Return of the Fallen Volume 5 Chapter 44

Author: Blue_Rat


As Mei teased everyone around the table, Kazuki’s thoughts were still on the Golems.

“Senior, why is it a problem if Tilly looks inside of one of your Golems. Even if she can’t repair it, can’t you do it. After all, you made them right?”

Glacious was reminded of something and let out an almost sad sigh.


“It’s not as simple as just making one. Kazuki you saw the schematic just now and you have a few of my memories but you don’t have the whole picture. From your new memories, can you tell me what a Golem is?”

Everyone stopped laughing and became interested in the two’s conversation. Nunully and Asuna especially. Hearing that he had some of Glacious’s memories, they were curious about what that meant but both decided to hear this out and ask later.

Kazuki thought for a moment as the memories seemed to fall into place as he tried to recall.

“A Golem, something that could be considered a magic tool at its most basic state while the most advanced ones may be considered creatures. Something from the forgotten age. Usually made from hardened materials such as rock, crystal, metals, and other such materials. All infused with magical inscriptions on a magic core.”

Kazuki recited such things even though it was the first time he’d ever spoken on the subject, he spoke as though he were an expert on them. In truth, it was all from Glacious’s memories that had been absorbed by him.

Glacious nodded along.

“The problem lies in the center of it all, the magic core that is similar to a combination of heart and brain. The magic core is the power source of a Golem. You damage or destroy it and a Golem becomes a useless lump of costly materials. The magic core sends energy throughout the golem running along carved out tiny veins, that extend throughout a Golem like nerves. These small passageways allow the energy to circulate inside it allowing movement both simple in nature as well as complex depending on the design of the Golem as well as the one who controls it. That isn’t all, the magic core at the center of the Golem, in order for one to control and manipulate the Golem, the creator has to infuse a small portion of their soul into the magic core. Most of these things I can do with the snap of a finger. The problem for me though lies with the magic core itself. The inscriptions required are far too small and complex for even someone like me to carve. I used to have a special table as well as a Sozo glove. Using those together I could easily carve the required inscriptions on a magic core but I no longer have such items. Therefore it is impossible for me to make anymore Golems let alone repair and fix them if they are damaged, accidentally, or purposefully.”

When Glacious mentioned a special table as well as a Sozo glove, both Tilly and Kazuki exchanged a look.

“Tilly, doesn’t your short friend Sid own such a table and glove?”

Tilly grew excited and nodded along with Kazuki.

“He does he does! Back in my town of edngaul, old man sid really has these items.”

Tilly then urged Glacious.

“If these are the only items needed then I’ll go to Edngaul right this moment and borrow these items from my friend. If I go now I can be back in only a few weeks. If Etora or you escort me we can return in only a few minutes. Problem solved right!?”

Glacious was actually surprised to hear this.

“You actually know someone who owns a Sozo glove. Are you sure you’re not mistaken? The rarity of such a tool…there can’t be more than a handful on the Feya continent itself. Even if that’s true though, not just anyone can use such a dangerous tool. If one isn’t careful, such a tool can easily cause dismemberment or worse.”

Glacious began to describe the glove just to be sure but by the end, Kazuki and Tilly were nodding harder and harder.

“Old dragon how could I an inscription master not know what a Sozo glove looks like. Palm made entirely from white gold. Thumb made from crystal, half black and half white. One finger a dull grey mixed with a deep purple. Another finger made from crystal, colored half and half in both silver and emerald green, and the final crystal fingers, one entirely colored in an orangish-red while the last colored entirely in a sapphire blue. The Sozo glove is capable of carving inscriptions not only on the surface of objects but also deep within them and with much greater detail. Not only can it carve inscriptions to near perfection but it also has another ability allowing the user to actually remove inscriptions as though they were never there. I have personally used such a magic tool without incident and young Kazuki, along with Mei and Tsura are witnesses to that. Am I right?”

Mei nodded along and Tsura spoke up.

“Senior dragon, Tilly is telling the truth. Back in her town of Edngaul, she used that tool on me and removed a limiter tattoo infused with my body. Because of that, my natural strength returned to me and I was no longer suppressed.”

Etora and Glacious both heard that and Etora scoffed.

“Someone still dares to use Limiter tattoos, how barbaric!”

Glacious agreed.

“To think such a thing still exists in the world. It seems I’ve been shut inside for too long for me to not know of it.”

Kazuki knew only a little about the Sozo glove and asked.

“From what I recall, back in Edngaul, your friend Sid said the cost of the Sozo glove was a thousand gold, Zeni. I’m not trying to sound like a snob here but a thousand gold Zeni is not a lot in the great scheme of things. I mean with that glove you could create Golems and the profit you could make would be limitless, so why is a Sozo glove even considered rare to begin with then if the price is so low.”

Glacious waved Kazuki away as to say don’t ask me. He may have vast knowledge about many things but prices and economics were not his forte. He just knew they were rare, he couldn’t tell you why.

Tilly though had been around the block so to speak and knew about such details.

“It’s actually simple really when you think about it. The problem isn’t a material thing or finding the right parts rather it’s finding the right people. In order to use a Sozo glove, you have to be able to understand all of the elements at more than a basic level. Most people do not. Those that can use magic, most only have a single element and study it their entire lives and never learn its intricacies, let alone another element entirely. Not only that, one has to know and understand how said elements affect and interact with one another. Add to that that one has to be able to manipulate other elements on the fly while using the Sozo glove and in your in for a real shit storm. The Sozo glove itself allows you to manipulate other elements but again this is at the most basic level and if you’re not careful…BAM!!! There goes your fucking arm. Those that would be capable of using a Sozo glove…maybe there’s a hundred or so in all of Feya but at best that’d only be able to use its most basic functions. As to why people don’t just make Golems and sell them for infinite profit…Well as the old dragon said, Golems are complicated. Not just the fact that no designs or schematics exist outside on the Feya continent, even if they did, there would only be a handful of people that might possibly be capable of creating them.”

Glacious nodded to all of these points. He didn’t understand at first as he was not among humans and didn’t know how deep their knowledge and abilities lie but he had to agree with all of Tilly’s points. It all made sense to him now. If humans were capable of creating Golems, surely they could create powerful ones. Maybe not as powerful as he was but if they could create one they could create a thousand or a million.

Glacious was confident in taking on an army made up of Golems but at some point, numbers would win, that is unless he destroyed the continent himself. Since no Golem army ever came for him even though most of the world was his enemy, Glacious could conclude that humans couldn’t create Golems. This was another reason why he wasn’t fully cooperative with Tilly and was very dismissive.

He knew she would never be able to make one if she never got a look inside but hearing that there were a few Sozo gloves around the continent and Tilly was capable of getting her hands on one, a few alarms went off in his head. Were Tilly actually to learn how to make one, she could make two or three, and so on. He was now regretting allowing her to look at his schematics. He thought them harmless for one who would never be able to make one but now with the Sozo glove being within grasp, Glacious felt regret for showing Tilly anything in the first place. He only showed them to her because she was nagging him constantly and was annoying and now his giving in was biting him in the ass.

Glacious decided to put an end to it right now.

“Sorry but even if you know where a Sozo glove is, I’m afraid no one will be fetching it. I have enemies within that area.”

Tilly felt as though a doss of cold water was dumped upon her head.


“Yes, I have enemies in that area. I will not be traveling near there any time soon.”

Tilly was a little disheartened but then she pipped up.

“That’s fine I’m sure Etora wouldn’t mind escorting me, right?”

Etora stood up excitedly but before he said anything an outside pressure fell atop his shoulders. He exchanged a glance with Glacious and understood something before sitting down with slumped shoulders.

“Sorry miss Tilly. If big bro has enemies there then they are also my enemies and if I go, only destruction will take place there and there will be massive casualties. I don’t want to drag anyone into it.”

With those words, the pressure upon Etora’s shoulders vanished as though it never existed in the first place.

Tilly again felt as though she was losing her goal.

“Fine, that’s fine too. I don’t mind traveling there myself. I’ll go right there and come back in no time.”

Glacious shook his head.

“That won’t work. I’m prepared to undertake some training. If I let you out, I haven’t a clue at what time I will be able to reopen my tiny world. It could be months or even decades before I reopen it. It all depends on how long my training lasts. So if you go out, you may not be able to return in your lifetime.”

Tilly fell into her chair and slumped down. She had finally found the ultimate project but just when things seemed to be falling into place, everything was suddenly ripped away from her.

“Sir dragon, there has to be some way. How can you train for so long, can’t you shorten it.”

“I myself don’t know. I will be learning two completely new techniques and one of them has never existed in this world until now. I simply can not determine or give an exact date. Before that time though, I cannot be allowed to lose focus or be torn away from it. Everything depends on this training, and I cannot be persuaded otherwise.”

“But but…”

“That’s it, end of discussion.”

“But how can you be so unfair? Why can’t I…”


Glacious pounded the table with a fist, nearly breaking it into pieces.

“Unfair! me! Are you sure you wish to call someone who has not only saved you from death but also who allows you to stay in their home as a guest as unfair? Maybe you should leave now since I am so unfair!”

Tilly was stunned and everyone along with her. After a moment of silence, she stood up, kicked the door open, and stormed out in fury. The doors slamming shut behind her.

A cold feeling fell over the room and the mood was ruined.

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