldn’t be. Glacious…Dragons should no longer be of this world.)


A bustling town full of people were all going about their day just like any other. Everything was normal and calm one moment and the very next.


The sky became bright white out of nowhere and only grew brighter. Immediately panic set in and people were forced to shield their eyes or be left blind. Screams and shouts echoed throughout this town as everyone expected their impending doom. But just as it came from nowhere, the light as well disappeared just like that.

A brave child opened his eyes and they widened on the spot. He pointed into the air and screamed.

“Mama, it’s it’s floating!”

After finding out Muteki’s location, Garn used Iselda and teleported to the town and found him. After using a Mind Frey on him, everything became clear.

“At first I thought you were a coward when you told me to run but now I know. Had you stayed, you would have died just like your woman, just like your squad. I was contemplating whether or not you should be killed for your betrayal but now I see you did the right thing. This information in your mind was valuable to me.”

Garn then placed a hand just below Muteki’s solar plexus and sent him some energy.

Muteki’s eyes widened as he felt his Mage core rapidly healing and growing. He felt a terrible crushing pain within as if his guts were being burned to a crisp but only a moment later the pain vanished. Muteki collapsed to his knees as cold sweat poured out from his entire body.

He sensed his Mage core and when he observed it he almost fell over once more. He knelt down in front of Garn and thanked him profusely.

“My King, thank you, thank you for fixing my core!”

“Enough with that, come, it’s time we head to the Rin mountain range. We still have some business to take care of.”

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