Return of the Fallen Volume 5 Chapter 52

Author: Blue_Rat


“The magic your bodies have been naturally gathering since entering the 2nd stage, the elemental stage, by allowing that energy to help restructure your body, it allows more and more energy to pass through you unharmed. Magic that is of a purer quality, your body will be able to handle it better, more efficiently. Instead of it destroying your body, instead of it being akin to a poison, it will be a benefit to your overall power. By enhancing the body now, it opens up the possibilities down the road. Doing it this way, my way…will make you more powerful than your peers at the same level. You will be able to handle far more and your endurance during battle will outlast all of your opponents at the same stage. Not only that but its also very convenient to have a strong body. Let’s say for example you actually do run into an opponent that can go toe to toe with you or is even stronger. You run out of magical energy before them and are infinitely close to mana sickness. Well with improved bodies, the effects of mana sickness are lessened and reduced greatly. Not only that, with superior physiques, but you can also still have the chance to run away if you can’t match your opponent. Trust me, when I’m through with you all, your stamina will outlast any enemy you come up against that’s at the same level. My way, there is no downside.”

Asuna and the others had no clue where Glacious was going with all of this at first but after hearing him put it that way, by the end of it all they were staring with admiration.

Shin clenched a fist in excitement.

“Your way can make us dominate the competition. What are we waiting for then!?”

Glacious nodded and grabbed at the empty air in front of him. Several dark green stones flew over and landed in front of Kazuki and the others.

*Thud thud thud*

“Pick up the rock at your feet, you know what to do, BEGIN!”

Everyone picked up a green rock except for Nunully and Kimi. Nunully had different training to do while Kimi on the other hand was having trouble trying to lift the green stone in front of her with only one hand.

Each time she tried to lift it, the heavy rock would roll out of her hand and she couldn’t quite grip it.

Kimi cursed inwardly.

(Dammit, without my other arm…DAMMIT!)

Glacious said nothing and walked in front of her. Holding his palm out, the rock flew into his hand. Glacious cut the tip of his finger with his nail and a drop of blood hit the rock. The blood under his control began to move at a rapid place and draw inscriptions over top of the rock. A moment later, the blood inscription had finished being written and glowed dully for barely a second before the rock in Glacious’s hand shrunk several times over. In the end, it became the size of a baseball but all of the weight was still there.

Kimi couldn’t help but stare in amazement.

Glacious grabbed her hand and slapped the ball-sized stone in it.

“Do not be discouraged stubborn mouse. Everyone needs help sometimes. Besides that though, relying on others constantly and you’ll end up dragging them down. Is that what you want for him?”

Glacious looked over at Sam and Kimi followed his sight.

When she saw Sam struggling with all his might to carry the green stone to the other side of the field, she felt a bitterness inside.

“Rise up and become the one that provides the shade. You can do that right?”

Kimi didn’t know what to say to that but she could feel a fire being lit inside her mind.

“Now hurry up and move! You’re already falling behind!”

Kimi snapped out of it and took a step forward, the weight already pulling her down, she was off balance and almost fell over. Glacious gave her a gentle push and she recovered. She looked back at him stunned but he just waved her away.

“Go little mouse.”

Kimi nodded and whispered.

“Thank you.”

After that, she grit her teeth and slowly moved forward.

Lately, she had been feeling like the bad guy but Glacious’s simple words helped her.

(I can do it too.)

Kimi’s eyes fell on the empty space where her arm used to be and she grunted.


(So what if I’m missing an arm, fuck it. I can do this too. I can provide the shade.)

Nunully could see that Kimi was behaving differently and smiled.

“Uncle, what did you say to her?”

“Hmm, this and that.”

Nunully’s smile grew even more.

“Really, she usually is the laziest and hates hard work but a few rods of this and that and now she’s actually trying. I don’t know uncle, suspicious.”

Glacious grabbed Nunuly by the shoulder and smiled fiendishly.

“For someone that’s about to experience true pain, you sure are carefree.”

Nunully was still smiling however when she heard her godfather, she couldn’t help but swallow hard.


“True Pain.”

Glacious nodded.

“That is if you were serious about remaining by Kazuki’s side. The path he’s going, he can’t have a weakling by his side. If he has to worry about protecting you, that will only make his weaknesses more apparent to the enemy. I don’t know much about this Fera woman but her strength is real and I can already feel suttle changes outside of my territory. If what you really want is Kazuki, then you can’t drag him down, I won’t allow it. So the choice is yours. Will you pursue strength or will you be the fool? The decision is on you.”

There was no hesitation.

“Uncle, make me stronger, please.”

“Very good. let’s go train.”

Glacious squeezed Nunully’s shoulder a little tighter before flying into the sky and disappearing into the distance.

Kazuki and the rest had no time to care about that and solely focused on the heavy fucking rocks in their hands. The constant weight change, increasing and decreasing, along with the shift in balance from the rock, caused their muscles to ache but Kazuki knew this was only the beginning.


A few hours later and everyone was collapsed on the ground. Small puddles of sweat formed under everyone and ragged breath was in the air. Chests went up and down rapidly as they tried their best to catch their breath. Muscles were strained, torn, numbed, and exhaustion was rampant.

Though their individual rocks weighed different amounts, Glacious had picked out the ones that perfectly suited them. With just a glance he could tell their limit right off the bat and chose for them accordingly. Because of this, it did not matter who was the strongest or who was the weakest they all were affected in the exact same way. The only main difference was endurance.

Kazuki lay there for a few moments. He was secretly surprised. He knew that his healing had increased but right now he was stunned. Using his ki he inspected his body and he could sense his muscles healing rapidly.

He could feel that he would be able to get back up very soon but before he did.


He felt a strong impact slamming inside his head.

Glacious descended from the sky with his finger extended. He had just flicked an air pocket at Kazuki.

Kazuki was too weak to hold his head in pain and his breathing was too rough to respond in curses.

“Youn Kazuki, no using your ki. Do it again and you will be punished.”

Kazuki had no strength to defend himself and tell Glacious that he was merely using to check his condition but at the same time he knew even if he could, Glacious would not accept that. Kazuki could only lie there in pain.

(Damn this stupid lizard.)

Glacious ignored Kazuki’s dagger-like glare and approached Sam who was doing his best to catch his breath. Glacious tapped him with his foot to check him.

“Yep, this should be good enough. Young Sam, were I you, I’d hold my breath right now.”

Sam didn’t understand what he meant but Kazuki knew and felt pity.

Glacious grabbed Sam by the foot and tossed him far away. Sam went flying and disappeared over the trees in less than a second. Te force from the throw almost robbing him of consciousness.

Shin saw this and tried to roll over but he had no strength. He started to gather his magic to try and fly away but because of that got a high-speed air pocket blast to the forehead before he too was grabbed and thrown into the distance. Before Shin disappeared over the trees like Sam, Glacious had already appeared next to Asuna and tossed her and then appeared next to Kimi and tossed her as well. Kazuki could see everyone flying into the air and Glacious already landed next to him.

Kazuki quickly held his breath and he was already sent flying. The world flashed by with a blur and he saw the impending river, along with Sam about to crash into the waters. On the other side of the river, he could already see Glacious sitting in a chair casually waiting.

(His speed as always is simply unbelievable.)

*Splash splash splash splash splash*

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