Return of the Fallen Volume 5 Chapter 53

Author: Blue_Rat


*Splash splash splash splash splash*

One after the other, everyone fell from the sky and crashed into the river. Not even a second later, each one was dragged out of the water but the rough handling wasn’t finished.

Glacious tossed everyone inside his cauldron and everyone was disoriented and gasping for breath. The only one, not panicking was Kazuki but he wasn’t having that much better of a time than the others. Before they could get their barrings, the ground trembled slightly as golem after golem came out from the forest, each one dragging bags filled with ingredients behind them.

One by one they lined up in an orderly manner in front of the cauldron and the first golem lifted a bag of ingredients and dumped it directly overtop Kazuki and the heads of the others.

The number of ingredients was several hundred pounds worth. This normally wouldn’t cause Sam or the others to trip up but they were already disoriented and exhausted and so they tumbled about unstably within the oversized pot.

The next golem took a step forward after the first and repeated the same thing. Hundreds of pounds of herbs and other medicinal plants rain down on top of the others non stop. Eventually, the ingredients stopped.

“How’s everyone doing in there?”

Kimi was about to voice a complaint when Glacious quickly interrupted her.

“I’m kidding, I don’t really care. This is a special cauldron, I’m sure Kazuki’s already explained it so that helps me plenty.”

“Senior, didn’t you tell me it would take several days for all of the ingredients to be gathered, what’s changed?”

“True it takes a while Kazuki but that’s only because I usually have only one golem gathering the necessary items. However, when I was forced to train you lot, I simply put more golems to task. Doing this, you all will stick to the same schedule but at the same time, I think you all will come to regret asking for this. If you want to quit you can but afterward, never ask me to train you again.”

Glacious grabbed the side of the cauldron and lifted it up with one hand before fully submerging it in the river. A slush of water churned everyone inside and no one could resist. When the water reached Kimi’s neck level and everyone else’s chest level, Glacious lifted the cauldron up and set it back down on the shore. With the water added, the ingredients began to mix together, and soon a foul rancid smell began wafting around, filling everyone’s noses.

A few felt like vomiting and Kimi was the first to lose her breakfast. Seeing it, Shin couldn’t handle it and soon barfed followed by Asuna. Only Sam and Kazuki could keep it all in but sitting in a floating mixture of foulness and vomit, it wasn’t easy holding it all down.

Glacious looked into the cauldron and chuckled a little.


“The smell is a bit more intense than usual. Because I was short on time, the ingredients are raw and unprocessed. Worry not though, with this cauldron’s characteristics, you all will still receive the best efficiency so no ingredient will be wasted. To get it started, all of you simply release a small amount of your magic into this mess and the cauldron will activate on its own.”

Glacious was just about to seal the cauldron when he remembered.

“Here Kazuki, you will be needing this.”

Glacious cut the tip of his finger with his nail and a condensed drop of blood began gathering at the tip. It got fatter and fatter and seemed as though it would fall but it clung to Glacious’s finger. Tiny inscriptions began to glow both inside the drop of blood and around its surface. Memories, experiences, fragments of the soul, Glacious didn’t know what exactly was contained within his Magic blood orb but he knew it would only be beneficial for Kazuki. With a simple flick of his finger, the Magic blood orb landed dead center of Kazuki’s forehead and sink in, disappearing into Kazuki’s flesh.

The very next moment Kazuki began to scream in agony but he still managed to release his magic into the cauldron. Kimi became frightened witnessing this and clung to Sam and Asuna and Shin couldn’t help but tiptoe away. Glacious though slapped the cauldron causing a loud ringing in the other’s ears momentarily.

“Hurry up and use your magic, don’t waste my ingredients!”

Glacious threw the lid on top and sealed it shut.

Asuna and the others were still on edge because Kazuki was wailing at the top of his lungs but they still did as instructed. Releasing their magic into the cauldron, hundreds and then thousands of inscriptions lit up on the outside and the foul liquid within began to swirl and churn.

At first, the turning of the water made them lower their guard as they each thought this wasn’t too bad. How quickly did their expressions turn however when the speed picked up.

*Bang bang bang*

One by one they were no longer standing within the cauldron and the quick foul liquid took them off their feet and began slamming them into the metal walls of the cauldron.

*Bang Bam Bang!*

The churning got faster and a few bones were broken. Kimi screamed in pain and wanted to call out but as she tried, Sam covered her mouth and stared at her.


Kimi saw the look on his face as the two understood each other. Kimi grit her teeth and nodded.

(I can do this. This pain, a few broken bones, none of it compares to having my arm ripped off by that fat bastard. I can do this!)

*Bam Bang Bang!*

Soon screams rang out constantly from Asuna Shin and Kimi. Every now and again Sam would grunt but that was about it.

The turning of the nasty liquid only increased in speed and everyone was slamming into the cauldron harder and harder. Bones cracked and muscle was ripped. Clothes disintegrated from the rough crashing and organs were turning into mush. Soon, the liquid made them tumble about and their lungs were filled and they could no longer breathe properly.

The constant screams seized, yet the bangs only got louder and worse. Afterward, the glow on the cauldron dulled and faded away completely and the churning stopped.

Glacious didn’t worry about the inside and focused on preparing food. He had dozens of skewers going with his special river fish. A small paper fan in his hand waved back and forth, as he kept the heat at the perfect temperature. Were someone to see a dragon keeping a fire with a fan, they would laugh but Glacious didn’t care.

Within the cauldron, a calm spread thought as the liquid went to work. it burrowed into their flesh and circulated within the blood. It entered every organ and every cell and with it came constant enhancements. Bines realigned and fused back with one another, stronger than they’d ever been before. Muscles tethered together and coiled like metal. Skin appeared softer but was actually more difficult to pierce with a blade. Organs filled with vitality and the beating of their hearts grew louder and louder as their bodies changed and transformed.

One by one they all opened their eyes as the pain faded and a sense of power filled them. The liquid and all of the ingredients within were no more. The only thing left was a bit of dark sludge that had collected at the bottom of the cauldron.

Kazuki slowly stood up and again he felt amazing. Kicking the lid off the cauldron, he jumped out. Following him was Asuna and then Shin. After that, Sam grabbed Kimi by the waist and leaped out with her.

Everyone stood side by side in silence. They were having difficulty seeing properly and hearing as their senses had enhanced greatly. They had the same problem Kazuki had at first but after a minute or so, they got their bearings and that’s when they all noticed a delicious aroma floating in the air. Locking on to the fish, they were about to just reach out and grab it when Glacious stopped them.

“Before you eat, you might want to put on some clothes.”

Everyone looked down at themselves and noticed they were entirely nude. Shin took this opportunity to stare at Asuna and Kimi, storing away fap material for later. Asuna turned red and threw a punch but Shin like always stepped out of the way.


A powerful gust of wind was created from Asuna’s punch and the leaves on a nearby tree raddle like a dozen snakes.

Asuna couldn’t help but look at her fist in wonder.

At the same time, Shin was chuckling when he stepped backward and ran into something. Turning around, Sam seemed to tower over him as he wore a displeased expression. Shin quickly stepped back and tried to lie his way out of it.

“I didn’t see anything I swear well maybe a tit or two but that’s it I swear. Seriously I didn’t really… Holy shit did your dick get bigger!”

Shin caught sight of Sam’s dick as he tried to squirm his way out of this one but he ended up blurting that out.

Kazuki walked over and a small slapping sound resounded. Shin couldn’t help but look at Kazuki’s slapping against his thigh and once more he blurted out.

“You two, what the fuck!”

Kazuki was about to tell him off but when he heard that he couldn’t help but curiously look down.

(Hmm, it did get slightly bigger, how odd.)

Shin saw the two’s soldiers and looked at his own with a shred of hope and when he saw it, a large smile appeared.

“Holy shit, my cocks bigger too!”

Shin began jumping about and shaking it in front of everyone in excitement but this annoyed Glacious. With a wave of his hand, a powerful force took hold of Shin and threw him into the river.

“Cool off.”

Shin was flung into the river but this didn’t upset him in the least. He began swimming around on his back, thrusting into the air. Glacious then pushed Shin down to the bottom of the river ad held him there for a minute or so. When he felt the panic in the back of Shin’s neck he finally let him up.

Shin gasped for air and his attitude completely changed as he apologized.

*Cough cough huff huff*

“Sorry Senior, I wronged you, forgive…forgive me.”

Kimi and Asuna spoke at the same time.

“Serves you right!”
“Hmph, serves him right.”

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